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Amid the Kabuki Theatre of Pity...

...and the wringing of hands over the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima 65 years ago today is a forgotten lesson - the real lesson: that the society that those now-old once children victims of the a-bomb at Hiroshima committed their nation to total war IN SPITE of their children.

The lectures to an "aggressive America" and the pity will go on, for sure. All the while the denials of Japanese atrocities will continue with Pamyat-like passion for the lies that feel good:
"When [the Allied Powers] opened the so-called Tokyo war-crimes tribunal [after World War II], they needed evidence that Japan committed greater atrocities [than the Tokyo air raids and use of atomic bombs], so they made up the so-called Nanjing Massacre, which was completely unfounded," declares Mr. Kase, chair of the Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanjing.
Futher, those who drag on, using this date as an point in time to take an "initiative for peace" forget WHY the bomb was dropped, and what its' awful alternatives are. Forgotten too is that Mutually assured destruction was the only possible method of maintaining peace in a world of people as short-sighted as them.

Begone Foul Spot!

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I doth doubt, I must say. (Musn’t one?) If you’re up for a little recreational literary frotteur, drop some original text off at ”I write like...” style analyzer, and let the fun begin. It’s like a passing scene with Bob Newhart’s whacky neighbor, or, say, Carleton you Doorman in the tragic-comedy of blogging. After all, my writing style has become an homage to a strange, pervy idol of socially awkward teenagers.

Oddly enough, it identified Douglas Adams from roughly a 100 word excerpt from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” but mistook a short rip from Mein Kampf for Edgar Allen Poe. The first chapter of The Communist Manifesto was identified to be styled after the manner of H. P. Lovecraft, a master of weird fiction who died in 1937. Marx and Engels, I take it are correctly attributed as authors of a made up tale of horror and scientific fiction.

It’s a puzzlement, but you can get your jollies off of it for about 93 seconds or so.

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Can I Redesign the Seats?

You are what you eat. Then you’ll drive what you et.

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Hey, Man, Pass the Album...

This is the third study of this kind: 2006, 2008, 2010. Denmark is number one in each. Blah, blah, blah. Thank you Chamber of Commerce.

It's a Danish study. What do you think it's going to say? Zimbabwe is numero uno?

I also want to know how Turkmenistan came in at no. 18, ahead of Luxembourg and the UAE. Turkmenistan is still a functioning dictatorship, only recently gotten rid of a dictator who:
“spent his 21 years in power building Turkmenistan into one of the world's most isolated regimes while imposing his mark on the gas-rich Central Asian state.
He styled himself Turkmenbashi, or "Father of all the Turkmen", and spent giant sums building sumptuous memorials to his own wisdom, including a 75-metre-tall (246 feet) tower in central Ashgabat whose summit is a statue of himself.”.
Happy, happy.

Elsewhere in Denmark happy-happy-land:
"A note on happiness:

Danes may well be the most contented people around but, as someone recently said, true happiness is not measurable and having low expectations met doesn’t really count. It might also be pointed out that answering survey questions about how happy one is as a Dane doesn’t rule out the possibility that one might tell fibs for fear that say, Sweden, will pip you in the happiness rankings. Remember, happiness is a patriotic duty: keep on grinning.

A note on eco-friendliness:

Often touted as the greenest society in the world, Denmark also produces more trash per person than any other EU country and is more reliant on coal power than China. Want to recycle that plastic bottle or eat a vegetarian meal in this eco haven? Good luck. Still, moves are afoot to take the country in the right direction and its pioneering use of wind power, as well as the army of cyclists, are something to be proud of."
Damn those wily Swedes!

What’s more telling about happiness, though, might be where the those self-identified “happiest national populations” rank in global suicide rates:

43 – Denmark
14 – Finland
39 - Norway
29 – Sweden
54 – Netherlands
55 - Costa Rica
28 - New Zealand
37 - Canada
69 - Israel
45 - Australia
17 - Switzerland
71 - Panama
75 - Brazil
41 - United States
15 - Belgium
66 - UK
78 - Mexico
53 – Turkmenistan

It’s also telling that the first 8 nations mentioned on the list have a population that roughly adds up to number 9.

It seems to be that there are three strong determinants to not being suicidal, and therefore not being very unhappy, statistically speaking:
1. Being a Jew: of all the Jewish countries (Israel and the republic of west Baltimore), things are lookin’ good for ya.
2. Being Catholic: Except for Poland, the Catholic majority countries are at the bottom of the list of people most likely to kill themselves.
3. Not being European helps too: 16 of the top 25 nations known for their high suicide rates are in Europe.
Conclusion: there is a continent, whose population is preoccupied with self-lionizing, where optimistic feeling about the future are so great, that committing suicide is more widely considered evidence of happiness than anywhere else on earth. Barring that, then simply telling oneself one is happier than the rest of the earth will do.

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Hiroshima, 65 Years Later

Discussing the means that brought the War in the Pacific to an end:
Erik Svane: Unlike the endgames of the majority of wars, World War II in the Pacific grew increasingly bloody as U.S. forces approached the Japanese homeland (read more)…

Lt. Paul Fussell:
On Okinawa, only weeks before Hiroshima, 123,000 Japanese and Americans killed each other … the very idea of more combat made me breathe in gasps and shake all over (read more)…
Thomas Sowell:
the atomic bomb spared us (and the Japanese) a bloodbath that would have dwarfed the death toll from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (read more)…
Charles de Gaulle:
Les trois cent mille morts d'Hiroshima ont épargné bien davantage de Japonais, qui auraient été écrasés sous des bombes ordinaires (read more)…
The Wall Street Journal:
The Japanese army was expected to fight to the last man, as it had during the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Since the ratio of Japanese to American combat fatalities ran about four to one, a mainland invasion could have resulted in millions of Japanese deaths—and that's not counting civilians (read more)…
Thomas Sowell:
Japan's plans for defense against invasion involved mobilizing the civilian population, including women and children, for the customary suicidal battle tactics (read more)…
A Japanese-American:
Lance or spear practice was a regular women's exercise to practice for the anticipated U.S. landing (read more)…
The New York Times's Martin Fackler on Some Facts About Hiroshima and World War II That You Hear Neither From America's MSM, University Élites, and History Books, Nor From Japan's:
…most Japanese are shocked to hear that their nation also tried to build an atomic bomb. “I have no doubt Japan would have used it if it succeeded,” former schoolteacher Kiwamu Ariga, 81, said (read more)…
Bret Stephens:
Whatever side one takes here, the important point is that the debate fundamentally is about results. … In other words, the question here isn't about the intrinsic morality of the bombing. It's about whether the good that flowed from the bombing outweighed the unmistakable evil of the act itself (read more)…
Le Monde's Philippe Mesmer:
Although it is not said so openly, Hiroshima also played a purifying role, i.e., the baptism of a new Japan, the event that put an end to fifty years of crimes (read more)…
Paul Fussell: Thank God for the Atom Bomb (essay; available for download)

Victor Davis Hanson:
Post-facto critics never tell us what they would have done instead — lay off the German cities and send more ground troops into a pristine Third Reich; don’t bomb, but invade, an untouched Japan in 1946; keep out of WWII entirely; or in its aftermath invade the Soviet Union? (read more)…
Japan's defense minister forced to resign for having the gall to admit that
dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 "ended the war," adding, "I think that it couldn't be helped" … Fumio Kyuma [added that] he did not resent the United States because the bombs prevented the Soviet Union from entering the war with Japan [and that] if Japan had not surrendered, northern Japan could have been occupied by the Soviet Union (read more…)
Erik Svane: A critical examination of some common charges against the Americans regarding the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (racism, intensification of the war, war on civilians, and the peace feelers ignored) (read more…)

Robert Maddox: the veteran historian ("I regard Hiroshima [revisionism] as the greatest hoax in American history") is interviewed by Victor Fic on every Atomic bombing subject imaginable (read more)…

Father Wilson Miscamble:
Truman's use of the bomb should be seen as his choosing the least awful of the options available to him (4:04, thanks to Instapundit)

Bill Whittle:
But the Japanese were warned … Over one million of these [Office of War Information warning leaflets] were dropped over Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and 33 other Japanese cities on the 1st of August, 1945 — that's five days before the Hiroshima bombing (01:10, aligato to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit)
In addition, check out the information below the subhead "Watching for the 'Fool-Proof' Cards", about two thirds to three fourths down the drag zone of the AA page

Better Red than Fed

At the heart of the Bailadila Hills in central India lie 1.1 billion tons of raw ore so pure and plentiful that half a century after miners first hacked at it with pickaxes, it remains the richest, and one of the largest, iron deposits on the planet.
Enter the spoiler.
Yet on this quiet June day, cobwebs hang on rusted pipes in the all-but-abandoned facility, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its September 2010 issue. Caretakers prepare to switch truck-size rock crushers out of their coma, rousing the machines for five minutes a month to ensure they still work.

Maoist rebels from the surrounding Dandakaranya forest armed with guns and explosives -- and some wielding axes and bows and arrows -- attacked the facility four times in little more than a year, officials at the now-mothballed plant say. They burned 54 trucks waiting at factory gates in April 2008 and damaged part of the slurry pipeline, the world’s second longest, in June 2009. Essar idled the plant that month.
One constant of the universe seems to be that Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-whatevers seem to enjoy their destructive revolutionary fervor more than their any affection that they have for “the proletariat”. In fact “the good of the people” seems more like a distant, ignorable abstraction to them more than they are to those of any other belief system.
Maoist-related violence killed a record 998 people last year as assaults on economic targets reached an all-time high, according to Ministry of Home Affairs data.

A Mumbai-bound train derailed in May, killing at least 146 people, after what police suspect was sabotage by a Maoist group. More than 200 security officers died in attacks in the first six months of 2010.
More specious still, for them to say that they were “sucked into the conflict” blithely ignores the fact that the Maoists are the ones who created it.

Much as they carry on the lie of “wanting to give the landless land”, they must sport a rather broad shit-eating grin when it comes to that idea that given confiscation, collectivization, and nationalization, everyone will be landless – and become a (fixed, unchanging) wage slave of the monopoly help by the state. It is the very essence of the empirialism that they pretend to, and pretend to call their foe.

How, for example, with their passion for heavy industry and such, are they to “redistribute” ore? This goes unsaid, even though there might be some terroristic vision that it’s better for all to remain poor than for one person, some owners, some engineers, etc., to succeed.

Invoking the usual laundry list of supposed virtues, they include things like “social justice”, exhibiting an ignorance of the singular distinction of Maoism to the rest of the Red rationalizations: Mao didn’t believe in it. He believed that the state had to be personified by the strongman controlling it, so that the people could, undistracted, go on with the business of constructing his autocratic empire on the footing of equally distributed misery.
More ignorant still is the emphasis the Indian Maoist place on social tribalism, as though this protecting of ones’ own was plausibly permissible in a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist vision. It more resembles the ironic place leftist feminism tries to occupy in that respect than any rigorously reasoned form of the classical leftist serfdom models of proletariat-based arguments.

These ignorant oafs don’t even know their own suicidal belief system. It’s personified by this elitist tripe of thinking that:
“The Indian revolution must take the road of relying on the peasants, establishing base areas in the countryside, persisting in protracted armed struggle and using the countryside to encircle and finally capture the cities,” the Communist mouthpiece said on July 5, 1967.
The vision holds that the only purpose the hardworking have is not to their own lives and well being, but to the power of the revolution’s elite. They damned-well BETTER love the people! It’s YOUR struggle, and THEIR revolution!

70 Years Ago: Recalling the Summer of 1940 (II)

Le Monde is running a series on the German defeat of the French forces 70 years ago, during the summer of 1940…

Histoire(s) de l'été 1940 (II)

7/12 : De la haine dans l'air par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. C'est dès le mois de juin que la persécution des juifs commence en France. Des écrits, des discours ont préparé les esprits à accepter le pire, voire à le commettre…
Le franc-maçon, l'autre "juif" de Vichy et de l'occupant par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

8/12 : Menton sous la botte par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Début juin, ce sont les troupes de l'Italie voisine qui envahissent ce paradis pour touristes. Un mois plus tard, Mussolini parade dans une ville italianisée par la force…
Les victoires relatives de l'armée italienne par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

9/12 : Allons enfants du Général ! par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. C'est le 17 juin, lorsque Pétain appelle à arrêter les combats, qu'ils décident de continuer en partant à Londres, où de Gaulle est en train de constituer une armée…
• Jean-François Muracciole : "La France libre n'est pas du tout à l'image de la France" Propos recueillis par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

10/12 : Carcassonne-des-Prés par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Gallimard, Gide, Paulhan, Bousquet... Les piliers de « La NRF » se sont repliés mi-juin dans l'Aude, où ils s'ennuient et se déchirent. A la rentrée, chacun choisit son camp…
Grandes et basses manoeuvres autour de "La NRF" par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

11/12 : Camarade résistant par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Des jeunes communistes s'engagent très tôt dans le combat. Pour eux, le pacte Hitler-Staline est une ruse, et ils ignorent tout de ce que le PCF négocie en coulisses…
• Olivier Wieviorka : « Les premiers résistants jaillissent des profondeurs de la société civile » Propos recueillis par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

12/12 : L'instituteur, voilà l'ennemi par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Le régime de Vichy rend l'école laïque et républicaine responsable de la défaite. Une de ses priorités est de « nettoyer l'enseignement ». Pétain tient sa revanche…
Ils avaient 10 ans en 1940 par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

Update: The daily's readers react and chime in

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Carefully Avoiding Attribution

Obviously, we’re talking about radical Presbyterians here, maybe even birders.

Greek terrorist movement Revolutionary Sect has delivered a letter to Ta Nea, claiming responsibility for the act. A “display of force and new threats", headlines the daily. In a scathing missive, members of the group, which sprang up after the 2008 riots, have declared they are armed and have issued death threats to named journalists and press chiefs alike.
A Greek terrorist outfit called “The Revolutionary Sect” claimed responsibility for the assassination journalist Sokratis Giolias. Reports about them are careful to avoid the fact that they are violent revolutionaries in the leftist model of “liberation”. This is the closest you will get:
believed to be the Sect of Revolutionaries, a report by the force’s counterterrorism unit notes that the group’s inspiration is a dead Russian nihilist revolutionary and that its goals are not to make a political statement but to fuel insurrection.

According to the report, compiled last summer and seen by Kathimerini, Sect of Revolutionaries is “the first Greek organization that is completely nihilist, its key aims being chaos and destruction.” This stance is believed to have been inspired by Sergey Nechayev, a Russian revolutionary associated with the Nihilist movement and known for his support of revolution by all means, including violence.The author of the group’s proclamations is believed to be aged over 40 and to hail from an upper-middle-class background. An extract of the report reads: “This person adopted terrorism as a way of reacting to society which, in his view, has hit rock bottom.” As for the other members of the group, police believe they fall into two camps: radicalized criminals and extremist anti-establishment protesters.
In other words: Trustafarians, but willing to murder for the sake of ‘nihilism’. If one were truly nihilistic, why kill? Why not just sit in the corner on a dirty linoleum floor and just die like a REAL nihilist?

Effete Pig, or Malodorous Lout?

Sergey Genadievich Nechayev, from whom they can set aside their despondency for a moment and admire, summed up his theory in his 1869 Magnum Opus “The Revolutionary Catechism”, caring long enough to say:
Tyrannical toward himself, he must be tyrannical toward others. All the gentle and enervating sentiments of kinship, love, friendship, gratitude, and even honor, must be suppressed in him and give place to the cold and single-minded passion for revolution. For him, there exists only one pleasure, on consolation, one reward, one satisfaction – the success of the revolution. Night and day he must have but one thought, one aim – merciless destruction. Striving cold-bloodedly and indefatigably toward this end, he must be prepared to destroy himself and to destroy with his own hands everything that stands in the path of the revolution.
The nature of those beliefs over which one should be willing to murder, die, adulate in misery, etc., are never articulated, but they do involve dispossessing anyone in authority for any reason to be replaced, I suppose, by Nihilists with the a social vision consistent with Sergey Genadievich’s writings:
The revolutionary enters the world of the State, of the privileged classes, of the so-called civilization, and he lives in this world only for the purpose of bringing about its speedy and total destruction. He is not a revolutionary if he has any sympathy for this world. He should not hesitate to destroy any position, any place, or any man in this world. He must hate everyone and everything in it with an equal hatred. All the worse for him if he has any relations with parents, friends, or lovers; he is no longer a revolutionary if he is swayed by these relationships.
All he needs now is some Goth clown make-up and a bunch of old Morrissey cassettes..
The second group comprises those who will be spared for the time being in order that, by a series of monstrous acts, they may drive the people into inevitable revolt..
From the Symbinese Liberation Army, to the Weather Underground, to the 68ers, to all of Communism, to this assmonkey, the single thing that never goes away is the vainglory, admiration, and violence of the leaders of the cult, or pretenders to that throne of “hero of popular revolution”.

Remember, only your “false consciousness” prevents you from surrendering your autonomy over your own life to them.

We could compare this guy to a whinging hairdresser....

....but that would give whinging hairdressers a bad name:
So, the chairman of Ipsa believes every MP who has made a complaint about Ipsa - including all of us who took part in a Westminster Hall debate on the subject on 16 June - is a liar.
As Tim and Obnoxio point out, the answer to that particular query is an unqualified and emphatic, yes.

Our statist-driven bureaucrat then goes on to bemoan statist-driven bureaucracy:
I'm sure his Director of Corporate Information and Communications Technology, or one of his three deputy directors, told McDonald that this was the case. But how does he know that on each occasion, the person using the system logged off entirely happy with the service? Yesterday, for example, I gritted my teeth and logged on to try to make some claims. As per procedure, after a few minutes I tried to phone Ipsa to ask for help. I waited for 15 minutes before hanging up and trying again. Then the phone cut out on me after I'd got through. Then I tried again and it was engaged. I tried three more times and on the third time I got through to a very helpful gentleman who explained how I could progress my session. He rung off and I continued my session. Then discovered I was locked out of the system. I gave up. Now, in IpsaLand, this was simply an MP logging onto the system and then, half an hour or so later, logging out. But on the planet Earth, this was an MP giving up in frustration and not claiming money that was due to him. I get the feeling that that's the point of the system. As for claims being paid within 13 days, the only claims that I know of that are paid that quickly are mileage claims. Many colleagues have claimed bitterly that they are thousands of pounds out of pocket thanks to Ipsa's tardiness. But then, they're MPs and are therefore lying, according to Mr Kennedy.
Pot, kettle. Petard, hoist.

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Methinks Someone Feels Spunky

It’s summertime, and it seems that love is in the air.

Artless Celebrity Theft 101

Lady Gaga Protests Arizona's SB 1070 Bill

After all, she knows where her candy comes from:

Lady Gaga Reveals She Does "Cocaine"
Which is interesting, because she’ll blow lines, but not dick, because being paranoid is more creativity promoting than doing her moaning off stage.
Lady Gaga avoids having sex for fear someone could steal her 'creativity'
Just how does she define ‘creativity’? Her act is a mash up of the early 90’s faux glam “I’m self-absorbed, heard me roar” phase of American womanhood, which featured forgettable club music and kept the drum machine on life support for waaaay too long. After all, here she is looking more or less like Kim Wilde did 20 years ago. She also seems to have stolen her buzz my mugging Vivien Goldman’s The Flying Lizards, circa 1984. Someone, please find the “creativity” here, before another celeb is declared “controversial” for political parroting what the shallowest of the media gaggle is in complete agreement with to begin with.

An Excess of Ambition for Sarkozy

…if you think big — and the French and their president, Nicolas Sarkozy, can think grandiose (as in organizing “a new international monetary order”) — then [last week witnessed] the first official and annunciatory clash of cymbals in the short reign of Nicolas, king of the G-20, from November 2010 until November 2011
writes John Vinocur.
…here is Mr. Sarkozy, whose international calling card could read Energy + Chutzpah Unltd., preparing for his year of setting the agenda for the world’s economic summit meetings with the goal of demonstrating, as he has said, “America no longer has the world’s only currency.”

Ultimately, that means limiting — whatever euphemistic verbs are used — the role of the U.S. dollar as the world’s monetary standard.

…Could Mr. Sarkozy and France conceivably have the authority, practical leverage and international support to start a process that would try to turn the dollar into a co-equal player in a basket of reserve currencies with those, let’s say, of China, Russia, India and the euro zone countries?

…Funny, where interesting answers can be hiding. Mr. Obama’s great friend, President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia, attending an economic conference with Mr. Sarkozy in St. Petersburg in June, seemed to board the French president’s ship of dreams

… [However] Sarko’s Very Grand Ambitions have a history of imploding through excess.

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New Slag from the Old Mill

Isn’t it interesting how the new vapidity so resembles the old vapidity? Train people to second guess everything that they already know, and they can be readily controlled by a strongman, a state, or a cult. In any event, they can be passivated into a form of personal disregard and self-destructive behavior.

If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and those who claim to be the bearers of objective immortal truth, then there is nothing more relativistic than Fascist attitudes and activity. From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, we Fascists conclude that we have the right to create our own ideology and to enforce it with all the energy of which we are capable.

- from "Diuturna", 1921, by Benito Mussolini

So you can see that Relativism, as we react negatively to it, has so many political uses. Especially if you can make dilute the importance of questioning ideas, authority, or can make the act less relevant. As you know, there are people still trying to struggle to find nothing important, or comparatively important, or objectively worse than anything else. For example they kill in the interest of convenience and call it a ‘choice’, by removing the relevance of the act of actively ending a life. They relate the life into a clump of cells, and relate the act of ending it into a health procedure.

You see, it’s easy when it’s all relative.

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70 Years Ago: Recalling the Summer of 1940 (I)

Il y a 70 ans, 80 parlementaires disaient "non" à Pétain par Le Monde avec l'AFP
Le Monde is running a series on the German defeat of the French forces 70 years ago, during the summer of 1940…

Histoire(s) de l'été 1940 (I)

1/12 : Carnets de déroute par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Il y a soixante-dix ans, l'Allemagne envahissait la France. De la « drôle de guerre » à l'offensive éclair, de l'insouciance à l'humiliation, les écrits des soldats racontent…
• Louis Dauge : « Nous ne pouvions pas imaginer que tout irait si vite » Propos recueillis par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

2/12 : Un Etat sur les routes par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Au fur et à mesure que les Allemands avancent, la République se délite. Fonctionnaires et ministres se replient à Bordeaux puis à Vichy. Rien ne se passe comme prévu…
« Le maréchal Pétain, c'est le grand oiseau de France » par Georgette Guillot

3/12 : Paris en uniforme vert par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. La bataille de Paris n'a pas lieu. Grâce à la confusion qui règne à la tête de l'armée et de l'Etat, la Wehrmacht s'empare en quelques heures d'une capitale résignée…
Cédric Gruat : La visite d'Hitler : deux heures chargées de symboles Propos recueillis par Thomas Wieder

4/12 : Un village coupé en deux par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Soudain, la ligne de démarcation transforme des hameaux en lieux stratégiques et des fermiers en héros…
Eric Alary : « La ligne de démarcation a été un superbe instrument de chantage » Propos recueillis par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

5/12 : L'île qui a dit non par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. Ils sont le symbole de la France libre : 128 hommes de l'île de Sein, caillou perdu au large de la Bretagne, qui décident, un jour de juin, de rejoindre de Gaulle à Londres…
Un calvaire pour ceux qui restent par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder

6/12 : Le chaos dans les têtes par Jérôme Gautheret et Thomas Wieder. En plein exode, qui se préoccupe des hôpitaux psychiatriques ? Certains malades fuient, disparaissant à jamais ; d'autres arrivent, victimes du « choc de la débâcle »…
Isabelle von Bueltzingsloewen : "Vichy n'a pas voulu exterminer les malades mentaux" Propos recueillis par Thomas Wieder

Part II coming…

Update: The daily's readers react and chime in

In addition, we have this bit of news: Les archives de la police sous Vichy seront numérisées et mises en ligne par Audrey Fournier