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Le Monde, Fox News: On the Same Wavelength?

"Maybe they should send the flotilla to Syria instead - I'm sure it's more needed there."

Europeans are planning another Gaza “flotilla”:

The NGOs behind the project also expect several MPs from EU countries and MEPs from Brussels to join them when they set sail in late May.

Huseyin Oruc from the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, said: "There will be many MPs on board. I don't think Israel will attack us. They did so much damage to their international reputation last time that I don't think they will repeat the same actions again."

Plans for the new project will be finalised at a meeting in Athens next week.
All that humanitarian aid, what with the issue being SOOOOO important in the Middle East right now. The doofuses.

An Israeli diplomat noted:
Noting the current turmoil in the region due to the Arab uprisings, he said: "It makes this attempt to make the situation in Gaza look like the most important thing happening in the Middle East even more out of place than before."
He forgets that the target audience is European, not so much Arab. There is little evidence that Arabs WANT Gaza to be “opened up”. In reality, it’s playing into the Iranian effort to open yet another military front on Israeli civilians.
Delegates are also expected from Canada, the US, Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Nobody from the former Communist EU member states or from Iran and Syria will be involved.

Around 15 boats are to set sail from a number of ports in the Mediterranean including Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Tunisia. The route will avoid the Nato naval blockade on Libya and Israeli territorial waters, aiming to unload humanitarian supplies in Gaza and, later on, to sell the boats and donate funds to charities working in the strip.
Gazans don’t need that “humanitarian relief” nearly as much as those caught in the middle of a civil war in Libya, the people of Haitians and Pakistanis still suffering from the effects of their earthquakes.

No, the permanent ward of the UN is in need of this “emergency aid” first.

The Golden Age of Brit-Flicks

Further to my weakness for UK mid-century fillums, from 1959, it's I'm Alright Jack

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They Love Death the Way that We Love Life

Yet another glance at that superior Euro-humanism.

An increasingly sterile and senile continent obsessing over more and newer ways to bring back the ham-fisted euthanasia of 20th century Europeans autocracies.

At a private conference in 1990 Els Borst, a well-known figure in the euthanasia movement, said that this progression was always the objective: "It was a matter of tactics: we could gradually win the field for the acceptance of euthanasia by starting with this category." By "this category" Borst, who later became minister of health and who saw to it that the Euthanasia Act was passed in parliament, meant the people who were able to ask for euthanasia. In other words: Borst started out presenting euthanasia as termination of life at the request of the person due to die, with the implicit aim of subsequently making it possible without request, for individuals who are unable to ask for euthanasia, for example people with dementia and babies.
Don’t forget that this all started with “strict conditions” caveats, etc.
What started with an appeal to self-determination ("if a person is in terrible pain and asks to be allowed to die, then that should not be a problem"), has led to termination of life in individuals who are unable to express their will and whose lives other people assume to be worthless ("it is better for him to be at peace now"). What happened to self-determination here? Is it not the ultimate act of paternalism to decide for a severely disabled individual that it would be better if they did not exist?
The imprint of the Nanny state will all over these notions that this is all “so humane”, and is the “dignified option. The fact is, it’s nearly cult-like in its’ motives.
Now the next step is under discussion. What if a baby can survive without treatment and is not suffering now, but will suffer in the future? Some physicians are deliberating whether termination of life is an acceptable option in this case. This future suffering does not need to involve physical pain; the Committee for Pediatricians, Ethics and Law of the Dutch Association of Pediatricians mention the inability to communicate, the burden of treatment and an anticipated long life-expectancy of the disabled or sick baby as suffering that could legitimise termination of life.
Soon, when people say that growing old is not for cowards, it will likely mean not just facing mortality bravely, but facing off with those dropping the idea in your head that you should take the “dignified option” that they will present repeatedly. After all, Europe will have warehouses of social liabilities to dispose of – and it seems to be increasing with the “death with dignity” campaign’s political timeline.
Is it possible to adequately organise such assistance for elderly people who feel they have lived long enough? Can it be done in such a way that we know what we are getting ourselves into and do not end up somewhere we never wanted to go? The people from Uit Vrije Wil are saying that this is for the elderly, that only people over the age of seventy should be able to get help to end their lives. But a meeting of Uit Vrije Wil and the Dutch Humanistic Union on 9 November 2010 in Amsterdam was attended by so many sympathisers, that a few individuals forgot that this was a public gathering. The famous neurobiologist Dick Swaab, one of the initiators, said: "The age limit is arbitrary. Just between you and me: this age limit was chosen for pragmatic reasons, so we would have a chance to obtain majority support in parliament."
The sad thing is that those who fight for their lives over this will probably face humiliation from caregivers or even from malicious and negligent relatives. Is this really the –social- humane, socialistic model of a society that they keep banging on about?

Congressman Paul Ryan accepts that the present system is unaffordable and destined to collapse

BARACK OBAMA, as we unhappily noted when he produced his budget in February, has no credible plan for getting America’s runaway budget deficit under control
editorializes The Economist (Praising Congressman Ryan), although the London weekly has been Democrat/leftist-leaning for the past dozen years and, therefore, fully Barack Obama-friendly since he became the Democrats' candidate in 2008…
On April 5th Paul Ryan, the young chairman of the House Budget Committee, laid out a brave counter-proposal for next year’s budget and beyond (see article)—brave both in identifying the scope of the problem and in proposing the kind of deeply unpopular medicine that will be needed to cope with it. It is far from perfect; but it is the first sign of courage from someone with actual power over the budget.

Unlike Mr Obama, Mr Ryan puts fiscal responsibility at the centre of his plan … Mr Ryan accepts that the present system is unaffordable and destined to collapse. Everyone else, including Mr Obama, is pretending that it isn’t. Mr Ryan’s willingness to confront the scale of the problem has set a standard by which other proposals will now have to be judged.
You can download Paul Ryan's PathToProsperityFY2012 plan here…

2 years after the financial crisis, the French feel more resentful vis-à-vis the banking system than Americans do

Après la crise, les Français [sont] plus rancuniers que les Américains vis-à-vis des banques
writes Cécile de Corbière in Le Monde. Unsurprisingly, the anti-capitalist French feel far more vindictive towards the banking sector than Americans do.
Selon une étude menée par l'IFOP et présentée par Groupama Banque, mardi 5 avril, 49 % des Français (sondage effectué par Internet auprès de 1 000 personnes âgées de 18 ans et plus) ont une bonne image du secteur en général, contre 73 % des Américains.

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“The German reactions to the events in Libya and Japan appear hysterical on one hand, and on the other without any substantive basis”

Two thoughts about Angela Merkel’s weekend of political debacle: Her government’s shifts and pivots in an effort to avoid defeat in a regional election override in importance the loss itself. And they leave Germany’s governing coalition with a fracture in credibility affecting the country’s international role and notions of its leadership in Europe.
Thus does John Vinocur start his International Herald Tribune article on Germany's "election hangover".
…the government effectively turned its back on Mrs. Merkel’s supposed virtues of loyalty, resolve and calm as its dominant campaign message.

Instead, it appeared to pander to the electorate’s most hypersensitive instincts…

Across party lines, and before the voting, the political class picked up on the deepest ramifications of a contradictory-looking attempt by the government in Berlin to both spook voters and coddle their fears.

Patrick Adenauer, grandson of postwar Germany’s first chancellor and head of the Association of Family Enterprise — Christian Democrat roots don’t go deeper — told Handelsblatt, the newspaper: “The German reactions to the events in Libya and Japan appear hysterical on one hand, and on the other without any substantive basis.”

Hans-Ulrich Klose, the man Mrs. Merkel named last year as special coordinator for German-American relations (he has since left the post because of illness in his family), maintained that the situation damaged Germany’s reputation in Europe. The Social Democrat told me in a conversation that the election campaign’s pirouettes “raised the issue of our reliability. Germany has lost credibility.”

…Here was the essence of the problem that the German government, as Europe’s de facto leader, created for itself in a month of openly subordinating to very risky domestic political considerations what were thought to be its international credo and sense of responsibility.

For some, it had been caught out acting far beyond enlightened self-interest and, unpredictably, abandoning principles.

Update: Some voices in Germany are growing louder in portraying the Merkel government’s inaction as a disaster

The war in Libya can create "a new Iraq on the Mediterranean coasts"

(See Update below…) In response to the International Herald Tribune article on Bernard-Henri Lévy's view on and role in the conflict against Muammar el-Qaddafi, Umberto Eco (who was recently in Paris for the Salon du Livre) responds from Milan:
I totally disagree with the French writer Bernard-Henri Lévy. The war in Libya is a terrible mistake.

The situation in Libya now is catastrophic and the war is a real danger for the European economy and can increase the risk of terrorist attacks in Western countries. This war can create a new Iraq on the Mediterranean coasts. This war is stupid and dangerous for all.

Note that each writer happens to be reflecting the attitude of his respective government (or vice-versa)…

Update: Turns out that the Umberto Eco letter is a hoax:

In the newspaper of April 6, the International Herald Tribune published a letter over the name of the writer Umberto Eco, criticizing the military actions in Libya. This letter was a hoax and should not have been published. We take efforts to verify the authenticity of every letter we publish. In this case, however, we failed to contact Mr. Eco for confirmation. We have expressed our regret to him, and we apologize to our readers.

Totten Tours Hizb’allahstan

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel back in time?

“A guy from Hezbollah TV came down here to Fatima Gate once,” Leena said, “and some Israelis having a picnic on the other side recognized him. ‘Hey!’ they said. ‘You’re that guy from Hezbollah! What’s up?’ He was furious. He wanted to say something, but no one here is allowed to talk to Israelis. So he growled at them.”

She smiled. “He just clenched his teeth and went, ‘Grr.’”
The notion that we should feel “inclusive” of this culture is why I will never willingly go back there:
Hezbollah erected a billboard next to him that faced south and taunted Israelis with horrific images of violence and war — dead bodies gunned down in a street, a soldier with skin missing on one side of his face holding a rocket launcher, and a Hezbollah militiaman holding up the severed head of an Israeli man by his hair. Underneath these gruesome photographs was text written in Hebrew referring to Israelis who had been captured and never returned: “Sharon don’t forget, your soldiers are still in Lebanon.”

I felt embarrassed for Lebanon that this was what Israelis saw when they looked north. What on earth must they have thought when their eyes lit upon that barbarous billboard?
Why? Because they’re barbarians, and they don’t care. Hizb’allah are more than happy to turn Lebanese society into a Iranian proxy populated by angry, illiterate, and vulgar louts willing to use the general population as a human shield against their will.
Of all the cities in the world I could have relocated to, I chose Beirut, partly because I liked it, but mostly because it was the capital of the only country in the whole Middle East that had freed itself from the great Arab prison. Damascus was a dungeon, Baghdad was on fire, Cairo was choking with slums, and Dubai was a mall. Beirut was the light. From Israeli soil, however, Lebanon must have looked like Somalia.
To be more precise, from most of Lebanon, Hizb’allahstan looks like Somalia.

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Old Fashion Spook Tools

An avid Shortwave radio listener reports:
A reliable source in the politburo informed me a few months ago that China Radio International's distribution of content on radio stations in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada is not just way to have foreign listeners. My source informed me that since 2005/06 China's Ministry of State Security has been embedding messages into the Chinese programs. The messages are encoded in the audio. How the messages are encoded is unknown at this time.

The Pride and Dignity of the Diversity Agenda

It’s all sunshine and lollipops, as you know because it’s what we’re told with Stalinesque repetition. Let me correct that. It’s all sunshine, lollipops, and child abuse:

JEONJU (SOUTH KOREA): A transgender father of four was sentenced to a two-year jail term for abusing his children, who refused to call him "mom", according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, citing a local court on Wednesday.
The poster children of diversity, as with every other one of the left’s cultural re-education efforts are normally exempt from the kind of attention borne by human frailty, of course. The same people who tell us not to feed the wildlife because it might change their nature, might make them greedy to violate norms, and make them dependent can’t seem to understand that this also goes for humans.
During court trials, he showed strong desire to receive a sex reassignment surgery to become a "real woman."
That was at HIS trial for the abuse of his children. Somehow, as predictably as a NYT tirade anything social aberrant to those with any common sense and kindness, it stops being about the issue at hand.

It became about him. It became about his identity. Little does any officially “socially aware” type realize that abusing his children just said a lot more about his identity than a reality defying hatred of how he was born.

French Deputies Vote on Whether to Release Secret Government Documents from the… 1870s

Ce mardi 5 avril, une question pour le moins inhabituelle sera posée aux députés : acceptent-ils, oui ou non, de rendre publics les débats tenus à huis clos par leurs prédécesseurs pendant la guerre franco-prussienne de 1870 et à la veille de la Commune de Paris ?
Come evening, the députés chose common sense and finally voted in favor — unanimously — writes Thomas Wieder in Le Monde, but still it seems odd to many that politicians in the 2010s should have a say concerning the release or not of a trove of government secrets from the 1870s and that there is no prescription rule to deal with events when they are up to 140 years old.
Conservées depuis cent quarante ans au fond d'un coffre-fort situé dans les caves du Palais-Bourbon, les 723 pages dont la publication est aujourd'hui soumise au vote des députés nous replongent dans quelques-uns des moments les plus dramatiques de l'époque. Ce mois d'août 1870, quand l'opposition républicaine à Napoléon III plaida – en vain – pour une mobilisation massive des Parisiens contre les Prussiens.

Pointing out that the last time a vote concerning the disclosure of the talks of secret committees took place was in 1968 (concerning the discussions of comités secrets from 1916-1917, the latest secret committee talks in French history having taken place during the Spring of 1940), Thomas Wieder explains the rule:
[Le règlement est] clair. Depuis la Révolution française, les comités secrets – la possibilité pour les parlementaires de débattre à huis clos – obéissent à des règles strictes. Les tribunes réservées au public doivent être évacuées. Le nombre des fonctionnaires nécessaires au bon déroulement des séances est limité au minimum indispensable. Afin d'éviter les fuites, les comptes rendus doivent rester confidentiels à tout jamais, sauf si la représentation nationale en décide autrement – d'où le vote de ce 5 avril.

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What Do Julian Assange’s Thoughts Turn on Christmas Eve?

Things that give him a woody. 24 Dec 2006

The pending total annihilation of the US regime in Somalia

The US backed Somali "government", the Somali Transitional National Assembly (TNA), faces total annihilation, avoidable only by an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia and the creation of a Quisling regime.

In the past year the TNA has been routed from all regions of Somalia by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and now holds only Baidoa, a middling town close to the Ethiopian border. The "government" has already lost the capital, Mogadishu. The TNA is a US supported power broker club with many detested warlords, including those behind the 1991 atrocities in Black Hawk Down. Its hold on Baidoa is weak and has only been maintained in the last 24 hours by aggressive Ethiopian air-strikes, artillery and the invasion of 10 to 20 thousand Ethiopian troops. Ethiopia is the traditional, hated enemy of Somalis. Whatever legitimacy the TNA may have had with Somalias is now completely lost. The Molotov-Tribbentrop Pact is statesmanship compared to cynicism behind the TNA inviting Ethiopian troops and artillery into Somalia.
Not that he didn’t appear to take joy in it, linking all of the miseries of the Somalis to it when he gets the urge to write the words. Like a conditioned pigeon, parroting the fictional Manchurian Candidate’s behavior, he thinks wildly creative and witty to call his public thoughts about it: Black Hawk Down, White Wash Up

With the characteristic inferences drawn by a teenager trying to mimic the house organs of the Soviet age, he arrives to this: the American Revolution was illegitimate, nor is the notion of western-style participatory government, and...
...God.. Creator.. Men are created equal... Life, Liberty,... pursuit of Happiness.. Safety and Happiness... [followed by 26(!) paragraphs of hatred for the abuses of King George].
Because it’s in bad taste? Because it might offend someone named Julian two centuries later? The question with all of his thoughts, other than the proof that he is unpleasable as a shoeless Imelda Marcos, is to ask “what crawled up HIS ass and died? He prattles on:
In other words, religious feeling (x2), equality, life, liberty, happiness (x2), safety and above all, an extreme hatred for the brutal acts, preferment, and corruption of foreign influenced or controlled government.
It’s funny thing for a fellow traveller in Australia’s recreational revolutionaries taking up stance for a genuine and native anti-Commonwealth, Australian Republic movement to hold, as it seeks to divest itself of the symbolic allegiance to Great Britain and no longer have the British Monarch as its titular head of state.

Not once does democracy or shopping appear.
Where foreign influence is promoted in the American Declaration of Independence is beyond me. In fact it seems to rather explicitly seek to end it, which Assange views solely as “rudeness” toward the British Monarcy.

It seems that even past figures HAVING principals of their own that he doesn’t approve of is criminal. I wonder if he even notices what an authoritarian reflex he’s hiding under his awkward, affected manner.

The Philosopher Who Alone Persuaded Sarkozy to Intervene in Libya

Making his mark young as a philosopher, [BHL] was satirized neatly by a critic with the words: “God is dead, but my hair is perfect.”
Thus does Steven Erlanger start his New York Times article about the philosopher who alone, by his own reckoning, made Libya a French cause.
…in the space of roughly two weeks, [Bernard-Henri Lévy] managed to get a fledgling Libyan opposition group a hearing from the president of France and the American secretary of state, a process that has led both countries and NATO into waging war against the forces of the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

It was Mr. Lévy, by his own still undisputed account, who brought top members of the Libyan opposition — the Interim Transitional National Council — from Benghazi to Paris to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy on March 10, who suggested the unprecedented French recognition of the council as the legitimate government of Libya and who warned Mr. Sarkozy that unless he acted, “there will be a massacre in Benghazi, a bloodbath, and the blood of the people of Benghazi will stain the flag of France.”

Mr. Lévy, a celebrated philosopher, journalist and public intellectual, gives Mr. Sarkozy sole credit for persuading London, Washington and others to support intervention in Libya.

“I’m proud of my country, which I haven’t felt for many years,” Mr. Lévy said in an interview. “When I compare Libya to the long time we had to scream in the desert about Bosnia, I must agree that despite all our disagreements, Sarkozy did a very good job.”

…[B.H.L.] has outdone himself on Libya, playing to Mr. Sarkozy’s vanity and need for success as well as gratifying his own, and it is hard to say who used the other more.

It is an extraordinary tale, about which neither the Élysée Palace nor the Foreign Ministry wished to comment, other than quietly urging a grain of salt.

Today’s Leftist “Statesmen”

Huffington Post discusses Dany the Red’s outrage at Germany’s non-action on Libya, and overlooks Daniel Cohn-Bendit pederasty.

Like the Jacobean queens and their horses, this seems to be "their thing."

The real question is: why is the outrage of an MEP over some nation NOT doing something news? It isn’t. It’s to artificially raise the sale pédé’s profile, and amplify his criticism of Merkel?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why so many Europeans are eager to “enforce the No-Fly Zone”, it’s because Libya has virtually no airworthy aircraft. This way they can look like they’re doing something.

"In France there is a tradition of non-communication"

"Not only are they [French politicians] smooth talkers, but in France, the fact that a politician tells a lie is not considered very serious. While in the United States, in Great Britain, it is unthinkable."
Thus is France 2's David Pujadas quoted (speaking to Arrêt sur images' Daniel Schneidermann) in Franck Nouchi's Le Monde column.
"In France there is a tradition of non-communication", adds Philippe Chaffanjon, director of France Info. "Ask the foreign correspondents stationed in Paris. They are appalled by the way the system works."

Paris Sera Toujours Paris - IV

For those of you getting sentimental for the city of lights, art, fashion, etc., etc.™®©, ¡No Pasarán! Brings you truth in advertising.

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REO Mistwagen

In December 2010, Frank Schneider, the president of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Treatment of Nervous Diseases admitted that the race and euthanasia policies of the Third Reich had not been forced upon German psychiatrists, but that they had been among its initiators.
Germans, always hypersensitive to the telling of any history or comparisons of present day German society with Nazism need to stop fretting, because you aren’t alone. No-one buys the routine any more, and humanity realizes that it comes a lot more naturally to Europeans that we want to believe.
Forty-seven percent of Germans are of the opinion that Israel is exterminating the Palestinians according to a poll undertaken by the University of Bielefeld for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, affiliated with the German Social Democratic Party. These findings raise fundamental questions about the future of German society and not only about those Germans who falsely accuse Israelis of behaving like their own totalitarian or murderous ancestors.
It’s the few of them that aren’t conspiracy crackpots, that handful that don’t believe things for the sake for their egos that I have some slight hope for.
The recent data should not surprise anyone. It even marks some progress when compared with the past. This same university undertook a major poll in 2004. Some 68% percent of Germans then agreed with the allegation: “Israel undertakes a war of destruction against the Palestinians.” Fifty-one percent shared the opinion: “The way the State of Israel acts toward the Palestinians is in principle no different from the Nazis’ behavior in the Third Reich toward the Jews.”
All of those lesson-givers, going at it again...

At least they have Norwegians to keep them company. Alan Dershowitz offered to offer to speak without compensation at Norwegian Universities, only to be turned down for similarly one-sided reasons. These “tolerant” academics “in search of the truth,” it seems tend to stick to plugging their ears while yelling nya-nya-nya-nya
A third university, Bergen, answered that it was only willing to host Dershowitz provided he change his topic to an analysis of the O. J. Simpson trial, the American star football player who became a criminal. They did not want him to speak about Israel. Dershowitz rightly refused. The student unions of the three universities then quickly organized lectures by him, thus saving a little bit of the country’s honor.

Dershowitz told the small Christian daily Dagen that the refusals by the Norwegian universities to let him speak reminded him of his visits to the Soviet Union, and South Africa under the apartheid regime. He called the Norwegian universities propaganda tools, with leaders who are smart yet ignorant. Dershowitz added that Norwegian government policies were a hindrance to the peace process, as their double standards helped Hamas.
Americans to look down on, whodaguessedit? Somehow, I don’t think the Dersh takes requests, especially when it comes to offering a survey of the kind of law practiced by scheissters who advertise on buses.

Another new high for European culture

The Borders of the 'Hoods: "A Sort of Stairwell Patriotism"

Yo! Where you from? Show some I.D!

France's borders are inside France's borders, says Plantu, in places (i.e., in 'hoods) where even doctors fear to tread…

The cartoon relates to the beating at a Noisy-le-Sec train station of a Sartrouville 19-year-old (he was almost beaten to death) by a dozen Rosny-sous-Bois "youths" who could not stand that he was dating a girl from their cité (from their 'hood).
"Les agresseurs seraient des jeunes d'une cité de Rosny-sous-Bois (la cité de Bois-Perrier) qui n'auraient pas supporté de croiser l'une des filles habitant le même quartier qu'eux et qui fréquentait un jeune de Sartrouville", a raconté à l'AFP une source proche de l'enquête. "Il est très probable que la jeune fille connaissait les agresseurs", a ajouté cette source. La jeune femme, choquée, devait d'ailleurs de nouveau être entendue par les policiers dimanche en début de soirée.

… Pour le responsable du syndicat de police USGP-FO de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Michel Marrec, "c'est une affaire de jeunes de cité qui n'ont pas grand-chose dans le cerveau".

Pour des sociologues, ce nouveau fait divers, après des rixes entre des bandes d'Asnières et de Gennevilliers, dans les Hauts-de-Seine, s'apparente à un nouvel épisode de rivalités entre jeunes de cités de la banlieue parisienne. "Il y a une identité de territoire très forte (...) en Ile-de-France car dans cette région, il n'y a pas d'identité régionale comme on peut en trouver à Marseille. Il y a donc une identité de quartier qui est surévaluée", dit le sociologue Marwan Mohammed. "Il y a toujours une rivalité entre cités, quelles que soient les cités, a expliqué une source policière. Mais avant il y avait des motifs bien précis, maintenant c'est pour n'importe quoi."

Claude Bartolone, député PS et président du conseil général de Saine-Saint-Denis, a pour sa part dénoncé un "repli sur soi d'un certain nombre de quartiers" où s'impose "une espèce de patriotisme de cages d'escaliers".

Ja, Aber... Na Ja.....

March 1981: Germans selling out to the highest bidding autocrat, otherwise complain about American arms trade and “hegemony”. In the meantime, they continued with the peacenik hair-shirt routine.

March 2011: Germans selling out to the highest bidding autocrat, otherwise complain about American arms trade and “hegemonyIn the meantime, they continued with the peacenik hair-shirt routine.

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What's Old is Old Again

Wars caused by capitalism... Jews are behind everything bad... Evil central bankers lustily rub their hands at the thought of your personal misery... If all of the arguments sound familiar, don't be surprised. You could hear them on the airwaves of Nazi era German propaganda radio broadcasts just as easily as you can hear them on the streets of cities in Europe and the Near East today.

Nazi Propaganda, "back in the day" that the anti-everything (and supposedly anti-authoritarian) left should be honest about and get sentimentally reflective about.

Brzezinski: "We live in a very asymmetrical world; And this will remain a reality, unless the United States 'commits suicide' through stupidity"

Comment l'Amérique peut-elle défendre ses intérêts dans un monde multipolaire ?
Zbigniew Brzezinski is interviewed by Le Monde's Natalie Nougayrède.
Le monde est et n'est pas multipolaire. Ce n'est pas un monde uniquement fait d'un Léviathan et de Lilliputiens. C'est un monde dans lequel existent des puissances régionales significatives, dont certaines pourraient un jour, même si cette perspective reste pour l'instant lointaine, devenir des puissances mondiales. Bien entendu, la Chine. Peut-être — mais cela me paraît très peu probable — l'Inde. Je ne vois aucun autre candidat pour l'instant. (...) Que le Brésil soit une puissance régionale, cela ne fait pas de doute. Un acteur sur la scène mondiale, bien sûr. Mais y aura-t-il des soldats brésiliens stationnés en Corée ? Au fond, nous sommes dans un monde très asymétrique. Et cela demeurera une réalité, sauf si les Etats-Unis se "suicident" par stupidité.