Monday, January 23, 2023

What the January 6th protest actually reveals is the criminal determination of the Democrats to establish a one-party state at whatever the cost

As The January 6 Protest Summarized in One Single Sentence points out,
It is not January 6 (2021) …/… that is the significant date; no, the historical date is November 3 (2020). 
Indeed, you can bewail "disinformation" threatening "our democracy" all you want… the fact remains that without November 3 — without the (numerous as well as the sweeping) anomalies of November 3 — there is no January 6.

On the Powerline blog, John Hinderaker (thanks to Instapundit) provides more detail on January 6 as he quotes David Horowitz [providing] the real lessons of the January 6 demonstration. 

According to a report by the Inspector General, Donald Trump offered to provide thousands of national guard troops to protect the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Trump was concerned about the possibility of trouble from fringe elements on the left and right who might see it as an occasion to cause trouble. His offer was rejected by Pelosi and the Democrats 

 … The January 6th protest was milder than any of the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots the summer before, and led to no serious destruction of Capitol artifacts. But the Democrats en masse pretended to be horrified. They denounced the protest as an “armed insurrection” and compared it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and other enemy attacks on the United States which resulted in thousands of deaths.

When it was pointed out that no arms were found on the protesters, the Democrats simply dropped the term “armed” but still referred to the demonstration as an “insurrection” – i.e., treason. They made no effort to explain how one could mount an insurrection without arms. Obviously one can’t. Nonetheless, they accused Trump of inciting the “insurrection” even though no Trump sentence could be twisted enough to substantiate the charge. Democrats condemned him and attempted to prosecute him and even consign him to public oblivion. They passed resolutions seeking to bar him from public office, also saying that no public building or monument should bear his name – not even “a park bench.”

To seal their indictment, they claimed that five Capitol police officers were killed during the protest. The actual number was zero.

 … Officer Sicknick was actually an ardent Trump supporter. This didn’t prevent the Democrats from staging a Potemkin-style funeral, bestowing the honor on Sicknick’s corpse of lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda while Democrat leaders praised and mourned him as a martyr killed by Trumpian insurrectionists while defending the Capitol.

Only one person was killed on January 6th – Ashli Babbitt – a forty-year-old five-foot tall unarmed woman and 14-year air force veteran. She can be seen on video tape standing among several Capitol Police officers threatening no one, when an outstretched arm holding a firearm is also seen on the same tape taking aim at Ashli and murdering her in cold blood.

The officer who pulled the trigger that ended Ashli Babbitt’s life was Officer Michael Byrd who had a history of mishandling firearms. Nancy Pelosi immediately stepped in and withheld his identity for a month, then quashed any investigation, made him a free man, and gave him a medal for defending the Capitol. Technically speaking that would make Pelosi an accomplice to murder, if Michael Byrd were tried and convicted in a court of law. But it also implicates the January 6th Committee and the Democrat leadership who knew the facts in the case but chose to suppress them.

This is what one expects from a fascist state, not a constitutional democracy. It is a lesson ignored at our peril in revealing the criminal determination of the Democrat Party to establish a one-party state at whatever the cost, and to demonize, intimidate and suppress any opposition that stands in their way, by any means necessary.

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Good-Bye, Friend: Paul Johnson, 1928-2023

In his early days, [Paul] Johnson’s political outlook was “leftist” by his own admission. But he not only wrote history; he learned from it. And the more he learned, the less credible the leftist perspective was. 
Thus writes in his obituary at The American Spectator, indirectly explaining why the West's (suicidal) leftists are constantly trying to rewrite the history of America, of the West, and of the world. (If you do not have time for this entire post, please skip to the very last blockquote at the bottom thereof…)

In an editorial tribute last weekend, the Wall Street Journal noted that “[f]ew working journalists have written history with as much elan and narrative force” as Johnson did. “This devoted Christian and Catholic gentleman, this truly Renaissance man,” wrote Francis P. Sempa in these pages on Saturday, “was the greatest chronicler of our age.”

Some of Johnson’s books are masterpieces of epic proportion: Modern Times: A History of the World from the 1920s to the 1980s; Ireland: A Concise History from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day; Art: A New History; The Civilization of Ancient Egypt; The Renaissance; A History of Christianity; A History of the American People; A History of the Jews; and A History of the English People; plus biographies of Mozart, Napoleon, Washington, Churchill, Socrates, John Paul II, and God knows who else (because Johnson wrote a book about Him too). You name it, there’s a good chance Johnson penned an article or a full-blown history of it.

Regarding Paul Johnson, the aforementioned Wall Street Journal piece pointed out that,

Though he was British, his writing often concerned the United States, which he called a “marvelous” country, as he told these pages in 2011; “a working multiracial democracy” and “the greatest of all human adventures.” That view is unfashionable now on the American left and even the so-called nationalist conservative right, most of whose denizens could benefit from reading Johnson’s “A History of the American People,” which invites readers in with this subversive opening note: 

“I have not bowed to current academic nostrums about nomenclature or accepted the flyblown philacteries of Political Correctness. So I do not acknowledge the existence of hyphenated Americans, or Native Americans or any other qualified kind. They are all Americans to me: black, white, red, brown, yellow, thrown together by fate in that swirling maelstrom of history which has produced the most remarkable people the world has ever seen.”
That has been taken up enthusiastically by No Pasarán, and through the blog's nearly two-decade run, No Pasarán has linked to and quoted Paul Johnson numerous times, notably from his History of the American People.

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Let us end with three quotes. the first from Lawrence Reed's American Spectator colleague, :

The Birth of the Modern, though written later, was effectively the prequel to Johnson’s historical masterpiece Modern Times. Johnson began that book with the intellectual currents that flowed from science, mass education, the growth of relativism, and the decline of religion. The absolutes of good and evil were discarded. Society, Johnson wrote, was “cut adrift” from the “faith and morals of Judeo-Christian culture.” Secular ideologies replaced the religious impulse and led to the emergence of “despotic utopias” — first in Russia under the Bolsheviks, then in Italy under the fascists, in Japan under the Bushido-inspired militarists, then in Germany under the Nazis, and later in Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Southeast Asia, and Cuba under the communists. But even in democracies, the growth of state power was enormous and impinged on individual liberty. 

Collectivist state power motivated by secular ideologies led to wars, genocides, Gulags, reeducation camps, and state-induced famines on a scale never before seen. In Russia and Germany, Johnson wrote, “the devils had taken over” in the late 1920s and 1930s. Stalin and Hitler, and later Mao Zedong in China, sacrificed their peoples on the altar of totalitarian idols. The communist powers in the Cold War challenged the democracies and for a time appeared to be winning — especially in the 1960s and early 1970s when, Johnson writes, the United States attempted “suicide” by leftist-inspired self-loathing which culminated in the loss in Vietnam and a dangerous geopolitical retreat in the late 1970s.

Second, another quote from :

Marx still has lots of avid disciples … — the man whose vitriol led to regimes that killed an estimated 100 million people. As economist Thomas Sowell summed it up so well, “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

And finally, Paul Johnson himself. If you need an explanation of the Democratic Party in the past third of a century (if not longer, far longer), what the Old World has managed to do (not least with the German intellectuals [sic] emigrating to the USA in the first half of the century) is export its teachings (actually, its biases and hatred) to America's Democrats as well as to all the first the universities and second the schools of the New World…

Anti-Americanism is the prevailing disease of intellectuals today. Like other diseases, it doesn't have to be logical or rational. But, like other diseases, it has a syndrome — a concurrent set of underlying symptoms that are also causes.

• First, an unadmitted contempt for democracy. The U.S. is the world's most successful democracy. …

It is this feature that intellectuals—especially in Europe—find embittering. They know they must genuflect to democracy as a system. They cannot openly admit that an entire people—especially one comprising nearly 300 million, who enjoy all the freedoms—can be mistaken. But in their hearts these intellectuals do not accept the principle of one person, one vote. They scornfully, if privately, reject the notion that a farmer in Kansas, a miner in Pennsylvania or an auto assembler in Michigan can carry as much social and moral weight as they do. In fact, they have a special derogatory word for anyone who acts on this assumption: "populist." A populist is someone who accepts the people's verdict, even — and especially — when it runs counter to the intellectual consensus (as with capital punishment, for example). In the jargon of intellectual persiflage, populism is almost as bad as fascism — indeed, it's a step toward it. Hence, the argument goes, the U.S. is not so much an "educated democracy" as it is a media-swayed and interest-group-controlled populist regime. 

 … The truth is, any accusation that comes to hand is used without scruple by the Old World intelligentsia. Anti-Americanism is factually absurd, contradictory, racist, crude, childish, self-defeating and, at bottom, nonsensical. It is based on the powerful but irrational impulse of envy — an envy of American wealth, power, success and determination. 

Read the whole thing