Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Euston Manifesto: A leftist expression of moderate sanity amidst the left's America-hating, over-the-top ranting, and mindless cacophony

Among hyper-ventilating left-liberals, hatred of Bush is so intense that rational argument usually goes out the window
writes Roger Cohen (himself usually a rather left-leaning liberal — read how he haughtily disparages Dubya — but otherwise he is here right on the money), who has a good read in the New York Times for those who are "tired of sterile screaming in the wilderness, tired of the comfortably ensconced "hindsighters" poring over every American error in Iraq, tired of facile anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism".
The result is a mindless cacophony. … Much of the left, in both Europe and the United States, is so convinced that the Iraq invasion was no more than an American grab for oil and military bases, it seems to have forgotten the myriad crimes of Saddam Hussein.
There appears to be little hope that Bush will ever abandon his with-us-or-against-us take on the post-9/11 world. Division is the president's adrenalin; he abhors shades of gray. Nor does it seem likely that the America-hating, over-the-top ranting of the left — the kind that equates Guantánamo with the Gulag and holds that the real threat to human rights comes from the White House rather than Al Qaeda — will abate during the Bush presidency.

This state of affairs is grave. The threat posed by Islamic fanaticism, inside and outside Iraq, requires the lucid analysis and informed disagreement of civilized minds. Bush's certainties are dangerous. But so is the moral equivalency of the left, the kind that during the Cold War could not see the crimes of communism, and now seems ready to equate the conservative leadership of a great democracy with dictatorship.

…the leftist Respect coalition represented in the British Parliament by George Galloway had this to say about Iraq:

"The resistance in Iraq is engaged in a battle to liberate the country. The Iraqi resistance deserves the support of the international antiwar movement."

That's a call for the mass of European pacifists to back the beheading brigade, the child-bombers and other fundamentalist loonies who want to restore the Caliphate. A call made in the name of defeating what Galloway and his ilk see as the greater evil, the United States.
Fortunately, in the face of such hysteria, an expression of moderate sanity has emerged over the past year. Precisely because of its sanity, it has received too little attention.

I refer to the Euston Manifesto (, published last March by a group of mainly left-of-center thinkers, and the supporting statement called American Liberalism and the Euston Manifesto, published by U.S. intellectuals in September.

… The Euston Manifesto says: "We reject without qualification the anti-Americanism now infecting so much left-liberal (and some conservative) thinking."

It also declares: "Drawing the lesson of the disastrous history of left apologetics over the crimes of Stalinism and Maoism, as well as more recent exercises in the same vein (some of the reaction to the crimes of 9/11, the excuse making for suicide-terrorism, the disgraceful alliances lately set up inside the antiwar movement with illiberal theocrats), we reject the notion that there no opponents on the left."

It states: "We stand against all claims to a total — unquestionable or unquestioning — truth."

It supports a global "responsibility to protect" — the principle of armed intervention in a state where the slaughter and torture of citizens is rampant.

On Iraq, it has this to say: "We recognize that it was possible reasonably to disagree about the justification for the intervention, the manner in which it was carried through, the planning (or lack of it) for the aftermath, and the prospects for the successful implementation of democratic change. We are, however, united in our view about the reactionary, semi-fascist and murderous character of the Baathist regime in Iraq, and we recognize the overthrow as a liberation of the Iraqi people."
The proper concern of the left after Saddam's overthrow should have been "the battle to put in place in Iraq a democratic political order" rather than "picking through the rubble of the arguments over intervention."

The manifesto observes that: "The many left opponents of regime change in Iraq who have been unable to understand the considerations that led others on the left to support it, dishing out anathema and excommunication, more lately demanding apology or repentance, betray the democratic values they profess." …

They deplore the tendency on the left to substitute hatred of Bush for thought about fighting jihadism. Why, they ask, is the left more incensed by America's errors in Iraq than "terrorist outrages by Islamic extremists?"
They note: "In World War II and the Cold War, liberals, centrists and conservatives found moments of commonality. Indeed, if those efforts had been borne exclusively by the left or the right they very well might have failed."

…If you're tired of sterile screaming in the wilderness, tired of the comfortably ensconced "hindsighters" poring over every American error in Iraq, tired of facile anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism, try the Euston road in 2007. It might actually lead somewhere.

In a top-down society, nobody cares what you are for (or against, for that matter)

Europeans for Saddam's execution.

Happy New Year Zeropa

Happy New Year to the Zeropean leaders who are forced to stand by helpless as their number one bidniz partner takes the fall. Happy New Year to Zeropean groupies of les Lumières et la raison humaniste (vétuste et immonde quincaillerie zéropéenne à foutre à la décharge). Happy New Year to the Saddamite hack journalistes at Libération PropagandaStaffel and Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine. Happy New Year and good riddance to Kofi Annan. Happy New Year to Emmanuel Todd. Happy New Year to Zeropean radical pacifists. Happy New Year to George Galloway. Happy New Year to Robert Fisk. Happy New Year to the 9-3 racaille and other suburban French youth (they now have something to view in the cellphones other than Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl). Happy New Year to the degenerate pédaloïdes sidaïsés de la pédéblogosphère franchouille.

So true

Nidra Poller notes that the French preSS used up its quota of torture stories for Pinochet. Touché!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wilbur is sad

Live from the KOSian dystopia:

I have just read that Saddam Hussein is dead. Hung by the neck until dead – isn’t that the phrase they always use on television?
When, how, and under what context do they “always use that phrase on television”? Oh yeah! Now I remember! In something Wilbur would rather confuse reality with called fiction!
And I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Everybody has to start by saying that it isn’t bad that Saddam Hussein is dead – he was an evil man. But what is evil? It is a religious denunciation, a way to set a person apart from humanity. We need to do this I suppose. And if we say that Saddam Hussein is an evil man, don’t we then have to say that other men are good? Who is good I wonder? Where do we find these men of goodness? To say Saddam Hussein was evil is too easy, it lets us off the hook. Saddam Hussein was a cruel man, a selfish man, a desperate man, a sad man.
Minimize his deeds, pity him through things we can never really know about him (but can contrive), and lento, lento... make him another hero in the great pantheon of politically useful victims. Why don’t the two of them just get a room, and put a heroic misrepresentation of him on a t-shirt, already. He was merely a... a... something I think, but could never know:
He was a bully I think. He was a man who never knew happiness I think. He rationalized his actions I’m sure by saying that he did what had to be done. He called his own enemies evil, and tortured them completely. Saddam Hussein was all too human. He walked among us. In this moment of spiritual limbo between Christmas and the start of a new year I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.

I feel sadness because we repaid cruelty with cruelty. We did it because we allowed an emotionally disturbed man to lead us, to direct our actions. We destroyed Saddam Hussein’s life. This was perhaps justified. Do we destroy every cruel man’s life? Is it our duty to destroy every cruel man’s life? Still, it was not less than he deserved. Take away his livelihood. What will we do to the war profiteers who had a hand in murdering our own children for a few dollars? Will we be as angry, as cruel?
yes, we will. Note too, that part of being a post-modern, decadent, screaming and bedwetting leftist is to emotionalize everything, even to find an emotional angle which isn’t even there. It is to make a feelies’ feelings matter more than trying to cure the disease that’s poisoned the Arab mind for decades, and leaving most Arabs themselves hopeless. A feelies’ feelings felt in Gentleman-Farmtopia, Connecticut matter far more than the hopelessness of any struggling society in the less-than developed world.
We killed his children while he was still alive.
Indeed, they were just poor little children. Just like the ‘children’ we send unwillingly to war under the duress to their mommies and daddies or their two-mommies under that horrible draft...

When Wilbur is sad, I’m sad. ‘Cause ya know what? It’s all about Wilbur being sad. That whole ‘war’ thing was about Wilbur being sad. Nations do things to make Wilbur sad. The press reports things to make Wilbur sad.

I’m sad that Wilbur is sad. I’m even sadder that he’s so abject in his moral confusion and cowardice that his only way to confront an evil man is to feign some notion of ethical evenhandedness and universal humanistic empathy by shedding a tear for a mass-murder.

Greedy Socialism

When Caroline De Gruyter, a journalist from the Netherlands, visited Wallonia five years ago she was amazed to meet several families that had been on the dole for three generations and did not have a single relative who was officially employed. The families liked it that way. They all voted for the Socialist Party, because it guaranteed that Flemish money would keep flowing to Wallonia. They described the attitude of Flemish nationalists “who do not want to pay taxes to support the Walloon jobless” as “unsocial behaviour!”

Shake a Tree and You Can See How Many Nuts Fall Out

Remaking the agnostic Saddam as a martyr, a citizen of a non-democracy decries his execution:

This is something which can’t b accepted by the world. It’s against the democracy. It’s so brutal, coz bush & his dogs choose this day for the execution. This is an action is not against Saddam but against the entire Muslims, this will divide the world again.

Sanju, Dubai, UAE
For the record, the Iraqis tried and executed Saddam Hussein, not the US, and not an “International Court.” For the millionth time, sparky: a muslim can be guilty of a crime without you hanging in around the neck of every Muslim in the world.

The Guardian defers to Saddam's lawyers:
The world will know that Saddam Hussein lived honestly, died honestly, and maintained his principles. He did not lie when he declared his trial null.
NYT “blog” commenter Martha can’t wait to see a “leaked” video that implicates America in this:
I feel a deep revulsion for this resolution, and think of the Episcopal prayer of forgiveness ‘forgive me for the evil I’ve done, and evil done on my behalf.” This is no eulogy for Saddam, but I have to think in this highly developed, global culture we could do better than hark back to lynchings of the bad guys, and this a guy who had US support for some time. This was an interminable search and court case in an interminable and misbegotten war. And it changes nothing. This, on the same day a lovely young almost 23 year old in our state was killed. The event is sickening in so many ways. Now let’s wait for the video to be “leaked” to show how in charge we are.
I’d think the feeling that hanging a tyrant is something the US would rather LIKE to be “implicated” for. Wouldn’t Martha like to be “implicated” in a plot to eliminate bush? Like Saddam’s fake displays of his faith in the past decade, the prayers of the likes of these commenters are no less contrived.

Funnier still David Corn tries to like “that 2000 election” to that “illegal war” to anything else he can convince people of in his echo chamber. A commenter, to his article has that very special euro-lefty vision that “pressure groups” can somehow alter events. The correspondent isn’t talking about the insurgency:
Achieving nothing but carnage was the US's intention. Halt this madness - where in hell is Stop The War what are they doing? The vast majority of Iraqis DON'T want us there. Why do you all think you know better?????
Indignant lefties turning on each other is always a treat.

The terribly predictable Independent dwells otherwise on the ”root causes” of Bush’s motives in Iraq, asking:
In an address to the nation just three days before the invasion, Mr Bush declared: "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

It quickly became clear that central claim was not true
Surely this could be news to the people in Halabja and many other undocumented locations, to Iranians bombarded with chemical weapons in a decade long war, and in spite of what the New York Times itself reported in an attempt to burn the White House for NOT taking Saddam’s nuke program away.

It always works both ways for the unreconstructed anarchical political zealots hiding behind their press credentials.

Another entirely predictable echo from the divine continent of Europe from an anonymous commenter who would rather believe any western liar with a nice website name like “Scholars for Truth” who agitate against anything the US is remotely involved in than to believe what the Iranians tell of their decade long ordeal with Saddam:
FAKE 100%

it was staged in hollywood like 911.
Everything in the world, you see, is staged in favor of this commenter’s emotions and complaints. It’s a direct cause of his “stance” on events and the otherwise factual.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Au régal des vermines

Friday, December 29, 2006

Radical Bleat

All you really need to do to ridicule the cult of Ché is to expose it for what it is, for the people who support it, and their foolish reasons for clinging to that fiction which has failed people when it wasn’t trying to decimate them.

That persistently soul-killing monster lives on in, seizing another vulnerable host body to destroy in order to stay alive. Facts notwithstanding, the “feelies” of the west are using their considerable lack of life experience and are still falling for it. In Venezuela they want to kiss pluralism goodbye and are shutting down non-zombie media to consolidate dictatorial power under a leftist fascist. The usual sign: a busying fixation with an alphabet soup of political parties by those who believe that states like these still have a democracy.

Skeletons Aplenty

Considering the tastelessness and crushing stupidity with which they’ve always comported themselves, I never find myself surprised by the left:

Which items of revulsion and disillusionment are currently on the NYT agenda of perpetual outrage that will be generally viewed as incorrect as well in the future?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Who Knew that Peacekeeping was that Bad?

Pancho offers a curious perspective on things like the murderously long-avoided International Darfur deployment and UNIFIL. He must be very proud of his pacifistic sentiments, and perhaps especially its’ consequences.

Wipe Frequently

What I love it is that every attempt to adore him reveals the emptiness of the neo-com world view, and the empty headedness of the people who love it. In the mean time we can look forward to 9 October 2007 – the 40th anniversary of the day Ché was killed. I think street parties, fireworks, and the simplest form of celebration of everything Ché wasn’t: just thinking freely in societies that tolerate disagreement in a civilized manner, and enjoy the individual freedom that he wanted to eradicate with a reign of terror because it was a threat to Castro’s personal power.

Elsewhere they cling to other murderers and maintain a similar fiction about the mythical decency of their heroes. Here’s the trick: pretend to be some kind of radical, and leftist zombies living comfortable lives studying or teaching at Universities will follow you.

All the better that this cult of theirs' take them right over the edge.

A Fear of Everything

From The Grauniad we find this gem:

”The most revealing statistic in recent months was a poll that showed that half of French people believe they could end up as homeless on the street.”
From the intense stupidity of the left that has constructed such a deep fear among the population, a fascist exploiter (who is no less leftist than any other) comes in to capitalize on it. As well they deserve him – the view from a welfare state that homelessness is only a step away is motivated by an intense distruct of themselves and society. So much so that they think that the state is needed to be the conduit of all the conduct of society and culture.

- a lousy hat-tip to Gene Miller, a.k.a. “Pookie

Ironically, Guevara was fond of personally executing children asks: What next? Hitler backpacks? Pol Pot cookware?

- thanks to Van Hesling
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It’s Too Bad that One Can’t Alert the Media

With a Christmas wish:

Head of BBC News Peter Horrocks today banned the use of three key terms on BBC global news output - ‘suicide bombers’ ‘martyrs’ and ‘freedom fighters’. Horrocks made this unusual statement at the inaugural BBC Friends of Israel fundraising dinner. As well as raising thousands of shekels for Israel to spend on reinforcing the controversial security fence, Horrocks said in his after dinner speech ‘it is time the BBC recognises that homicide bombers in the middle east have the same motives as homicide bombers in the west’ and ‘are nothing but barbaric murderous scumbags acting under a veil of pseudo religious nonsense’. Horrocks then sang the Israeli national anthem as a solo before inviting Baroness Jenny Tongue onto the dance floor for the first Chassidic dancing number ‘We want moshiach now!’.
A boy can dream.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now the Old Fella can be Called a "Youth" in the Press

from Syrian (state controlled) TV via LGF

The Syrians say that they believe in "Peace" in the way these clowns can't seem to ever let go.

In other words, get a J-O-B.

And of course, when caught out the neo-com Left falls back on one of their favorite tactics, laconicism.

Let’s cut to the tape (invented by Solh-ed-din, of course)

[Video] Neil Armstrong saw the Earth was a hanging sphere, and he said that basically it was Allah that hanged it here. They say that the Qaba’a emits infinitely high short wave radiations that they even felt when they've been to Mars. Mecca is a zone with no magnetism field. You live longer and healthier there.

What else could it be other than the incredible collapsing inflated ego of the gulf-Arab. Every man a prince, I’m sure.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Monday, December 25, 2006

Its a difficult time of year for some. Keep an eye on your local psycho.

It looks like one of our usual crazies has been hitting the sauce especially hard during this time of areligious yet solstice-worshipping time of year.

Je veux bien lire votre bouquin mais c´est comme pour American Vertigo de BHL, je ne donne pas de $ aux sionistes alors j´attendrai de pouvoir le faire gratos.
For every Zionist book that our bilious, bulging tumor of anger doesnt read, I promise to give 25 to a Zionist and purchase it through an American online bookseller.

As if Levy was a Sioniste because his name is Levy, anyway... With some of our trolls there is no distinction of any sort. Opinions are genetic, and they seem more than ready to don their brown shirts were they only armed.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have an Innocuous and blasé “Holiday” sort of thing.

Just as long as it’s “green” somehow, that you aren’t getting too many evil artificial chemicals in your diet, and that you can parade your love of Gaia if for no other reason than to prop up your career.

We have one “Moonray Soaring Dove”, to thank for this fit of holiday cheer. I just recommend staying away from the organic chicken at his “non-denominational holiday sort of thing” celebration. I’m told that it actually doesn’t taste like chicken.

Accept no substitutions

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pimp my school bus

Yannick Vallée, President of the University of Grenoble I, is being investigated for pimping out a now ex-girlfriend. He was a central figure and spokesman during the youth employment demonstrations earlier this year.

“This is a purely non-combat spying mission”

As if there ever was a reconnaissance satellite that did combat. The key here is that they had to make excuses to the public for doing it at all, even though they could have done it 25 years ago.

The existence of a relay satellite or any other secure method of retrieving imagery in a timely and useful manner remain unmentioned.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Crétinisée par l'Europe

The arts: a deranged and detached subculture speaking for a deranged and distant continent. Who is that surrendering there in the middle anyway?
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Friday, December 22, 2006

No Grubby Coats on their Crime Beat

If a rising average age is attributed with the falling crime rates in the US, why the same crime rates be rising faster in much of Europe where the average age is higher and rising more quickly? Fjordman has pointed out that reported rapes are six times higher the more tightly socially managed city of Oslo than in New York.

Brussels Journal commenter Ernest Baert has more:

The International Crime Victim Survey, sponsored by Leiden University, is a survey based on interviews with a random sample of the population. There have been three such surveys in the last 20 years, the latest one in 1995. Respondents are asked which crimes, from a standardised list ranging from bicycle theft to assault and theft, they have personally experienced during the previous year. The most obvious crime missing from the ICVS list is murder, since victims are unable to take later interviews.
Violent crime, and in particular murders, is reported to police more often. For instance, it can be assumed that apart from underworld murders and missing persons, almost all murders in the developed world are reported to the police. Still, even for reported violent crime, a better source than statistics from individual countries, which are distorted by differing national crime definitions, are international comparative statistics by Interpol, which are said to be based on more standardised definitions of crime categories. However, intriguingly, Interpol's international crime statistics have recently been removed from its website. Clearly, such information needs to be hidden from ordinary citizen (who are paying Interpol with their taxes) to prevent them from reaching any wrong judgments about their governments ability to perform the most important task : protect citizens from violence. Luckily I have a copy of some of the 2002 Interpol data, but I am unable to link to what has apparently become a state secret.
As if not knowing was itself a cure, or even a palliative. It isn’t. It never is.

Smoke and mirrors ... and some pork

Remember that Great Zeropean Search Engine that Chiraq single handedly initiated with his hissy fit about Google monopolizing World Culture? Remember how Chiraq said that Google was imposing a US-of-A slanted world view down the gullets of those diversity loving, multicultural, multilateral, multilinguistical Europeans? Remember how Chiraq said European sophistication and refinement could never be properly fine tuned by a Nasdaq-listed stock-option-fueled American start-up? Remember how Chiraq said all of the European intelligentsia would be united in a monumental effort to showcase Continental technilogical prowess?

It was all a crock.

The European super-project was immediately scaled down to a Franco-German thing called Quaero which, as we find out now, is really just a Franco-French project that the Germans made believe they were in on so everyone could obtain barrels of pork without any squawking from the European Commission. If you want to see what kind of state-of-the-art search engine technology is developed using French public money then take a look at the joke called Gallica over at the French National Library.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is the way it works

When the US economy “only” grows at 2.2 percent it's called a tragic, buzz-killing, end of the universe indictment of any standing (conservative) government. Yet if any Europutz central bank estimates about 17 minuted of a possible 2 percent rate of growth (even if everyone knows that they're talking it up from 1,6) the press act like their precious Euro-poop contrôlée de terroir don’t stink.

How easy is it?

As easy as getting into a French girl's snatch.

Comme on a fait pour Delanoë, on va essayer de voir ce qu'il a dans le ventre

Alain Soral prétend être menacé de mort. Lui qui se vante de pouvoir mettre les gens KO rien qu'avec les yeux.

France isolated

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet tells the French to stop crying about the strong Euro and do what some other European countries are doing. Like maybe, bust ass for a change.

Feel the love

Dieudo's first live appearance on French State TV since the now infamous Isra'Heil sketch.


The French preSS still does not see the coming wave, fueled by a very French anti-Semitism, of suburban French youth votes for Le Pen.

The cunt

Ségolène Royal talked trash about the United States while in the Middle East but at home her flabby ass has to be protected from the real threat of Muslim terrorists.

La racaille dit "Le Pen vite!"

Front National top brass comfortably seated in the VIP area, conspiracy theorist Thierry Meyssan, and Marxist Alain Soral were present to see Dieudonné spew Jew-baiting jokes to his suburban French youth fans at Paris' Zenith. The Front National score in April 2007, which will be getting a nice pop thanks to the suburban racaille, will be the result of a broad coalition (gathering elemnts from the French extreme Left and Right) of France's deeply rooted anti-Semitic political currents.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The unbearable lightness of a French soufflé

Hell's Kitchen from the guy that said 'Hell is other people'.

Sophisticated French show low-brow Americans what refined entertainment is all about

Corporate Spies

En cinq ans, le nombre de sociétés de sécurité spécialisées dans le secteur de l'espionnage économique a été multiplié par six. Elles sont aujourd'hui environ 300. Cambriolages, corruption, intrusion informatique, écoutes téléphoniques, sont des activités évidemment illégales mais qui seraient à l'occasion pratiquées, y compris en France.
Jacques Follorou brings us articles about corporate spying and the DGSE's role in economic intelligence. (Read George Melloan's somewhat related article.)
Le service opérationnel de la DGSE a la réputation de "visiter" les chambres des grands hôtels parisiens où transitent des hommes d'affaires du monde entier. Les Etats-Unis, l'Angleterre et la Suède ont, depuis longtemps, avant la Chine, le Japon ou la Russie, engagé leurs services spéciaux aux côtés de leurs entreprises nationales. Dans cette version secrète du patriotisme économique, la France est plutôt à la traîne.

Euroman the ethically superior

just can’t seem to help his creepy self:

The UN children's fund Unicef, which looked at resorts along Kenya's coast, found that 15,000 girls aged 12 to 18 were engaged in casual sex for money.

Another 2,000-3,000 girls and boys were involved in full-time prostitution, said the study - carried out jointly with the Kenyan government.

European men represented half of all their clients, the report said.
Though the Kenyans themselves are acting to limit those who enable the illegal trade it needs to be put into the context of the position that they’re in. Their economy depends on tourism, and to a degree it’s being held hostage by rich foreigners acting out the symptoms of a diseased post-modern society. Imagine just how far this is to go and how much they spend to show that they’ve already thrown their humanity away.
Unicef Kenya representative, Heimo Laakkonen said Kenyans top the list of abusers making up to 38 per cent of the children's clients.

He said: “As for the tourists themselves, the report shows that visitors from some European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Italy top the list of tourists who abuse Kenyan children.”
But let’s keep this in perspective. Local clients are outnumbered by Europeans who come from thousands of kilometers for the abuse the most vulnerable of those they both have a desire for and look down on – indulging an imagined personal invincibility as having the power to treat people like chattel.

Staring at you and scratching their heads

Chew on this, lefty. That class-struggle bunk the globalized-tranzi-left keep repeating to themselves isn’t exactly universal.

France isolated

Other EU countries tell France that their YES votes are just as important as France's NON vote hissy fit.

Soon to be Stateside

Erik Svane, author of La Bannière Étalée, is invited to speak before the Young Republicans of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst on 12 February 2007.

Bush Making Preparations for the Devastatation of the Pacific Coast's Indian Population

Having made efforts to harm part of America's African-American population in August 2005, the Bush administration is getting ready for it's latest act of infamy: the destruction of part of the nation's Native American population.

"The arrogance of this administration knows no bounds!" bemoaned one Indian spokesman who asked not to be named. He added that an eruption would but cap what seems to be part of a well-rehearsed plot (undoubtedly linked to global warming) designed for the sole purpose of harassing residents while offering them little to no help.

Will they howl about “big ganga” too?

Probably not, but for many of the people who smoke it, they’re more worried about agra-biz, GMOs, and support bio-fuels to compete with food crops. Happier with their pernicious obsessions, their motto should be “make prosperity history.”The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

A smell of Sulfur in the Room

This is the meaning of that term “solidarity” that they keep throwing around.

Look who’s drooling for affirmation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iraq Surrender Groupies

France isolated

EU trade commissioner to shitcan France's green tax proposal.

الوقوف معا - Stand United

- Via Fausta

Cheb Mami has promised to record a cover of "Needles and Pins" as soon as he gets out of the Algiers joint

Hardcore. Rai singing star, much loved by the Paris glitterati, turns out to be a cut-rate off-shore abortionist. Paging Doctor Benway.


Lyrics here.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The swanky NYC pad of a kiddie porn king and war profiteer.

Diary of a Stalker

Behind every grand projet are a bunch of little petit projets, most of which are failures hiding behind the big tree of the bigger distraction. Odd that toffish, decadent notions would then grow into the norm.

Alas, behold: Art! Why is it art? Because the artist says so, and don’t argue with the artist. Ancillary to the pedestrian building of a tram is taxpayer funded act of expressed insult toward the acdcepting and straightforward in the form of disappointment. A non-functioning telephone booth done up like a middle aged Hello Kitty fan called “art”.

This brilliant idea of a phone booth which does not make it possible to actually make phone calls cost to the taxpayer the tidy sum of €269.880.36. For the realization of this fine opus, Sophie Calle called upon her old pal the architect Franck Gehry [sic] who officiated as a subcontractor.

Sophie Calle promised to telephone “several times a week over three years”, but “in a random way”. That will make the phone call expensive… All that to hear “a a little pointed, recognizable voice between all, that of Sophie Calle”
I don't know. Maybe the shameless namedropping makes it “art”. I’m sure Mr. Gehry otherwise can’t to hear from her weekly at random times for the next three years.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Simple pleasures are always the best

Like snubbing the French.

Justifiable Ségonoia

Imagine a nation which is already a bête noire of international relations electing another socialist that even another lefty wouldn’t want to be seen standing next to.

An unnamed advisor to Mrs Clinton told the newspaper Le Parisien that appearing next to a French Socialist who recently met an official of the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon could be construed as condoning the beliefs of the militant Shia group. The Democrats also have little in common with French Socialism, which supports massive state intervention, a huge civil service, and regularly lambasts "US world hegemony".
Garsh Pa, why would THAT be a PR problem?

It gets even better in headline-land. The confused agit-propers at the SMH whom one would imagine otherwise being generally opposed to monarchies and dynasties calls Hillary Rodham Clinton the “Queen” of the Democrats.

It's the cheering that I wonder about

Arrêt Sur Images reports on a stunt pulled by Belgian Television:

How was it that on RTBF’s evening broadcast that [for about an hour] they lead Belgian viewers to believe that that Flanders had declared its independence, thus starting a separation of Belgium? How does one explain that Belgians believed the report that their country had split in half?

[ ... ]

How does one even explain the force of public reaction?
Click here for video of yesterday’s ASI programme.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sank ‘eaven for leetle gölls

A storefront Imam in France marries a 15 year old girl.

The story goes back to last November 18th. Mohamed Hanou, a 22 year old male born in Graulhet, and currently the Imam of Gaillac, married a 15 year old schoolgirl from the college Ducos-du-Hauron in the Agen mosque. The ceremony was celebrated in front of some 300 people. Last summer, the couple unsuccessfully tried to list their marriage civilly at the Agen town hall.
They were refused under the terms of article 144 of the civil code, recently modified by the law of April 4, 2006. This article stipulates that “the man and the woman cannot contract marriage before the age of eighteen.”
All this in spite of the idiotic and undemocratic headscarf law which was supposed to make M. et Mme. Dupont not notice the social change in their midst. Instead of encouraging society to grow less prone to violence because there is a durable and understandable social contract/consensus of agreement because there are individual freedoms and limits based on universal social values, they see the emergence of a nation which is willing to be intolerant to religion and its’ practices, but refuses to enforce the rules relative to universal values.
At the Ducos-du-Hauron school, the girl follows her courses by respecting the provisions of the law on the visible religious symbols by not wearing a veil. However outside of school she wears a burqa, a garment which covers the entirely body from head to toe, only through a lacework over the eyes is it not possible for the wearer to see without being seen.
According to our sources the girl has applied for a passport. Authorities have put the request on hold fore the moment to give them time to gage the risk that there would be to grant the girl, a minor, a passport which would make it possible for her husband to taker her away to Syria, with or without her consent.
Realistically though, who is any European to lecture them anyway?

Standing by

I’m still waiting for the Abu-Greibization of the politics of this.

Should I keep waiting?

How About We Go Out and Raise us up Some More of that “Awareness,” there Skeeter?

As if we haven’t all been brave enough in our symbolic actions, Exit signs are to be “gender normed” in Austria. The exit sign featuring a little nondescript green dude (often confused for a human of some unidentifiable sex) running down the stairs will become an indiscript woman running down the stairs.

Someone will fight over it, and as always someone will finally resolve the situation with a compromise and do the wrong thing.

Thereafter the standard sign will be replaced by a “series” of signs featuring women and men of various ages, and some livestock (NL, SE, DE only). Owing to the fact that someone will realized after some unfortunate people are turned into crispy critters, that the whole thing defeated the purpose of standardized signage that everyone can deal with, things will change. You won’t have to think to yourself: “is this the means of egress for men, women, or ‘others’?” immediately prior to asphyxiation.

No – it a centrally planned society like this, the outcome will be for the betterment of man beingdom. The sign will feature a woman AND a man.

The colorblind, if they see our little green polyandrous friend at all, will mistake it the toilet room for the fire escape.

Let’s not be too picky, now. Those lives lost are sure to matter less than the great leap forward in becoming a newly inventive form of normative human.

"Because it clashes with fixed visual habits, the campaign compels (people) to think, look and act differently," Sonja Wehsely, city councillor in charge of women's affairs, said in the statement.

Thus, signs using male characters will have their female equivalent, while the opposite will also be true.

Female exit signs and pictograms in bathrooms featuring a man, rather than a woman, changing a baby, will be introduced at City Hall to start with, the statement said.

Seats reserved for the elderly and pregnant women on Vienna's buses and trams will soon also picture a man carrying a child on his lap.

A roadworks sign picturing a woman in a skirt digging into a pile of dirt and used on a campaign poster will not see the light of day however because of traffic regulations.
Just remember that the continent is named for the mythical Europa who cannot be separated from the mythology of the sacred bull. The story goes that she was eventually raped to death.
Now imagine for a moment you weren’t such a brave and bold “normativizer,” and don’t quite buy the solidarity, sameness, and uniformity of the sexes routine. Wouldn’t you be less empathetic to the great and grand ideals of Marxists, and prefer to see this crossing sign from the Marxist normative paradise which NEVER featured women, and cursed all me with early 60’s style narrow brimmed fedoras? The little guy's grooming?: unclear.

I think you would, but would never admit it. That’s some kind of hang up you’ve got there man.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Religious Pilgrimages and Fetishes

This weekend’s features travel destinations highlighted New York Times this weekend are Nicaragua and Venezuela. I'd say it's an illuminating insight into the minds of the paper's staff, but it isn't.

Home Truths of the Radical. If You Happen to Live In a Barn.

Too much (and too many subjects) is never enough says lefty, regardless of how little he understands. Although I don’t expect to hear a question worthy of a teachable moment from this guy. Ever.

Like the rest of his scattershot, he’s repeating the “rich getting richer/poor getting poorer” meme about anything and everything which is based on a simple mathematical analysis which, in order to be “socially just” in the manner he hopes where any economic stratum are not year-on-year made richer at the same rate as anyone making less than them, would require that all taxation “progressively” creep up forever, and starting at the top. The top 20% (who pay 90% of all taxes in the US by the way) would eventually end up at a 99% tax rate. Thereafter every group of people who are slowly inflating their way to greater numerical wealth will join them at 99% because they then become the new source of funds for the project of involuntary wealth redistribution. Share the goods, Comrade!, because someday there won’t be any left for anyone!

By isolating what they call “middle-class” (I suppose they mean middle income if you can forgive them their fetish for class warfare,) in a fashion that the percentage of the poor is growing in relation to them. The only way this is possible is to isolate it in just that way, and assume that one doesn’t count people who are no longer middle income by virtue of RISING income, and rising right into the upper income brackets so thoroughly detested by those living in the bowels of envy-burg.

What makes all this so funny is that having lived behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of Communism, I can actually “get the joke” in a way that sincere (and often sincerely crazy) advocates of radical leftism are unable to.

Sobeit. If 6 decades of social and economic failure under Communism isn’t proof enough for someone, what is? I’m reminded of the BBC again which is permitted to function in its’ own intellectual vacuum in a similar way.

On the Womens’ Hour programme (as if the other 23 hours of Radio 4’s day weren’t pandering as equally and thoroughly to the ever fretful and angrily determined pious pilgrims of the Left©®™) – the subject of the Ipswich streetwalker murders was discussed. A group of panelists drilled a Police detective about matters of law beyond his control, and entirely made up of stock opinion points first heard two decades ago.

First up was media people complaining about the releasing by Police of photographs of the victims as they would with any other sort of victim. This is hilarious considering that the media itself is demanding the photos.
That bit of flashback not being enough (as if a Police detective could change that), there was a resuscitation of the consciously uneven demand that soliciting a prostitute should be illegal and have steep punishments (as it does in the US,) but that prostitution itself is legal for the seller in the transaction. Again, like much of the left’s social oeuvre, our panel couldn’t tell the difference between a crack-whore and a cash-whore.

Nonetheless, outliers of the left trying to please other outliers of the left bring out just how little they are willing to reason clearly in the interest of the accuracy of their claims. Lin fact here you can finds a handy little map of progressive obsessiveness at its’ very best. The relative distance between interest in Iraq and Democracy is quite telling.

Let ‘em have at it, I say.

It's the one who counts the vote that counts.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Don’t mention Europe’s other nation of sick pervy troops, please

According to the BBC, the Germans are scoring with skulls - sorry that’s “winning hearts and minds” in a way that is never reserved for anyone else such as the evil Yanqui.

Don’t be surprised

Chief blackmailer of the trade union racket finds “scandalous” that someone successful would move out of France for tax reasons. In the imperialistic mind of Le Monde Al-Jazeera sur Seine, that make Hallyday a fiscal “exile”.

Ironically, tearing apart anyone successful out of simple envy has always been observed to characterize social behavior in villages on the third world, but lately to be found true of western leftists intent on fostering the "solidarity" that comes with widespread economic collapse.

You’re banished from the island, Johnny!

Never Satisfied

“Bush in retreat, but the war rages on!”
Isn’t that what they wanted? What will lefty “need” next?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

By "thumbs down" she means "put them to death"

Le Monde Al-Jazeera shreiks "Le Pen's new style well accepted by the French". As if the old style wasn't. The French preSS continues to conveniently forget that the Front National was the number two French political party in the presidential election of 2002, finishing ahead of the beloved Socialists.

Nobody Does it Better

Postings like these are why Fausta is the ant’s pants. She notes too that there we can look forward to a political lightweight convention coming up shortly, complete with funny hats. Ségolène Royal will be visiting the US and will likely have a photo-op with Barack Obama, another potential national political figure whom leftists will vote in over the mere symbolism of their appearance.

Improbably, they will think to themselves that this makes one less prejudicial.

Silly humanoids. How very amusing of them.

Paging Gwynyth Paltrow...

Are public slaughters out of place? Hell, no! Turkey fits right in to the EU if Turks are willing to debase themselves!:

A group of workers at Turkish Airlines were so happy to be rid of the last of a batch of troublesome planes that they sacrificed a camel at Istanbul airport. The national flag-carrier admitted on Wednesday that the staff had slaughtered the dromedary and that chief of the sacrifice-organizing group had been suspended pending an investigation.

The incident drew worldwide attention after Turkish newspapers carried pictures of the festooned camel before sacrifices and then the beast chopped up into meat chunks.

Top-selling daily Hurriyet reported that 700 kilos of camel meat were distributed among the airline workers.
Indeed no comment has yet to be heard from PETA or the celebrity idiots whoe try to ride their coat-tails.

Not a Peep From the Self-appointed “Revolutionary Humanists”

French military adventures are for adventurers, but if there is even the smallest unintended consequence takes place in Iraq, they’re all over it.

If the purple-helmeted gladiators or anyone else that the left idolizes get found out, they get a raft of excuses, if it’s even covered at all. How can L’Humanité Pravda not say anything after they’ve dispensed all their rage at Oncle Sam?
Two ethnic Tutsi women -- identified as "Witness Three" and "Witness Two" for security reasons and speaking from a hidden area at the commission -- said they had been raped by French troops after fleeing machete-wielding Hutu militia gangs.
"The French used to come to our refugee tents and take girls including myself to give us beer and cigarettes," said Witness Three. "When we became drunk, they would forcefully start to have sexual intercourse with us, many French soldiers at the same time, one after the other.

- link is thanks to reader Poppy Tesh

The Potential Price of Having “Solidarity” with People Who Want to Kill You

The Spanish Police could have saved the announcement for January11th. It would make no difference to this huge mob of potential victims of terror.

The Spanish daily El País has reported that a group of Islamic radicals with ties to Al Qaeda issued a call in May for liberating Ceuta and Melilla, Spain's other enclave in northern Morocco, from Spanish "occupation" through terrorist attacks.

El País said that intelligence officials considered the possibility of attack in the enclaves to be among the most serious threats to Spain from Islamic terrorism since the Madrid train bombings.

The investigation into the group arrested Tuesday began in March 2005. Spanish officials said the group had ties to Britain and Morocco.

Two of the men arrested Tuesday are brothers of a former Spanish detainee at Guantánamo Bay, Hamed Abderrahaman Ahmed, freed by the Spanish Supreme Court after the United States handed him over to Spanish authorities in 2004, Interior Ministry officials said.
All the silly protest antics in the world would not stop someone like either of Hamed Abderrahaman Ahmed’s brothers from harming the Spaniards al Qaeda stared down with little more than a glance. These are the very people protestors worldwide admire for throwing out José María Alfredo Aznar López for having the timerity to deal with a close and gathering threat.

- Thank you to Ikonos for finding the item, who noted:
That leftist judges can be proud of their stupidity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not master of its domain

Tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac.

"Est-il vraiment besoin de vous rappeler la crapule marxiste que fut Salvador Allende ... ?"

The Chicago Boyz jog our memories as to the Allende myth. More here.

L'establishment va falloir rendre compte et rendre gorge

The French establishment is just waking up (as always, too late) to the upcoming pro-Le Pen vote that will be offered up by suburban French youth. Ces connards de soixante-huitards bobos pédaloïdes vont bientôt souiller le fonds de leurs culottes.

A Correction

Earlier this week, in a post on the press’ glossing over of threats from the Near East, I made reference to a conference which discussed the risks that an Iran which threatens violence and annihilation poses when it has functioning nuclear weapons.

Caroline Glick was kind enough to write to us with a more accurate account of how her presentation was received. The one we linked included inaccurate embellishments of the emotional state of the audience and the speaker.

I just was sent the link to your entry where you discuss the speech I gave at the Aish conference in Connecticut last month.

I did in fact discuss the Iranian nuclear threat. I did say that if the US or Israel do not act within 6 months to take action against Iran's nuclear program we will face the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran. I did not give a timeframe for when Iran would attack Israel with nuclear weapons but I did say that Iran is building nuclear weapons with the intention of using them.

I also said that we are far from helpless to deal with the situation.

I did not cry, I did not despair. I did not notice that any of the 800 people in the hall were crying. Certainly no one was wailing or visibly freaking out.
Let me extend my apologies to our readers and especially to Caroline for repeating Chaim Mechanic’s overraught and inaccurate description.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who needs Goebbels when they have the BBC?

Normally pretending to be high-minded, culturally tuned-in and generally "gesellig" BBC Radio 4 is so desperate to kick any Jew they can find that they invited former Klansman an all-around anti-American dirtbag David Duke on the radio to discuss “questioning” the Holocaust.

On the BBC Radio 4 PM news programme at 5:00pm this evening, through its coverage of the Iranian conference to "examine whether the Holocaust actually happened", a lengthy and indulgent platform was given to David Duke, who is to be one of the presenters at the conference.
Adloyada points out one little problem with their exposition:
The Wikipedia entry for Duke also shows that in 2000 he published a book called Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question. The book purports to "examine and document elements of ethnic supremacism that have existed in the Jewish community from historical to modern times".

Nowhere in the programme was this information shared with the listeners.
The left have gone from detesting David Duke because they though they could associate him with Conservatives, to ignoring his hateful ideas because he’s willingly pander to their view of the world.

Any way you shake it, it says a lot about the left's abscent morality.

HUUUUmanity MUST Do Something!

The horrors! How do we redress the inequality?!?

A Nation of Arms Peddlers

Like foreign policy driven by TotalElfFina, French UAV overflights (as many French are reasoning about many of the actions in the UNIFIL deployment) are to prove weapons to make them a better sell:

According to Israeli defense sources, the French initiative is also meant to prove the operational capabilities of its UAVs so they can compete against Israeli defense industries on the global UAV market.
What proves it for me is why they would even bother trying to use drones to track fighter sorties than you could with one or two ship mounted radars?The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Calling all racaille

The Front National continues to canvas the shitholes inhabited by French youth with their new campaign poster. The poster reminds everyone of the violence of France's Muslim riots while placing the blame for them squarely on the French establishment.

Nationality. Integration. Social advancement. Secularism. The Right, the Left. They destroyed everything.

IsraHeil !

French Minstrel Show
Iranian Minstrel Show

Asleep at the switch

Maybe it's the 35 hour work week. Maybe it's the approaching holiday season. Maybe they're just asleep at the switch. It is only today that Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine woke up to the fact that America's Worst President Ever, Jimmy Carter, has written a sleazy anti-Semitic rant of a book. The screed is celebrated in today's edition.

Plantu finds meaning in the “real” 9-11

I wonder, what his next petty obsession be? Whatever it is, Europeans never seem to be involved. Amazingly, since they were sieved up on Pinochet in a way that they never were with Pol Pot who murdered millions, or the great liberator of their feelings of guilt, Robert Mugabe, one can only admire their “humanistic” opinions for what they are: mental masturbation.

They Manage your Temperament. Be Thankful.

The AP, as usual, is covering up the embarrassments of those who engage in their preferred ideology. Ségolène Royal’s moronic gaffes in Beirut (as if anyone there could vote for her) as a part of her attempt to appear to have some international affairs gravitas gets soft pedaled even as nations fear abandonment to nuclear annihilation by Iranians driven by nothing other than their ideology. John Rosenthal evaluates the AP glossing over of lightweight running for high office:

The occassion was a meeting of Royal with the Foreign Affairs committee of the Lebanese parliament on Friday, December 1 in Beirut. The French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bernard Emié, was also present. According to the reports of French journalists present at the meeting, Ali Ammar launched into a long tirade, denouncing what he called "the unlimited dementia of the American administration" and repeatedly referring to Israel as the "Zionist entity." In an apparent gesture of good will toward the parliament's French guests, Ammar compared Hezbollah's "resistance" vis-à-vis said "entity" to the French resistance to the German occupation during the Second World War. "Even our experience of resistance is inspired by your experience," he said, and he continued: "The Nazism that spills our blood and that has usurped our independence and our sovereignty is no less bad than the Nazism that occupied France."
In the interest of their own political agenda, AP spun it this way:
Lebanon: French presidential candidate Segolene Royal, visiting the Middle East on Saturday, condemned comments by a Lebanese Hezbollah legislator who compared Israel's former occupation of south Lebanon to the Nazi occupation of France.

The Socialist former family minister is touring the Middle East to show voters back home that she can represent France in the international arena. Her trip began Thursday in Lebanon, and it continues through the weekend with visits to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Never mind the fact that the Israeli are not occupying southern Lebanon, and that the Shabaa Farms dispute was ginned up to keep the hatred alive. The area in question was previously disputed by Lebanon and Syria – a pissing contest trumped by the Syrian loss of the Golan heights when Syria attacked Israel.

Caroline Glick speaks to the obvious outcome of events on the other end of the missiles’ trajectory:
Last Thursday night, Malcolm Hoenlein and Caroline Glick spoke to 800 people at the Aish Hatotah Conference. It was the most disturbing and frightening experience I have ever had. In a nutshell, they said, with overwhelming evidence, that there is no question that Iran will nuke Israel within the next 6-24 months. At some point people started to freak out and many many people were crying, some sobbing out loud. At that point, Caroline Glick, who is not frum at all, began to also cry, said she is sorry, but this is the reality. They both said that America will not attack Iran and that Olmert doesn't have what it takes to do it either. They said that the only one who can maybe do the job is Netanyahu, but he won't be in power in time.
What will Europe’s leftist do? Will they weep over an irradiated Tel Aviv, and the radioactive fallout that will rain over the (politically) “holy city” of Ramallah and over Amman as they have for the past three decades about Hiroshima?

The Baker report doesn’t just advocate abandoning all of the goals of bringing down Saddam Hussein, but tacitly accepts that Arab societies and Iran are irredeemably violent as it is with other Arab states and its’ populations?

“Whatever” the Euro-ponces say. The bigger problem afoot is the making of a demon. In this case belittling the US with the unproven implication that the CIA wasted manpower spying on their precious Princess Diana. The though is the height of self-importance concidering that the implication in the absesnce if dates and names is that George Bush did it even though it was during the Clinton time in office. Knowing how Clinton gutted the CIA, I imagine that the only way it’s possible was to make a play at preserving their capability by indulging the Clintonian obsession with media and entertainment.
Among extraordinary details due to emerge in the report by former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens is the revelation that the US security service was bugging her calls in the hours before she was killed in a car crash in Paris.
No matter: Bush Spied, Diana died! goes the smear of the day.

When the Big Screamers Have Little Screamers

There’s a sucker bred every minute.

To my mind, however, his appearance in all post-revolutionary photographs of him, save the most famous one by Alberto Korda, is that of a man distinctly unwashed. No doubt this accounts for a proportion of his continuing popularity among youth.
Some purists, or rationalists, might object that one’s aesthetic response to Guevara is rather beside the point. The trouble with Hitler was not his absurd appearance, after all, or with Stalin his pockmarked complexion. And yet, if we analyze Guevara’s popular appeal more than a third of a century after his timely death, we can see that it is the result of aesthetic and emotional responses rather than rational reflection, responses that are now kept alive by a good dose of commercialism.

- Dr. Anthony Daniels (a.k.a. Theodore Dalrymple)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lou Minatti Is Not Dead

Not only is he not dead, he’s “enchilada-blooging” and heckling morons out house-hunting.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why Theyre Better than you are

It must be the superior Humanism and the nagging lectures.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Up your nose with a rubber hose

Zeropean War Crimes Tribunal orders Gitmo-like torture.

This is the Socialist credo

In her article about "Ségolène Royal’s rise to power on a swish and a smile" along with la Belle Dragon's recent "100% purely political jaunt in the body-building capital of foreign policy", Nidra Poller treats us to the credo of the left.
This is the Socialist credo. Other politicians pursue narrow personal ambitions; a Socialist administers to The People. Heartless capitalists pursue outrageous profits; Socialists administer to the Poor and Needy. Nationalistic nations pursue aggressive policies; Socialists build Nations without Borders that administer to the Downtrodden.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wait! What’s my Motivation?!?

France 24: more obsessed with little more than national status and showing one nation punching above their non-existent weight than reporting news. It’s creation has more to do with give events a French spin.

So far the product itself is less substantive than a small-town paper. It’s first take at the Israeli-Palestinian issue had the even-handedness, balance, and honest reporting of Pravda-like tractor production figures.

On top of that, they’re two decades late.

Unhappy Feet

Pope Penguin: ”...Embryos, like the handicapped, have the right to some respect.”

“Logical” Penguin: ”...I’m afraid embryos might agree with you.”

”...Because of them, these people are ill.”
Never mind the overestimating the potential of stem cell therapy, or the ill defined nature of “respect”, the guy actually thinks that you have to find snuffing out human life flippantly is the only way to cure illnesses - as if this guy wouldn't pull the life-support plug on the "expensive" patients anyway.

Leftist Math: How Many Class Struggles Will it Take to Eradicate Common Sense?

Just the kind of science scare one can expect from a Lit or Womens’ Studies Major: Digital packet data (somehow) that travels over radio waves and microwaves is somehow worse than a non-digital emanation. This is, of course horseshit – and horseshit that we’ve been over and over before. It’s hard to imagine this, but there was a time beginning more than a century ago where a significant number of people worked as radio and telephone operators, and wore headphones with large magnets in them.

They didn’t seem to exhibit this sort of behavior typical of a great many Guardianista:

As I understand it the only research taken seriously by government when looking into the safety issues of mobile phone emissions, looked at the heating effect on tissues only (nematode worms). This is something of a red herring, the human body is a dynamic system; utilising chemical and electrical systems of amazing complexity. There is no way anyone can confidently say WiFi is 'safe', or that using a mobile phone several times a day is 'safe', or that living within several hundred yards of a base station is 'safe'. Again, as I understand it, it is the pulsed nature of such radiations that make them potentially harmful, and the way in which the human brain is subject to 'entrainment', in which the natural cycle of electrical rythms within the brain can be disrupted, and slowed or speeded up, possibly resulting in at the very least, mood and sleep disorders.
Make a note that the author was largely drubbed despite the people looking for a corporate blame angle. I guess there’s no getting away with something that threatens the toys of even the most heavily invested “progressives.” I think the Electrosmog is a content based thing, not RF.

- Hat-tip to warped blog stalker and
beer mooch "Tiny" Dancer. Hey dude,
pick up the tab, it's not that heavy!

7 December 1941

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bukowski steals the show

How to become rich and famous being a T-Shirt salesman

Looks like Pinochet didn't make the cut. Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour votre rétablissement, mon Général.

Fighting their way back down the food chain

Here’s what Chavez’ Socialist revolution has to show for itself. Barely a dent taken out of poverty, GREATER dependency on foreign banks and governments, MASSIVE economic contraction. Adjusting for their rate of inflation, the economy is half the size it was 8 years ago, effectively making even those he’s “helping” poorer than they were a decade ago.

- In 1998 GDP was $185 billion (£93 billion); in 2006 it is $162 billion
- Inflation: 38 per cent (1998); 16 per cent (2006)
- Proportion in poverty: 44 per cent (1998); 34 per cent (2006)
- External debt: $27 billion (1998); $34 billion (2006)

Man of the people, the poor, etc. He loves the poor so much he wants to everyone else to join their fate. Unlike his young proponents, and even his old ones, most everyone else actually get the joke.