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Western Integration I: Sexy Westernized Middle Eastern Girl in France Mocks the Gruesome Oven Murder of an Israeli Baby (VIDEO)


[UPDATEs: 1) This post has been edited to overcome a DMCA complaint and ban to protect the Middle Eastern girl's privacy 2) Wearing nothing but sexy undies, a black négligée, and a cowboy hat, a Muslim Hamas supporter displaying no love for Jews/Israelis bares her body and struts for the camera in a TikTok-type video (go to bottom of this post); does Warda Anwar not realize that in Gaza, as in many Muslim countries, this could get her whipped or worse, splashed with acid or even killed? How, then, would she like her grisly fate to be mocked, whether by someone of her own or of another faith?]

So you have heard it for years, for decades. Islam is as good a religion as any other (you racists!), and they make just as good American, French, and Scandinavian citizens as anyone else (and probably better ones too, you racists!).

Besides, we are told, according to the Koran, the religion of peace is so avant-garde that verse 5:32 says that Whoever kills one person (unless it be for murder or spreading corruption) it shall as if he killed whole of humanity.

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Well, take a look at this girl of Middle Eastern origins (she looks more like a girl than a woman and could arguably pass for French):  She appears to be about 20 [but is closer to 30 if the video's off-voice turns out to be her son], she is quite attractive, she wears Western clothing (no veil), she wears make-up, she bares her body in sexy TikTok-type videos, and offhand, she looks like someone well integrated into French society whom you would expect to meet (and approach and flirt with) at a club on a Friday night.  Offhand.  That is, until you hear her talk with glee and snort about the recent mass murder of Israelis, in particular the gruesome murder of their babies. (Merci pour le hyperlien, Madame Hoyt.)

After reading and seeing reports of the baby who was found burned to death (merci à Sarah Hoyt) — “While the baby was still alive they put him into the oven and they cooked the baby alive” — this video (sporting a satirical "Israel I love you") is the reaction from a girl whose name (or pseudonym) seems to be Haneia Nakei but whose real name, according to the Israeli embassy in Paris, is Warda Anwar:

Je tombe sur l'histoire du bébé qui a été mis dans le four… Je me pose la question de [savoir] s'ils ont mis du sel, du poivre, s'ils ont mis du thym, ils l'ont fait revenir à quoi, et… ça a été quoi l'accompagnement?  Vous vous posez pas la question, vous?  Ch'ais pas…

Voice-off:  Un accompagnement avec ce gigot de bébé n’était autre qu’une assiette de frites avec une sauce ketchup et mayonnaise.  Et on l'a mariné avec du sel, du thym, et avec une sauce barbecue et du bourika.

Pas mal!  Moi je trouve que c'est un menu plutôt pas mal..


I came across the story of the baby who was put in the oven... I've been wondering, if they added salt, pepper, if they added thyme, how long did they brown it [the baby], and what were the side dishes like? Aren't you curious as well? I dunno  

Voice-off (reportedly the woman's son): A side dish with this leg of baby [as in "this leg of lamb", causing Haneia Nakei/Warda Anwar to laugh] is nothing if not a plate of fries with ketchup and mayonnaise. And it was marinated with salt, thyme, and with barbecue sauce and bourika. 

Not bad! I think it sounds like a rather good menu…

I am frankly less offended by the atrocious joke than I am gobsmacked at how these (jubilant) Muslim or Islamic women — Westernized women, well to mark — have no compunction laughing at what can only be called
an atrocity, and turning it into a cooking recipe.

Not only does their mother instinct not kick in, not in any way, when a tiny defenseless baby is horrifically brutalized, these brainless twats can't even attempt to identify with the extreme fury that this will awaken in their (alleged) enemy or adversary, not to mention how it promises to rain death and destruction on the people they claim to love.

In fact, one of the basic rejoinders for both leftists and Muslims, Western as well as Arab, is Ils l'ont bien mérité: "They" fully deserved it, the chickens come home to roost, the United States had it coming for 9/11, and of course the Jews deserve(d) the latest attack on Israel.

It is nothing less than appalling that the Arabs, the Muslims, and, in the west, the leftists, cannot even begin to conceive, even on a theoretical basis, of the exact same "law" being applied to them, to Gazans, and to Hamas, not to mention
, on a somewhat less serious (certainly on a less deadly) basis, to leftists such as those at Harvard being declared persona non grata at law firms. 

• See also Western Integration part II: Echo Chant Overheard on the Paris Metro — "We Are Nazis, We Are Proud!"
France's interior minister is promising a lawsuit against Haneia Nakei/Warda Anwar, but she only continues scoffing at "the Sionists who have marked me". Over at Hot AirDavid Strom cuts to the chase as he reports on the Nordic Countries Now Cooperating to Deport Illegals.

For many “civilized” people the instinct is to deescalate, to appease an adversary, based on the belief that civilized people do their best to avoid fights.

It’s a tactic that is smart when dealing with other civilized people. Generally speaking, fighting is a losing proposition, and if you can resolve a dispute by talking and compromise the chances that the costs of compromise will be lower than the costs of fighting are high.

But this instinct is wrong, even stupid when dealing with uncivilized people. Their goals and attitudes are fundamentally different and they see appeasement as an opportunity to get even more of what they want because they see you as weak.

That is the fundamental problem Europe faces when dealing with the influx of immigrants, who have no interest in integrating into European societies. They simply want to take them over as they bleed them dry through welfare payments.

Europeans seem to be waking up to that reality. For years they have been more than generous to the migrants flooding their borders and upending their societies. The hope has been that by providing them with government benefits, housing, and a welcoming environment they would adapt to their new societies and become civilized.


… The response of the Arab migrants to the brutal Hamas attacks in Israel may have been a wake-up call to the very European leaders who have been attacking Right-leaning politicians and governments in Eastern Europe as fascists for rejecting the massive influx of migrants. Countries that have virtue-signaled their way into dangerous territory are reconsidering the wisdom of embracing savages.

It’s about time.

 … All cost, no benefits. Sweden isn’t civilizing savages; savages are brutalizing Sweden.

 … It is a fact that these new migrants, in large numbers, are barbarians, and barbarians should not be welcomed.

 … Eastern European countries have been warning about this danger for some time, as have conservative politicians. For their efforts, they have been the object of a slander campaign, accused of xenophobia and being labeled “dangerous” and White supremacist.

The issue isn’t racial purity, though. Most people are well beyond such idiocy, although such people still exist.

It isn’t the color of their skin, but the blackness of their hearts and the red rage they exude.

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Monday, November 06, 2023

"What does the H in LGBTQH stand for?" "Hamas" (VIDEO) — Israeli Comedy Show Lampoons American College Students Mercilessly

Eretz Nehederet is called Israeli TV's equivalent of Saturday Night Live by Ha'aretz, but if this sketch (also linked by Joachim Talbro Paulsen in Denmark's Berlingske Tidende) serves as a model, it is way funnier. Also more incisive than the MSM's late-night talk show hosts, from Jimmy Kimmel to Stephen Colbert.

Here are five excerpts from Welcome to Columbia Untisemity :

Kelcy: At Columbia Untisemity … "everyone is welcome: L, G, B, T, Q, H"
Wordle: "H?"
Kelcy: "Hamas!"

Kelcy & Wordle (in unison): "From the river to the sea!
Palestine will be free!"
Kelcy: "Do you know why it's true?"
Wordle: "mh?"
Kelcy: "Because it rhymes!"
Wordle: "oh"

Wordle: "And no, I'm not anti-semitic; I'm racist fluid"

Kelcy: "And now for a little break from all this activism; we want to say hello to our BFF"
Wordle: "Bestie Freedom Fighter"
Kelcy: "Abu Fatwa in Gaza"
Kelcy: "Salaam Aleikum "
Abu Fatwa: "Aleikum sallam, and inch Allah, Allah will kill you all, infidels"
Wordle: "Thank you so much for joining us"

Kelcy & Wordle (in unison): "From the river to the sea!
Palestine will be Jews-free!"
Kelcy: "Yeah, that sounds better!"
Wordle: "It is better!"

Over at Instapundit, we learn that Middle East Arabs know Hamas is wrong and Israel is right, even if America’s stupid college students don’t

The great irony here is that while these protesters see nothing wrong with mass murder by Hamas, the leaders of other Arab countries have a decidedly different opinion. … History has shown that the strong presence of Palestinian refugees leads to political instability and violence, both within the country and with Israel, and neither Egypt nor Jordan want this. All these countries recognize the corruption engendered by Hamas in Gaza, and do not want it to spread to them.

The insanity in the West is illustrated by a sign found by Paul Reen on the internet:

Speaking of the West's mainstream media outlets, Israeli TV's Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country) doesn't let their members off the hook.  Like this skit featuring the latest "news" from the BBC's correspondent, Harry Whiteguilt.