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Insurrection and Treason: What Did The Words of the 14th Amendment Mean in the 1860s? + FREE JANUARY 6 DOCUMENTARY Today Only

Are these dozens of Capitol policemen lying dead or wounded
in the aftermath of the January 6th "insurrection",
or is it a scene from a Victor Fleming film?

The way the January 6 protests at the Capitol have been described by the usual Drama Queens, you would think that you are in Georgia when Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler are galloping through the flames devouring Atlanta and that, in the aftermath, dozens of Capitol policemen are lying dead or wounded like in the harrowing outdoors hospital scene of Gone with the Wind

As the Supreme Court agrees to decide on the issue of Donald Trump's eligibility on a state's ballot, a central question arises: What did insurrection and treason mean to the authors of the 14th Amendment as well as to the rest of the population, i.e., in the 1860s? 

Before you read read any further, here is an aside: know that until the end of the day you can watch Epoch's documentary on January 6th, The Real Story of Jan. 6, for free at the Epoch Times (merci à Paul Reen). 

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Let's Stop Using the Words "Trump Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election"; It's Unprofessional Journalism
Insurrection and treason meant raising armies, equipping them with uniforms, firearms, and artillery, and going to war and to the battlefield — resulting in a number of American deaths in four short years in the middle of the 19th century greater than that of all America's wars of the 20th Century (including World Wars I and II) combined. (Thanks for the Instalink, Ed.)

Are these a mob of violent MAGA nuts, deranged Tea Partiers, and other
treacherous  "insurrectionists" on January 6, or are they extras in a Hollywood movie?
During the administration of James Buchanan (the 15th president preceding Abraham Lincoln), his secretary of war stealthily gathered large stores of government arms and sent them to federal arsenals in the South, effectively anticipating the outbreak of civil war.

After the conflict of 1861-1865, Ulysses S Grant wrote in his memoirs that John B Floyd, the Secretary of War, 

scattered the army so that much of it could be captured when hostilities should commence, and distributed the cannon and small arms from Northern arsenals throughout the South so as to be on hand when treason wanted them.

The name of John Floyd's predecessor as Secretary of War was Jefferson Davis, and when first seven, then 11, states attempted to secede over the winter of 1860-1861 (related: During the Winter of 1860-1861, Did the South's Democrats Obtain Their Aim — the Secession of 7 Slave States — Thanks to Elections Filled with Stealth, Lies, Voter Fraud, Intimidation, Violence, and Murder?), he would duly become president of the newly-formed Confederate States of America

So there you have it: To the people in the 1860s, to the writers of the 14th Amendment, insurrection and treason meant months and years of preparations, hoarding weapons, both light and heavy, raising armies, and engaging in warfare against the central government and the mother nation.

Who in their right mind — besides the usual gang of Drama Queens, that is — could in any way reasonably compare Jan. 6 to the Civil War or, for that matter, to 9-11 or to Pearl Harbor?

Indeed, only one words fits that comparison.

That word is: Preposterous.

CAPTION: Clark (Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn) Gable to Vivian Leigh,
sounding like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden: "With them
[the USA-hating CSA rebel soldiers] goes the last semblance of law and order"

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To end this post, let us quote, approvingly, from (believe it or not) the New York Times. After spending half his column considering a counterfactual in The Antidemocratic Quest to Save Democracy From Trump,

Had [Hillary] Clinton explicitly tried to induce Congress to overturn the result of the 2016 race and had a left-wing protest on her behalf turned into a certification-disrupting riot, almost none of the people currently insisting that we need to take the challenge to Trump’s ballot access very seriously would be saying the same about a challenge to her eligibility. Instead, they would be accusing that challenge of being incipiently authoritarian, a right-wing attack on our sacred democracy.

And they would have a point. Removing an opposition candidate from the ballot, indeed, a candidate currently leading in some polling averages (pending the economic boom of 2024 that we can all hope is coming), through the exercise of judicial power is a remarkably antidemocratic act. It is more antidemocratic than impeachment, because the impeachers and convicters, representatives and senators, are themselves democratically elected and subject to swift democratic punishment. It is more antidemocratic than putting an opposition politician on trial, because the voters who regard that trial as illegitimate are still allowed to vote for an indicted or convicted politician, as almost a million Americans did for Eugene V. Debs while he languished in prison in 1920.

Sometimes the rules of a republic require doing antidemocratic things. But if the rule you claim to be invoking treats Jan. 6 as the same kind of event as the secession of the Confederacy, consider the possibility that you have taken the tropes of anti-Trump punditry too literally.

The term “insurrection,” New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote on Wednesday, is “a defensible shorthand for Jan. 6.” But it’s not “the most precise” term, because while “Trump attempted to secure an unelected second term in office,” he “was not trying to seize and hold the Capitol nor declare a breakaway republic.”

This concession prompted howls of online derision from his left-wing critics, but Chait is obviously, crashingly correct. There are arguments about precedent and implementation that tell against the case for Trump’s ineligibility and prudential arguments about the wisdom of suppressing populist fervor by judicial fiat. But the most important point is that there are many things a politician can do to subvert a democratic outcome, all of them impeachable and some of them potentially illegal, that are simply not equivalent to military rebellion, even if a bunch of protesters and rioters get involved.

To insist otherwise, in the supposed service of the Constitution, is to demonstrate yet again that too many would-be saviors of our Republic would cut a great road through reason and good sense if they could only be assured of finally getting rid of Donald Trump.

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The stars up in heaven They are lookin' kindly down Upon the grave of Joe Noussair

Joe Noussair would have turned 56 years old today, but alas, he left us all too early…

In the 20 years I knew him, we shared many a conversation, a drink, and an adventure, notably with road trips in his Mini to Civil War battlefields in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

This blog's obituary of Joe Noussair (Beirut, Jan. 3, 1968—DC, April 7, 2023) originally appeared one day after his passing in April, but in the meantime, more photos from the past two decades have been unearthed…

Joe Noussair
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington D.C. Feb 9 2008

Harpers Ferry, site of John Brown's raid:
The stars up in heaven
They are lookin' kindly down (3x)
Upon the grave of ol' John Brown

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, December 9 2006

Harpers Ferry, where the Potomac
and Shenandoah rivers meet

You needed to understand German to
figure out Joe Noussair's vanity plate
BSP8R = Bis Später
December 6 2006

How likely is that?! Finding two red minis (one of them Joe's)
parked side by side in a car garage Feb 11 2008

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: With Da Tech Guy's Peter Ingemi in the background at
CPAC Feb 20 2010, Joe jokes around with Smitty, the sidekick of the Other McCain

During the presidential campaign of 2004, ca. eight months
after this blog had started, I was contacted by some reader in DC
asking if he could come spend a weekend with me in my Paris apartment;
I hesitated, wondering if this guy was some kind of nutcase

Joe Noussair flew over the Atlantic in the Fall of 2004 to join
in crashing a US expats' John Kerry event next to the Eiffel Tower
— in my Paris apartment, we made (bilingual) signs based on
the Protest Warrior movement's tongue-in-cheek signs —
and after 2 or 3 days he flew back to DC again

Sporting a Protest Warrior T-shirt, Joe crosses le Pont d'Iéna to join in
crashing a John Kerry event organized by US expats next to the Eiffel Tower

Joe Noussair at Suresnes'
American Cemetery and Memorial
October 14, 2006

Joe Noussair at Suresnes'
American Cemetery and Memorial
October 14, 2006

From the blog's obituary:

My first meeting with Joe was when this avid but otherwise unknown No Pasarán reader (by then, the blog had barely existed for some eight months) wrote or called (I forget which) from Washington in the Fall of 2004 and asked if he could come spend a weekend with me in my Paris apartment. Who on earth is this nut?! was my immediate thought. 

But I had blogged that I was preparing a Protest Warrior-type infiltration of a rally for John Kerry under the Eiffel Tower during the 2004 election while asking for volunteers, and Joe said that he would take a flight across the Atlantic (yes—really!) for the sole reason of wanting to join in the fun. He brought with him a lot of ammo, in the form of a number of Protest Warrior T-shirts and, as the good handyman he was (more about Joe's job below), he bought the material for our signs and put them together…

In general, this reader commented — at length — on so many posts, and with such knowledge and passion, that U*2 and I eventually said that we might as well invite Joe N to join the blog.

Operation Rooster Crow: Infiltrating the Pro-Kerry Rally Under the Eiffel Tower 

Bis später, Joe; bis später…

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AMERICAN THINKER: Let's Stop Using the Words "Trump Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election"; It's Unprofessional Journalism


It is easier for the world to accept
a simple lie than a complex truth

— Alexis de Tocqueville

After almost three years — and as Democrats in Colorado and Maine ban Donald Trump from the Centennial State's ballot — it is beyond time for the media to stop "reporting" that "Trump tried to overturn a presidential election" and to quit referring matter-of-factly: to "the election that Trump lost"; to "Trump's defeat" and his "baseless" "false claims"; and to "Trump is challenging the results" of "Biden's victory (in, say, Georgia)" and to "swing the election in his favor". 

It is equally time for news organizations to stop "reporting" that the four (who's counting?) indictments are nothing more than valid or understandable (if ill-timed) reactions to punish Trump for his ("criminal") attempts to "disenfranchise voters" and thus "subvert democracy."

This is not a neutral, objective, and non-partisan view of of the facts of the 2020 election. Far from it. No. It is the (self-serving) DNC version. It is akin to asking "When did you stop beating your wife?" 

Phrases like “baseless fraud claims”, “sham election investigations”, and “false claims of election fraud” come straight from the Democratic Party. At a minimum, readers and viewers are used to circumspect "allegedlys," to prudent "reportedlys," and to cautious "accused ofs". What happened to them?

At this point, a crucial question arises: What is Donald Trump's version of the 2020 election?

Remember that his whole message — as was that of the protestors on January 6, 2021 (not a single one of them, to my recollection, brandishing weapons other than cel phone cameras for selfies) — is exactly, or almost exactly, the same — i.e., that it was the Democrats who tried to overturn (and, indeed, who succeeded in overturning) the 2020 election and thus democracy (hence his, and the protesters', far from unreasonable anger). 

We could even use similar wordings: "the election that Biden lost", "Joe's defeat" and "false claims", and "the Democrats tried to change/challenge (and succeeded in changing/challenging) the results". Indeed, the 45th President called it "stealing the election" and thus… if anyone disenfranchised voters and undermined democracy, it was the party of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

Given that the charges are basically the same, shouldn't a media that was neutral, objective, and independent — instead of acting like the purveyors of (to use Trump's expression) fake news — give equal space to both charges?


Read the whole article over at American Thinker (thanks for the Instapundit link)…