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Quick! Call Bono! Where the hell is Sean Penn!

Terrorism: A direct consequence of Family Values!

Comrade Smirnoff asks mocks the question: Is terrorism a direct consequence of family values?

Gulag? In Cuba? Nah!

Doctor, the patient keeps trying to kill himself!

Amotz Asa-El comments in the Jerusalem Post on the persistent economic and social failures of Old Europe, which are connected, but hardly worth pondering over: which came first, the chicken or the egg?. In truth, if you find yourself in the bottom of a hole, stop digging. But if you are a French trade unionist, demand a larger trenching crew:

«The morning after the effective demise of the United States of Europe vision, it is clear that the project's collapse was largely caused by the Old Continent's growing misunderstanding of work and money. The French voters who torpedoed the proposed European constitution are believed to have expressed their fear for their 35-hour work week. The Dutch who opposed the scheme were often the very same voters whose aversion to low-paying work has brought into their midst the very foreign workers whose presence they increasingly resent. And the Italians who now miss the lira think their problems stem from the euro's ostensibly excessive strength.

Having sensed his [Chiracs] cowardice, the French suspected that the constitution he was promoting was effectively a nicer way of leading them to the same operating table they so much fear. A true leader would have told the unions - not now but already back in 1995 - that he had been elected and not them, and that he would do what he thinks is right, and that he does not care even if they paralyze all of France indefinitely.

And yet, all this political cowardice is dwarfed by the lack of historic intuition that the failed constitution represents. »

The indicators support the obvious repercussions. Social support doesnt grow on trees. Bloomberg reports that in a economically healthy global economic environment and mainstreaming in Europe, all they can conclude is:

«French industry is on its way to recession,'' said Marc Touati, chief economist at Natexis Banques Populaires in Paris. He forecast a 0.2 percent drop in April.

Economic growth in Europe is slowing, putting the euro region on pace to lag the U.S. for the 13th year in the past 14. The European Central Bank last week cut its 2005 growth estimate for the third time in six months. It forecast an expansion of about 1.4 percent. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts the U.S. economy to grow by 3.6 percent.

A 2 percent expansion doesn't seem very realistic, said Maillard, who predicts 1.4 percent growth this year.

The outlook in the short term is fairly bleak, said Elwin de Groot, an economist at Fortis Bank Nederland NV in Amsterdam. We shouldn't expect too much in the coming months.''
In April, French production of cars rose 0.7 percent after a 1.4 percent drop in the previous month, today's report showed. Production of consumer goods, including pharmaceuticals, advanced 0.7 percent, and production of capital goods such as planes and machines increased 0.6 percent. »

Reform is impossible with the population having this need to demand more porridge from the schoolmaster, and elevating the state of the population is impossible without reform of this very affliction.

- Many thanks to Carine for the link

Friday, June 10, 2005

You really must come to our car-beque. I insist.

They aren't just suicidal murders. Now that it turns out that they're being forced to kill themselves, you might be able to actually start calling them martyrs. But it's the insurgents who are "martyring" them.

Dog-Whistle Communications

The Strange Ideological Battlegrounds of Telstar 5 [footprint], AsiaSat 3S [footprint], and Optus B3 [footprint], as well as others.

The broadcasters that rent these frequencies have a few things in common channels from cultures which are clashing in one way or another share space on them. There are channels broadcasting to émigré communities in free places like the US and Australia, and a subtext of hostility within.

Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, channels have slots peppered in with one another along with Christian Evangelical programming and a number of encrypted and subscription carriers from industries and big western media outfits.
In a way its a reflection of what the global media is turning into so specific and factional in view. Like the European that has to learn one more language or two just to find out that his fellow European neighbors actually hate him, collisions are inevitable, and ignorance of what another cultures public temperament really is remains a mystery.

Baiting populations into anger and the tales of hatred from the Arab media are legendary as documents daily. Without any great interest in learning those languages, the natives, such as we are, have no idea whats being said and respond when the margins are pushed. Broadcasting in a free society is nearly sacred in the Western view, as is the hutzpah of writing back which is the only thing that keeps the media honest.

The irony is that now that communications IS global, what the research intensive blogs are doing to keep the western media honest could well work with the medias of those cultures which are dueling with the world with cemtex undies and duped car-bomb drivers.

Where then are these broadcasters ubiquitous in their spill-over? [footprint] A place where rebuttal may be too late.

Note too the presence of either DW-TV or a version of BBC World intended for local consumption. just as TV5 tries to make itself similarly ubiquitous.

Seymour Hersch's "Coming Wars" that have never come

Like many of his stunt predictions, this one from

The New Yorker have never amounted to anything but a display of his own paranoic search for a demon outside his ideological bunker. He should be looking within.

So deep is his paranoia that he ate up the European press releases about "doing something" about Iran's nuke program:

«For more than a year, France, Germany, Britain, and other countries in the European Union have seen preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon as a race against timeand against the Bush Administration. They have been negotiating with the Iranian leadership to give up its nuclear-weapons ambitions in exchange for economic aid and trade benefits. Iran has agreed to temporarily halt its enrichment programs, which generate fuel for nuclear power plants but also could produce weapons-grade fissile material.»
Which they "dramatically" showed later their great indignation about something or other and fired up the process all over again.

Thanks Seymour - thank you for hoping that the popular will will delay the Bush administration, and that the Iranians who internally have more factions than dental fillings get nukes to threaten the powderkegs of civilization with.
The Umma is at war with the entire world, and
Hersch thinks the least stable of the lot need to be taken seriously while they buy time to build nuclear weapons.

Oddly enough, his use of a single, anonymous source withing the US department of Defense didn't just smack of a lie, it forced the DoD to refute his allegations with facts:
«Mr. Hershs source(s) feed him with rumor, innuendo, and assertions about meetings that never happened, programs that do not exist, and statements by officials that were never made.

A sampling from this article [The coming wars] alone includes:

The post-election meeting he describes between the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not happen.

The only civilians in the chain-of-command are the President and the Secretary of Defense, despite Mr. Hershs confident assertion that the chain of command now includes two Department policy officials. His assertion is outrageous, and constitutionally specious.

Arrangements Mr. Hersh alleges between Under Secretary Douglas Feith and Israel, government or non-government, do not exist. Here, Mr. Hersh is building on links created by the soft bigotry of some conspiracy theorists. This reflects poorly on Mr. Hersh and the New Yorker.

Mr. Hersh cannot even keep track of his own wanderings. At one point in his article, he makes the outlandish assertion that the military operations he describes are so secret that the operations are being kept secret even from U.S. military Combatant Commanders. Mr. Hersh later states, though, that the locus of this super-secret activity is at the U.S. Central Command headquarters, evidently without the knowledge of the commander if Mr. Hersh is to be believed.

By his own admission, Mr. Hersh evidently is working on an alternative history novel. He is well along in that work, given the high quality of alternative present that he has developed in several recent articles.»
I'm not sure if he can be taken seriously again in the U.S. He sould just move to London where he can get all the strokes he wants, provided that he keeps performing for unquestioning Guardian readers.

Like the marchers in New York who were protesting a non-existant military draft, he is trying to construct a story that places his scoop at the center. As for motive, he should look within and wonder why he wants to relive his salad days and prop up his illusion that he has a reliable inside source anywhere where the work of nations actually takes place.

More of the usual pedantic anger

Another Dave Brown (The Independent/UK) hatchet-job caricature of George Bush as a monkey, abandoning Africa, because, after all, EU-vians and the transnational Cadres did SO well in Rwanda, Côte DIvoire, The Congo, and now enjoying glorious success in the Sudan.

Well done. You can stop banging your spoon on your high chair and pat yourself on the back, Dave Brown. Thanks for the misplaced anger, vulgar imagery, and hate-baiting to cover for a failure of your countrymen.

The irony in this cheesy scribble is that Africa is in Europe's back yard, not in the White House's patch.

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Socialists worried about erections

Erection of Buddha statue produces communal tensions in Sri Lanka.

But you notice, that it's only tension felt by certain people that bothers them: by religious extremists who can't bear the notion of other people thinking differently, and by socialist sisters and non-sisters, who can't bear the notion of other people thinking differently.

Interesting position for a group of people to take who are otherwise pimping for Jihadists and other suitably useful idiots.

Deplete this, swampy...

Why don’t you hear about Ozone Depletion anymore? Because it not politically useful to leftist anymore, and it was a total scam.

«Despite all the information you may have read, there is not one shred of supportable evidence that CFCs have found their way 40 miles up above the Earth. No one has ever found any up there because they are roughly five times heavier than air. They are like a brick in a swimming pool. It is not often that you will see a brick floating to the surface of your pool. CFCs are so dense that even as a gas you could fill a bucket with it and pour the contents of one bucket into another. Secondly there is no evidence that they can destroy anything because they are very stable and unreactive substances. Most dictionaries and chemistry books describe them as inert gases.»
That’s right, something 5 times heavier than air magically ended up in the iso-ionosphere. I guess those spray cans have a 40 mile range that only obvious to all of those kids who failed math.
So if the complaints about ground level ozone won't tip off someone carrying a sign and shouting their head off, what will?

But like all crazed zealots, giving up is not easy. Expect to see sandwich panels with “The world is ending” on people wearing Sierra Club T-shirts at a railway station near you:
«There is, too, another difficulty with the theory: the fact that all the CFCs in the world are insufficient to even dent the known amount of ozone. The factor is 1 in 100,000. So we get told of yet another scenario – that in some imagined chain reaction, chlorine would keep on getting released by the UV until all the ozone was destroyed. But even if we supposed that this could happen, then all of these reactions going on would only further absorb UV, protecting us even more. We would right now be dying from lack of UV light and vitamin D deficiency.»
The cost of dealing with this little bit of Greenie hurt-feelings and bad science went into the billions world-wide - billions that could have been spent giving protesters shower facilities and dental attention. Greenleft Weekly has yet to issue an apology.

Tip o’ hat to John Ray.

Confusion in L'Hexagon

Is this the consequence of the French government spinning too hard in any and all directions? Are they a rich nation, a poor people? Who can even tell anymore?

Selected, not elected, Dominique de Villepin has been appointed PM under what are being made out to be emergency conditons. says he's got a 100 days to structurally modify France's economy to reduce unemployment. His honesty in this matter is refreshing, as are his effort to construct some optimism. In a healthy economic environment, France is showing a disppointing batting average.

A roundup of the european bankers had the following advice for De Villepin:

"My basic message would be to cut regulation...

-Julan Callow, Chief European Economist, Barklays Capital, London

"If Villepain is to succeed, he's going to have to seriously deregulate the French economy, and scrap the 35 hour work week entirely"

- Jim Power, Chief Economist, Friends First, Dublin

We were a socialist country with huge social security payments. We had to reform that, and we are still going through that process. I don't think France really is taking the right approach.

- Gyorgy Barcza, Economist, ING Bank (Hungary), Budapest.

The French elite view some markets as a kind of enemy...

- Carsten Valgreen, Chief Economist, Danske Bank, Copenhagen

In the IHT (Wednesday, page 6), Margaret Blunden points out that not only is Britain quietly more "Gallic" than it's image would indicate, that France is a lot more "Anglo-saxon". Setting aside the tribalist or racial foundations of these characterizations which have become popular in France, she also says that France has already swallowed the "bitter pill" of economic liberalization. The basic indicators show little sign of this, as does a having the most job protection as well as the most job security.

In the same days fishwrap, Thomas Fuller (page 3,) points out that: «The paradox for the French according to the OECD is that despite the layers of job protection, they [the French] feel significantly less secure in their jobs than Americans, Danes, [the] British, or Canadians - all of whom have less legal job protection.»

What they really needed was an enema, not a pill:

"They cannot continue to complain and do nothing," [said the OECD's Raymond] Torres said of France.

The rest of the world is accustomed with today's economic theories, which have benefited billions of people worldwide. France public view (I think somewhat falsely) seem to join a small group of cultures that seems bewildered by the way it functions, among whom are the likes of North Korea and Zimbabwe who are trying hard to keep the world out in one way or another. The policies and indicators reveal what's going on - and it's something which no public affairs effort acting as a placebo can rewrite.

The script, though is a familiar one. Constructed hatreds are made useful by those who want neither to change, nor support themselves. The familiar term is “moocher”, and the socialists of Europe suffer from this affliction greatly. How long, do you think, will the world keep listening to complaints and accusations pointed at any and all directions?

Cut on the Bias

This from Andrew Kinsman, a commenter on Biased-BBC, we find a BBC personality revealing the state of the journalistic bias that they refuse to recognize or address:

«A bit of Googling found THIS on the web (in connection with an industrial dispute in Bradford)

Dear brothers/sisters

Just a short personal message of solidarity - I will raise your dispute in our Chapel when we meet next. I am constantly struck by the small minded penny pinching of media owners who spare no expense for their own largesse.

Your fight is part of a resurgence of grassroots trade unionism that is telling the managers "we're back" in every sector of the economy.

A donation follows.


Paul Mason
Business Correspondent, BBC Newsnight (personal capacity)

First of all, what's this "we" shit coming from a business correpondant?!? Does he pretend to speak for the BBC? IF he’s speaking for himself, does he thing burying the words “personal capacity” at the end inoculate him from criticism?

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Ignore a German

Yes, but only if you’re in an self-abusive mood.
Is wanting to be lectured and guilt-tripped a form of S&M?

Dufus wit' da' rufusDucon ou dugenou ?
With lackluster grades in French.
En plus, il parlait le français comme une vache espagnole.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?

Profiles in discouraging arrogance

Mark Steyn points out the obvious common thread in the non-democracies of the world and the low leftist view of pluralism. Delighting in the concentration of power, the European Union elite that wont take no for an answer.

«A couple of days before Sundays referendum on the European constitution, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Union, let French and Dutch voters know how much he values their opinion:
If at the end of the ratification process, we do not manage to solve the problems, the countries that would have said No, would have to ask themselves the question again, President Juncker told the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.
Got that? You have the right to vote, but only if you give the answer your rulers want you to give. But dont worry, if you dont, well treat you like a particularly backward nursery school and keep asking the question until you get the answer right. Even Americas bossiest nanny-state Democrats dont usually express their contempt for the will of the people quite so crudely.

I didnt see the actual Euro-ballot, but evidently its Check the Yes box if you favor ratification of the E.U. constitution. Check the No box if you favor ratification of the E.U. constitution. For Neither of the Above, check Both of the Above.

Then, as the French polls headed south, we were told, oh well, if its a narrow defeat, that wont make any difference either. Well get the French to vote again and make them give the correct answer this time.

So now were told that French voters 5545 rejection of the constitution is nowhere near the massive overwhelming defeat that would be necessary to derail the thing.

But, in its own perverse wrinkle on this thesis, Europe says gravely that it wont make big constitutional changes on too small a minority

if the French had rejected the constitution by, say, 92% to 8%, well, that might have prompted the E.U. to consider possibly perhaps at least partially rethinking clause 473 paragraph H.

The European establishments occasional acknowledge of the E.U.s democratic deficit hardly begins to cover their disdain for the people...

But it did set me thinking about my post-9/11 trips to the Middle East, where, until Bush and his insane Zionist neocon democracy fetishists came along, Americas allies in the region had spent four decades selling themselves to Washington as a necessary antidemocratic restraint on the baser urges of their primitive peoples. Now who does that sound like?

If the U.S. Constitution begins with We the people, the starting point for the European Constitution is We know better than the people. And in the long run, in Europe as in the Middle East, that wont work.

Unfortunately, the institutional arrogance of the entrenched Eurocracy is all but indestructible. ...The European Union isnt floundering because of a lack of leaders. Its the lack of followers.»
I think that this arrogance of theirs is the cause of their abject inability to win hearts and minds would paste anyone else with. Isn't ironic that leftists and middle-eastern flag burners who are angry about a soldier taking a leak near an airvent reserve the exact same complaint for Americans and the US military?

Show a little blogspheric pride.

As Ray says; Thanks for your support

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Going nowhere fast

Encore une chance pour la Fwance
Touche pas à ma came.

Jan Peter Balkenende Endures More Stale Harry Potter References

Mijnheer Eerste Minister loses his halo for presiding over a nation that thinks for herself.

RNW reports in their roundup of the Dutch press a most un-diplomatic scrap arising from the vile EUtopian view that referenda should be a rubber stamp affair, with a 300 million member Supreme Soviet:

«On Saturday, the Belgian Foreign Minister, Karel de Gucht gave what De Telegraaf generously termed an "un-nuanced interview". The intention was to explain his viewpoint on how badly the Dutch government sold the EU constitution referendum in the lead-up to last week's resounding defeat. »
How dare a population think for themselves, eh? True to form, the criticism gets abusive. Nutty tho it is, its a lot more interesting than the usual dreck that we find in the press. Guchts point might have a little to do with the Dutch showing too much free will but mine would be that except for certain departments in life, they dont show enough

«To each his own opinion, one might think. Except, in the interview, he managed to criticize in no particular order: the sexuality of our fallen political warrior, Pim Fortuyn, the haircut of maverick MP Geert Eraserhead Wilders and the fickle decision-making process of the entire Dutch public.

Not content, he went on to deliver a good old-fashioned personal attack on the Prime Minister himself, describing Jan Peter Balkenende as a cross between Harry Potter and a well-behaved, but somewhat stiff, middle class kind-of-guy.»
As if there was anything wrong with not being an self-absorbed twit, or being gay, or the worst crime of all, occasionally respecting the broad range of the public's political views.

«"In whom", he went on to say - digging deeper and deeper - "I can detect no trace of charisma".»
Which is one of the reasons they also dont like George Bush: he is straightforward and rather honest a VERY rare trait in a Western European politician.

Algemeen Dagblad further reports on de Guchts plonk:
«...the government finds these insults "unacceptable". Specifically, Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Ben Bot is furious...» As well he should be. The Euro-nitwit leadership class is starting to treat one another like they treat Americans. What next? Blame 'hegemony' on the late Pyn Fortuyn?

De Volkskrant adds that according to survey of voters, they found public interest to be reasoned and related to the issues, not braying ignorance:

«Subjects on which they would like to have a say include the issues of elected mayors, the welfare system and the future of the euro.»

But not if Karel de Gucht has anything to say about it.

Frogs make history Frogs still number OneLes grenouilles font un coup historique Les grenouilles toujours numéro Un
No, not the French.
Non, pas les fwançais.

Image : merci à GeorgeS.

The End of Work : sounds like a book about the French economyLa fin du travail : on dirait un livre sur l'économie fwançaise
Jeremy Rifkin finally gets something right, even if he only hints at it at the end of his article. Europe will not be able to avoid a civil war. Consider Kosovo (most recent war in the heart of Europe and the umpteenth call for an American bail-out) a foretaste of things to come. Rifkin is trying to prop up the slumping sales of 'The European Dream' following the rejection of the EUtopian Constitution and the disappearance of the Zeropean dream in a puff of nargile smoke.
Jeremy Rifkin arrive enfin à avoir raison, même s'il ne fait qu'effleurer l'idée à la fin de son article. L'Europe ne fera pas l'économie d'une guerre civile. On peut partir du principe que le Kosovo (guerre en plein coeur de l'Europe et énième appel aux américains) n'est qu'un avant-goût du futur zéropéen. Rifkin essaie de sauver les meubles après l'explosion en vol des ventes de 'Le Rêve Européen' suite au rejet de la Constitution de l'UEtopie et l'écroulement du rêve zéropéen, parti en fumée quelque part dans un bar à chicha dans le 18è arrondissement.

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Were it in 2005, they would have given away the plans for D-day

Courtesy of Tech Central Station - Why Would the Times Publish This Story?

Simple - the mainstream media are stupid about the world, their feelings are hurt, and they ready to kill.

Robert Mugabe, violator of the Umma's Dignity

«In Hatfield Extension, more than 6,000 people lost their homes on police order last Sunday. No houses or shops remain standing, and a community mosque was destroyed
Wheres the outrage? Wheres the UN?
«Where houses once stood are piles of plastic sheeting and splinters of lumber. Shops built of concrete have been reduced to rubble. A Catholic day-care center for AIDS orphans has been destroyed. And the residents, worn out after days of living among the ruins and nights spent outside in the cold, sit mournfully among the shattered remnants of their lives.»
Also from Tim Bleyah this taking of the mickey out of the agnostic outrage at the possible possibility of violations against Islam:
«Michelle Malkin notes that details of Guantanamo detainees mishandling their own Korans were buried in this AP report. Hey, at least the Koranic self-abusers were mentioned ... which is more than you can say about reports at ITV, Scotlands Sunday Herald, Radio Free Europe, the UK Daily Telegraph, Japan Today, the Detroit Free Press, the Iranian Quran Newsagency, Newsday, Haaretz, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

The New York Times gave one line to the detainees desecrationsome 1208 words into its 1290-word piece. Jimmy Hoffa aint buried as deep. Higher priority is given to this:

The military released the findings of the investigation about 7:15 p.m., Eastern time, well after the broadcasts of the network television evening news programs. A Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman, denied that the military was trying to bury bad news late on a Friday night, a tactic often used by government agencies.

The military has nothing on the NYT when it comes to burying bad news. Even The Guardian is fairer, running the terrible information after only a few paragraphs. The LA Times has greater detail, also flagged far earlier than in the NYT.»

Answer : when they'll have the balls to do itRéponse : quand ils auront les couilles pour le faire
Question : So when will we see gay commando groups rough up Imams and Ayatollahs instead of attacking those who practice their religion peacefully?
Question : Quand est-ce que nous allons voir des commandos gays se prendre aux Imams et aux Ayatollahs au lieu de taper sur ceux qui pratiquent leur religion paisiblement?

Zeropa busted up by a rag tag nihilistic gangLa Zéropa fracassée par des pieds nickelés nihilistes
Spittle shooting shitheads who started every sentence with 'the farmer's son that I am thinks ...' and who thought José Bové was a great guy and panty-waist PR types who, while sipping their fair trade coffee and bragging about their anti-globalisation globophobe credentials, proclaimed Attac was great as long as it was making plans for unapplicable planetary Tobin taxes, now feel betrayed by both. Nice to see the edifice of what people still call laughingly the "European" Union blown to bits like a cheap toy by the first stiff wind.
Des connards de bouseux qui débutaient chaque phrase (en postillonnant) par 'le fils de paysan que je suis pense que ...' et qui croyaient que José Bové était vraiment un chic type ainsi que des pubards pédérastes qui, en sirotant leur café 'commerce équitable' et se vantant de leurs galons d'altermondialistes de globophobes, péroraient qu'Attac était génial dès lors que le groupe se vaquait à la création d'une taxe Tobin inapplicable, se sentent trahis par les deux. C'est marrant de voir l'édifice de ce qu'on insiste risiblement à appeler encore l'Union "européenne" bousillé comme un jouet en plastoc dès le premier coup de vent.

A View from the Southern Hemisphere

Writing from Brazil, Luís Afonso Assumpção translates an article by Olavo de Carvalho, titled ROOTS OF THE NEW WORLD which nearly represents an executive summary of the ideological struggle within Europe between social collectivists and proponents of free will. It closely follows the movements of a time only two decades behind us where the same trend began in North America, Central Europe, India, the Asian Rim, and in some ways, in China itself.

«The first half of the 20th. century witnessed the rise of planned
economy; the second saw its fall, followed by the appearance of an even more ambitious plan of domination: planned culture. Culture transcends and includes economy: it includes the entire range of human creations, language and imagination, values and feelings, intimate life and unconscious reflexes. The widening of the objectives show that the activist intelligentsia learned from the past eight decades an opposite lesson from that of non-marxist economists: the later believe that socialism's failure proved the intrisic madness of a giant state; the former learned that giant states fail for not being gigantic enough.

The final aim of socialism, as Hannah Arendt observed, is the modification of human nature. The generation of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler imagined that socialist economy would create this new kind of men. Deeper socialist thinkers like Gramsci, Lukacks and the Frankfurtians saw in this a dangerous economicist mistake. The soul of the "new man" would not be born from socialism, but should come before it and create it.»

«Today's international socialism looks less for the creation of socialist regimes and more for the installation of a global complex of mutations in civil society, morals, family relations. The change in the order of priorities caused a harmonic change in the strategy and choice of means. Formerly, the essential tool of the revolutionary movement was a ideologically monolitical party. Today, it is a variety of leftist parties, disconnected in appearance. It is the international networks of NGOs, the "social movements", the large international organs

He describes very accurately an assault. It is the intentful construction of these movements, not intellectually from within the cultures where they are attempting to establish them, but with their origins in the leftist elitist complex of doner organizations, influencial personalities, and institutional connections. It is worse than the pre-Luther church of Rome it intends the non-beneficial modification of human nature from which it can parasitically steer peoples lives to fit their fears, not their faith, and certainly not one which places the individual at the center of their own decision-making, or asks them to think with any great moral depth. Typically the very aid that these groups made them dependant on becomes the reason that they have to play along with hairshirt blanquitos who march the indians out in front of them for the sake of appearance.

It also explains why the engagement of the US with the world at large is so offensive and roubling to the far left.

«Once the strategic line of action is understood, it is easy to follow the players in the game, from the appearant confusion of public debates to their common origin in offices of strategic planning invariably linked to the UN and a certain number of billionaire foundations with which they are associated and even some nation States which, discretely and not without ambiguities, give support for the process. Today, there is not one "cause", or slogan for the revolutionary fight or for "social change" that has not originated in technical and consultive committees outside any popular and electoral control.

These ideas are then spread throughout the many nations as spontaneous products of nonpersonal historical movements, if not products of divine providence itself. Feminist revolt, abortism, racial quotas, gay movements, agrarian revolution, indianism, enviromentalism, antismoking, liberation of heavy drugs, all the flags that are waved in the world can be traced back from the public scene down to their discrete origins in the circles of enlightened internationalism

The only real internationalism is that of free though inculcated from many sources, and involving a great deal of communication and often lonely but very personal and serious scholarship - not forced on the mind from a university somewhere in the North of England of from Michigan, and certainly not fed to groups.
«And to spread them, the means are not reduced to "networks" extending up to the infinite, but there is an entire millionaire burocratic system: the UN even has college courses to form technicians in "creation of social movements" in the Third World. All of them "spontaneous movements" of course, and for a spontanous miracle, harmonized in the whole conception of a new order in civilization.»
A brave new world forced on people who dont generally see the whole picture or goal, and without their consent. No wonder theyre starting among the poorest and among the under-developed nations of the world. They are preying on the weakest the way heroine pushers do.

What I heard...was a hate rally.

From via John Ray:

«On March 10, an event titled "Patriarchy Slam" was held by the radical Feminist Action League in a room reserved by a second and recognized student group. (The significance of this is that the free room was used in violation of UNH policy.) Posters across the campus advertised the meeting as a public event, with no indication of "Women Only." Patriarchy Slam expressed radical anti-male feminism. For example, some FAL members wore scissors around their necks as they sang in praise of castration. One member, who identified herself as Mary Man-Hating-Is-Fun, told the gathering, "Ever since I learned to embrace my feminist nature, I found great joy in threatening men's lives...because I see them for what they are: misogynistic, sexist, oppressive and absurdly pathetic beings who only serve to pollute and contaminate this world..."»
What to say? Could Ms Mary have been conceived of spontaneously from the hair of Andrea Dworkin? Created by Gaia through immaculate conception? Remember: there IS NO natural order sperm is not needed, people can die as children can be aborted, but NEVER on death row for any reason, including taking lives themselves.
Why is it that people would do anything they can to defy the notions of nature defend the natural order when it comes to shutting down a power plant or complain about automobiles.

Just as leftist distrust and hate people, Ms Mary distrust and hate all men. The way moonbats dwell on Donald Rumsfeld, all men are her straw-man of choice, and she want your taxes to pay for it. Oh and by the way, when shes coming at you with those scissors, be nice to her and dont stop her its the law.

You dress up like the chauffer, and she dresses up like the Xena, and youre supposed to follow the script this time! Okay?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

MSM America: Twistin' twistin' - in the wind

The WaPo, obsessed with it's own past and image, has gone into a greater than usual ideological assault mode, attempting to fire for effect. Today it is very nearly a museum of spin.

There are 4 items on Mr. Throat, and one more which is simply a good-old-fashioned personal abuse of a dead man who can't respond, Richard Nixon (stubble, paranoia, listmaker, couldn't fire J. Edgar Hoover even though no-one before him could either)... Jim Hoagland

There is also no question of his motives, even though he was conciderably less honest and straightforward than Linda Tripp was when she blew the whistle on Clinton's whistle being blown. The press immediately questioned HER motives, even though Felt hid behind anonymously behind the office that he abused. There are "human interest" angles/pushes about Felt, reflecting tenderly on the 'pain of keeping a secret from the world and his family', and similar unsolicited praise, complete with flattering photos - the very opposite of the treatment they gave any of Mr. Clinton's "problem stories".

Below the page header for this group of stories is the subtitle "deeper meanings", and they proceed to avoid looking them like the plague, instead focussing on the static surrounding the events.

They're rehashing story of Timothy McVeigh for no particular reason, I suppose other than to compare Nixon to him be association. This by Mike German, and places on the front page. Also 2-1/2 full pages on France and the EU, not really mentioning the Netherlands at all. One of them is implausibly titled "Pursuing Growth: France's U.S. Business model" by Anne Dumas, formerly with Le Point. She sites a few minor government funded and driven programs, completely missing the point that successful job creation involves government staying out of that business altogether.

Further the Post's Outlook section proselytizes on the social front with a half page op-ed above the fold on page 3 by a graduating high school girl titled: "Not Just a Family Matter - Some of Us Teens Would be Lost Without Sex Ed". This is a response to a dust-up in Montgomery County (in the US state of Maryland) letting gay activists circulate "how to" literature in high schools which is what the parents objected to, not sex-ed itself. Running the item is clearly intended to reframe the issue in favor of activists who want access to people's children. After all why can't adults homosexually model children against their and their parents will, right?

Immediately below is another thought modification piece about DDT by Max Behrenbaum form the famously loony and non-scientific University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Titled "If Malaria's the Problem, DDT's Not the Only Answer" - and no-one has ever suggested that it is. The only death-toll figure he sites, he attempts to diminish by not quoting science, but quoting Michael Chrichton, author of "State of Fear". «They have accused environmental activists of having "blood on their hands" and causing more than 50 million "needless deaths" by enforcing DDT bans in developing nations.» He actually put "needless deaths" is suspicious scare quotes and neglects to omit that this argument is coming from the developing world itself, the primary victim of the narcissistic policy which was put in place on the basis of finding 10 dead birds in the US where more than a billion birds die annually.

Here’s an insight on the “do-gooder” low view of needless deaths:

«Population control advocates blamed DDT for increasing third world population. In the 1960s, World Health Organization authorities believed there was no alternative to the overpopulation problem but to assure than up to 40 percent of the children in poor nations would die of malaria. As an official of the Agency for International Development stated, "Rather dead than alive and riotously reproducing."»
-[Desowitz, RS. 1992. Malaria Capers, W.W. Norton & Company]
A lovely bunch.

The consensus is that the intellectual climate that's suffering

Fox News' London bureau chief takes the BBC to task for their inability to contextualize and understand any view of the world other than the never-seriously-questioned leftism of their unconscious suppositions. Recently deprogrammed BBC escapee Robin Aitken has it sussed and plans to write about it. Foxs Norvell reports.

« The phrase is a play on one--"institutional racism"--currently in vogue among the professionally aggrieved. It's frequently lobbed when the forces of multicultural goodness can't point to specific proof of racism in an organization but just know deep down that something is amiss.

Mr. Aitken told London's Daily Telegraph (and subsequently confirmed in a telephone conversation) that Britain's taxpayer-funded behemoth, arguably the most powerful media brand in the world, sports a worldview remarkably at odds with a good percentage of the population to whom it purportedly answers.

The BBC's world is one in which America is always wrong, George W. Bush is a knuckle-dragging simpleton, people of faith are frightening ignoramuses, and capitalism is a rot on the fabric of social justice. Through this prism, the United Nations is the world's supreme moral authority, multiculturalism is always a force for good, war is never warranted, and U.S. Republicans sprinkle Third World children over their Cheerios for breakfast.

One could be inclined to dismiss one voice on this topic, but Mr. Aitken is hardly alone in his frustration. British conservatives complain constantly (largely in vain) about the political bent of the BBC, and bloggers, like the gang at Biased BBC, maintain exhaustive online records of its ideological imbalances.»
On the construction of the BBCs truth regarding 300 million people:

«The task isn't a difficult one. Let's just listen to the BBC's U.S. correspondent Justin Webb, writing on the network's Web site: "America is often portrayed as an ignorant, unsophisticated sort of place, full of bible [sic] bashers and ruled to a dangerous extent by trashy television, superstition and religious bigotry, a place lacking in respect for evidence based on knowledge."

"I know that is how it is portrayed because I have done my bit to paint that picture," he confesses, "and that picture is in many respects a true one."»
As for the distinction between position and bias, the defenders of the BBC's status quo ways don't seem sophisticated enough to understand that balanced presentation of news reports can be free of, and co-exist with an editorial position. Even Fox can manage it:

«Fox News is, after all, a private channel and our presenters are quite open about where they stand on particular stories. That's our appeal. People watch us because they know what they are getting. The Beeb's institutionalized leftism would be easier to tolerate if the corporation was a little more honest about it.

Few with a grip on reality believe that there is a cabal at BBC House wringing their hands and plotting the renationalization of the coal industry or state-mandated racial sensitivity training for all 6-year-olds. But there is little doubt that, as Mr. Aitken puts it, a center-left groupthink dominates at the BBC and colors its entire output. It's not deliberate. It's worse. The producers just can't imagine that someone could possibly oppose European integration or any of the other left-wing causes because to them, and their friends, these are self-evident truths. It simply doesn't even occur to them that reasonable people could disagree with them.

The influence of this groupthink goes far beyond the BBC and now permeates the cliquish world of British broadcasting in general. Almost everyone in the television business has worked for the BBC at some point, sipped the Kool-Aid, and now carries the torch of institutional leftism. With few exceptions, every newscast in the country looks and sounds like a knockoff of the Ten O'Clock News, and the nation is not better for it.»

Writing in the OpinionJournal, Scott Norvell also mentions the fine folks at Biased-BBC who take on the murky task of revealing the dark art of subtextual propaganda.

Thanks a bazillion to the Kate McMillan for posting on Fox's peashot at the BBC's lack of balance and persistant blunderbussing at civilized debate. As a state broadcaster with a mandate to be balanced, they are hardly giving lip-service to the task.

After all, as I write another example hops up like a rubber glove from a whack-a-mole machine. BBC's Talking Point once again is repetitiously and pedantically bullhorning what Greenies hold as objective truth about global warming (as opposed to climate change), permitting some challenge, but characterizing it as heresy, as usual.
They advertised a discussion on Smart Growth for cities which isnt just a discredited concept available as an indulgence exclusive to the rich, but a meaningless one. Hey, is anyone out there FOR Dumb Growth?

One fool proposing sustainable taxation and a parade of people resorting to the lowest common denominator of conversation, whinging about the weather this year. Newsflash, sparky there have always been droughts, cooler summers, and variants of one sort or another. Exaggerating the effectual capacity of CO2 by a factor of roughly 33, and attributing Netherlands flooding in the 50s with global warming while mentioning that the trend had not started yet and so on. Having drummed on and on about these facts, they feel no need to support assertions in any way.
The first guest is surprisingly logical and shows concern for the developing world, but not convincing he too accepts that mankind is changing monsoon patterns and such which have always been dynamic in nature.

The shock isn't what the state controlled media says - it is their failings, lack or discipline, and feining of intelligence which is embarassing.

Caption Contest for the Axis of Losers

The meeting between a lame duck and a dead duck
(Thanks to Gregory)

Hearing the Voice of the People (Not); The Usual Double Standards at Work in Madrid

The left doesn't take too kindly to protests, marches, and slogans (Not in my name) when they they are not being used against the right.

The 860,000 to 1,000,000 demonstrators in Madrid amount to

more or less the same number on the big rallies against the Iraq war, touted by the intelligentsia as an evidence of a vibrant democracy in which people were speaking the truth to self-centered politicians. The same intelligentsia has been criticizing the plans for today's demonstration because they now say that street demonstrations are not really democratic since it's up to politicians to make decisions
Suddenly, for some reason, demonstrations are no longer "spontaneous", despicable leaders of the deaf, blind, turncoat, and traitorous kind are no longer involved, and it's no longer about democracy and hearing the voice of the pueblo; now, it's all about politicians making victims and relatives their own cause…

Simple maths and its social outcome

Courtesy of Max Black, we find this editorial on the European economic gin-up linked from his blog. The reasons for their stagnation during good times is obvious: the welfare state wasting its efforts not on the poor, but on anyone and everyone, even when economies are doing as well as they ever have in the past two decades:

«The French unemployment rate has hovered around 10% for nearly a decade, and almost half of the jobless have been out of work for at least a year. If the U.S had an unemployment rate as high as France, there would be about six million more non-working Americans--the equivalent of placing every worker in Michigan on the jobless rolls.
Our point here isn't to engage in gratuitous French-bashing. The truth is that the economic anemia afflicting France has become the standard bill of health to varying degrees in virtually all of the nations of Old Europe, particularly Germany and Italy. Once upon a time the intellectual elites in Europe and the U.S. trumpeted the economic accomplishments of European social welfare state policies. Today the conclusion is nearly inescapable that this economic model simply doesn't work to create jobs, wealth or dynamism.»

«The Europeans have created a vast constellation of domestic policy interventions that are cloaked in the seductive rhetoric of compassion, fairness and cultural sophistication.
In sum, European nations penalize work and subsidize non-work, and, no surprise, they have gotten a lot of the latter and far too little of the former. By contrast, the U.S. model--allegedly cruel and "laissez-faire"--has done much better both by economic growth and worker opportunity.»
In other words, people are doing better without being shackled to an anonymous public for the large part of their well being.

While the Neo-COM notion of compassion is proud of how many people are helped, those rotten, evil Neo-cons are most proud of the number of people who no longer NEED any help.

Zeropa : small man, big mouthLa Zéropa : petit bonhomme, grande gueule
"Africa is worth fighting for. Europe, in its present form, is not."
"Ça vaut le coup de se battre pour l'Afrique. L'Europe, dans son état actuel, ne vaut pas la peine."

Compete, compete, do it for the boys
Empty barrels make the most noise
You're always on the move
You've always got something to prove
What the fuck are you fighting for?
Is it because you're five foot four?
You better be happy with what you've got
You'll never get any more
You laugh at a man when he tries
You're trying to make up for your size
To you life is a rivalry
Keep a step ahead of me

Minor Threat, Small Man, Big Mouth