Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let’s pretend we don't see it, and it might disappear

Let’s pretend there isn’t any alarm. More to the point, let’s call it all alarmism. If doesn’t explain the traffic and chatter on the boards that the PR slicks can’t influence. Here’s one of the people out there exposing a corner-store jihadist who has been using chat boards to ply his trade:

«The “Sultan” is a kind of young the Goebbels who prevails on Mejliss (a message board), known for his lies. He’s a young revolutionary islamist who is somewhere between typical and extreme and a Parisian anarchists.

His dream?: the revolution to destroy democracy, and to establish on the ruins of the west a totalitarian Islamic regime. His revolutionary zeal and his deliriously obscure references attracted the friendship of Nouari Khiari:
"Allah will help the Muslims eliminate the gangrenous Zionist, the spreader of evil the day when NS will be ready to sacrifice our lives for an ideal of justice which is Islam"
"my objective, inshaAllah, is to finally finish off the highest in the hierarchy with richness and power which I could assemble from the work of the (muslim) community and to advance it. Projects I have of it already have on my mind."»

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