Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wilbur is sad

Live from the KOSian dystopia:

I have just read that Saddam Hussein is dead. Hung by the neck until dead – isn’t that the phrase they always use on television?
When, how, and under what context do they “always use that phrase on television”? Oh yeah! Now I remember! In something Wilbur would rather confuse reality with called fiction!
And I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Everybody has to start by saying that it isn’t bad that Saddam Hussein is dead – he was an evil man. But what is evil? It is a religious denunciation, a way to set a person apart from humanity. We need to do this I suppose. And if we say that Saddam Hussein is an evil man, don’t we then have to say that other men are good? Who is good I wonder? Where do we find these men of goodness? To say Saddam Hussein was evil is too easy, it lets us off the hook. Saddam Hussein was a cruel man, a selfish man, a desperate man, a sad man.
Minimize his deeds, pity him through things we can never really know about him (but can contrive), and lento, lento... make him another hero in the great pantheon of politically useful victims. Why don’t the two of them just get a room, and put a heroic misrepresentation of him on a t-shirt, already. He was merely a... a... something I think, but could never know:
He was a bully I think. He was a man who never knew happiness I think. He rationalized his actions I’m sure by saying that he did what had to be done. He called his own enemies evil, and tortured them completely. Saddam Hussein was all too human. He walked among us. In this moment of spiritual limbo between Christmas and the start of a new year I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.

I feel sadness because we repaid cruelty with cruelty. We did it because we allowed an emotionally disturbed man to lead us, to direct our actions. We destroyed Saddam Hussein’s life. This was perhaps justified. Do we destroy every cruel man’s life? Is it our duty to destroy every cruel man’s life? Still, it was not less than he deserved. Take away his livelihood. What will we do to the war profiteers who had a hand in murdering our own children for a few dollars? Will we be as angry, as cruel?
yes, we will. Note too, that part of being a post-modern, decadent, screaming and bedwetting leftist is to emotionalize everything, even to find an emotional angle which isn’t even there. It is to make a feelies’ feelings matter more than trying to cure the disease that’s poisoned the Arab mind for decades, and leaving most Arabs themselves hopeless. A feelies’ feelings felt in Gentleman-Farmtopia, Connecticut matter far more than the hopelessness of any struggling society in the less-than developed world.
We killed his children while he was still alive.
Indeed, they were just poor little children. Just like the ‘children’ we send unwillingly to war under the duress to their mommies and daddies or their two-mommies under that horrible draft...

When Wilbur is sad, I’m sad. ‘Cause ya know what? It’s all about Wilbur being sad. That whole ‘war’ thing was about Wilbur being sad. Nations do things to make Wilbur sad. The press reports things to make Wilbur sad.

I’m sad that Wilbur is sad. I’m even sadder that he’s so abject in his moral confusion and cowardice that his only way to confront an evil man is to feign some notion of ethical evenhandedness and universal humanistic empathy by shedding a tear for a mass-murder.

Greedy Socialism

When Caroline De Gruyter, a journalist from the Netherlands, visited Wallonia five years ago she was amazed to meet several families that had been on the dole for three generations and did not have a single relative who was officially employed. The families liked it that way. They all voted for the Socialist Party, because it guaranteed that Flemish money would keep flowing to Wallonia. They described the attitude of Flemish nationalists “who do not want to pay taxes to support the Walloon jobless” as “unsocial behaviour!”

Shake a Tree and You Can See How Many Nuts Fall Out

Remaking the agnostic Saddam as a martyr, a citizen of a non-democracy decries his execution:

This is something which can’t b accepted by the world. It’s against the democracy. It’s so brutal, coz bush & his dogs choose this day for the execution. This is an action is not against Saddam but against the entire Muslims, this will divide the world again.

Sanju, Dubai, UAE
For the record, the Iraqis tried and executed Saddam Hussein, not the US, and not an “International Court.” For the millionth time, sparky: a muslim can be guilty of a crime without you hanging in around the neck of every Muslim in the world.

The Guardian defers to Saddam's lawyers:
The world will know that Saddam Hussein lived honestly, died honestly, and maintained his principles. He did not lie when he declared his trial null.
NYT “blog” commenter Martha can’t wait to see a “leaked” video that implicates America in this:
I feel a deep revulsion for this resolution, and think of the Episcopal prayer of forgiveness ‘forgive me for the evil I’ve done, and evil done on my behalf.” This is no eulogy for Saddam, but I have to think in this highly developed, global culture we could do better than hark back to lynchings of the bad guys, and this a guy who had US support for some time. This was an interminable search and court case in an interminable and misbegotten war. And it changes nothing. This, on the same day a lovely young almost 23 year old in our state was killed. The event is sickening in so many ways. Now let’s wait for the video to be “leaked” to show how in charge we are.
I’d think the feeling that hanging a tyrant is something the US would rather LIKE to be “implicated” for. Wouldn’t Martha like to be “implicated” in a plot to eliminate bush? Like Saddam’s fake displays of his faith in the past decade, the prayers of the likes of these commenters are no less contrived.

Funnier still David Corn tries to like “that 2000 election” to that “illegal war” to anything else he can convince people of in his echo chamber. A commenter, to his article has that very special euro-lefty vision that “pressure groups” can somehow alter events. The correspondent isn’t talking about the insurgency:
Achieving nothing but carnage was the US's intention. Halt this madness - where in hell is Stop The War what are they doing? The vast majority of Iraqis DON'T want us there. Why do you all think you know better?????
Indignant lefties turning on each other is always a treat.

The terribly predictable Independent dwells otherwise on the ”root causes” of Bush’s motives in Iraq, asking:
In an address to the nation just three days before the invasion, Mr Bush declared: "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

It quickly became clear that central claim was not true
Surely this could be news to the people in Halabja and many other undocumented locations, to Iranians bombarded with chemical weapons in a decade long war, and in spite of what the New York Times itself reported in an attempt to burn the White House for NOT taking Saddam’s nuke program away.

It always works both ways for the unreconstructed anarchical political zealots hiding behind their press credentials.

Another entirely predictable echo from the divine continent of Europe from an anonymous commenter who would rather believe any western liar with a nice website name like “Scholars for Truth” who agitate against anything the US is remotely involved in than to believe what the Iranians tell of their decade long ordeal with Saddam:
FAKE 100%

it was staged in hollywood like 911.
Everything in the world, you see, is staged in favor of this commenter’s emotions and complaints. It’s a direct cause of his “stance” on events and the otherwise factual.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Au régal des vermines

Friday, December 29, 2006

Radical Bleat

All you really need to do to ridicule the cult of Ché is to expose it for what it is, for the people who support it, and their foolish reasons for clinging to that fiction which has failed people when it wasn’t trying to decimate them.

That persistently soul-killing monster lives on in, seizing another vulnerable host body to destroy in order to stay alive. Facts notwithstanding, the “feelies” of the west are using their considerable lack of life experience and are still falling for it. In Venezuela they want to kiss pluralism goodbye and are shutting down non-zombie media to consolidate dictatorial power under a leftist fascist. The usual sign: a busying fixation with an alphabet soup of political parties by those who believe that states like these still have a democracy.

Skeletons Aplenty

Considering the tastelessness and crushing stupidity with which they’ve always comported themselves, I never find myself surprised by the left:

Which items of revulsion and disillusionment are currently on the NYT agenda of perpetual outrage that will be generally viewed as incorrect as well in the future?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Who Knew that Peacekeeping was that Bad?

Pancho offers a curious perspective on things like the murderously long-avoided International Darfur deployment and UNIFIL. He must be very proud of his pacifistic sentiments, and perhaps especially its’ consequences.

Wipe Frequently

What I love it is that every attempt to adore him reveals the emptiness of the neo-com world view, and the empty headedness of the people who love it. In the mean time we can look forward to 9 October 2007 – the 40th anniversary of the day Ché was killed. I think street parties, fireworks, and the simplest form of celebration of everything Ché wasn’t: just thinking freely in societies that tolerate disagreement in a civilized manner, and enjoy the individual freedom that he wanted to eradicate with a reign of terror because it was a threat to Castro’s personal power.

Elsewhere they cling to other murderers and maintain a similar fiction about the mythical decency of their heroes. Here’s the trick: pretend to be some kind of radical, and leftist zombies living comfortable lives studying or teaching at Universities will follow you.

All the better that this cult of theirs' take them right over the edge.

A Fear of Everything

From The Grauniad we find this gem:

”The most revealing statistic in recent months was a poll that showed that half of French people believe they could end up as homeless on the street.”
From the intense stupidity of the left that has constructed such a deep fear among the population, a fascist exploiter (who is no less leftist than any other) comes in to capitalize on it. As well they deserve him – the view from a welfare state that homelessness is only a step away is motivated by an intense distruct of themselves and society. So much so that they think that the state is needed to be the conduit of all the conduct of society and culture.

- a lousy hat-tip to Gene Miller, a.k.a. “Pookie

Ironically, Guevara was fond of personally executing children asks: What next? Hitler backpacks? Pol Pot cookware?

- thanks to Van Hesling
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It’s Too Bad that One Can’t Alert the Media

With a Christmas wish:

Head of BBC News Peter Horrocks today banned the use of three key terms on BBC global news output - ‘suicide bombers’ ‘martyrs’ and ‘freedom fighters’. Horrocks made this unusual statement at the inaugural BBC Friends of Israel fundraising dinner. As well as raising thousands of shekels for Israel to spend on reinforcing the controversial security fence, Horrocks said in his after dinner speech ‘it is time the BBC recognises that homicide bombers in the middle east have the same motives as homicide bombers in the west’ and ‘are nothing but barbaric murderous scumbags acting under a veil of pseudo religious nonsense’. Horrocks then sang the Israeli national anthem as a solo before inviting Baroness Jenny Tongue onto the dance floor for the first Chassidic dancing number ‘We want moshiach now!’.
A boy can dream.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now the Old Fella can be Called a "Youth" in the Press

from Syrian (state controlled) TV via LGF

The Syrians say that they believe in "Peace" in the way these clowns can't seem to ever let go.

In other words, get a J-O-B.

And of course, when caught out the neo-com Left falls back on one of their favorite tactics, laconicism.

Let’s cut to the tape (invented by Solh-ed-din, of course)

[Video] Neil Armstrong saw the Earth was a hanging sphere, and he said that basically it was Allah that hanged it here. They say that the Qaba’a emits infinitely high short wave radiations that they even felt when they've been to Mars. Mecca is a zone with no magnetism field. You live longer and healthier there.

What else could it be other than the incredible collapsing inflated ego of the gulf-Arab. Every man a prince, I’m sure.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Monday, December 25, 2006

Its a difficult time of year for some. Keep an eye on your local psycho.

It looks like one of our usual crazies has been hitting the sauce especially hard during this time of areligious yet solstice-worshipping time of year.

Je veux bien lire votre bouquin mais c´est comme pour American Vertigo de BHL, je ne donne pas de $ aux sionistes alors j´attendrai de pouvoir le faire gratos.
For every Zionist book that our bilious, bulging tumor of anger doesnt read, I promise to give 25 to a Zionist and purchase it through an American online bookseller.

As if Levy was a Sioniste because his name is Levy, anyway... With some of our trolls there is no distinction of any sort. Opinions are genetic, and they seem more than ready to don their brown shirts were they only armed.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have an Innocuous and blasé “Holiday” sort of thing.

Just as long as it’s “green” somehow, that you aren’t getting too many evil artificial chemicals in your diet, and that you can parade your love of Gaia if for no other reason than to prop up your career.

We have one “Moonray Soaring Dove”, to thank for this fit of holiday cheer. I just recommend staying away from the organic chicken at his “non-denominational holiday sort of thing” celebration. I’m told that it actually doesn’t taste like chicken.

Accept no substitutions