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Translation of article linked from “La gôche aime tous ceux qui mettent l'Homme l'Enfant au centre”

From ¡No Pasaràn!: La gôche aime tous ceux qui mettent l'Homme l'Enfant au centre we linked the following in PUBLICATION NAME:

Des enfants envoyés en première ligne par des adultes à Evry

Children sent in first behind the adult rioters in Evry
2005-11-08, 12:49:39, PARIS (AFP)

Michel Gaudin, general manager of the national police (DGPN) stated that in connection with the discovery of a Molotov cocktail manufacturing and storage operation in Evry, that the operation was "organized by adults who put children in front of them" for protection.

The prefect, made this announcement at a press conference held at the Interior Ministry for the Interior, but did not want to go into further detail.

Six minors were stopped Saturday evening when they left a meeting place in the area of Parc de Hares where 150 incomplete incendiary bombs were discovered, including 50 ready for use, as well as 60 liters of gasoline and their hoods. Asked about the level of organization of the riots, Mr. Gaudin answered that "they don’t have a national organization, but were highly structured", and gave a report of local "organisations "and "a desire to harm uniformly, which shows signs of a city-wide level of organizations". He quoted in particular the case of Evry.

According to a police source, several similar stockpiles were discovered. "I’m not surprised, given the number of cars which have been burned, that there are obviously places where these devised are manufactured ed and stored ", according to this source. Asked about the possible influence of radical islamists orchestrating violence, Mr. Gaudin answered not to have "there is a sense that this is any definite indication of this." When asked he would not go into detail about the arrest of an islamist.

According to sources' involved in the case, the father of one of the accused minors in Evry is known to belong to “tabligh.” "But at this time in the investigation, no relationship is proven" but investigators warned a police officials about it. This man was picked up while rioting, to have highly and violently protested against the arrest of his/her son, a source indicated. Tabligh, a Muslim movement with a worldwide following of one million, mixes active and non-violent proselytism and fundamentalism. In France, after having devoted its efforts to "re-islamization" of immigrant workmen, it concentrates on the young people of the cities.
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