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Influenced by Farrakhan's Nation of Islam? 1619 Project's History "Expert" Believes the Aztecs' Pyramids Were Built with Help from Africans Who Crossed the Atlantic Prior to the "Barbaric Devils" of Columbus (Whom She Likens to Hitler)

My first thought when reading the The Federalist article by Jordan Davidson was how distorted, how egocentric, how self-serving, and how demented the worldview of Nikole Hannah-Jones is (thanks to Instapundit's Ed Driscoll and Stephen Green).

Speaking of delusional, I am reluctant to share my second thought because it sounds like conspiracy theory, but it cannot escape my mind.

My second thought, then, was to ask whether it could be possible that the founder of the 1619 Project ever was, and perhaps still is, a member of, or is/was at least influenced by, the Nation of Islam. "Barbaric devils" is typical Farrakhan-speak for whites, after all, and the "argument" (sic) of calling all who disagree "racist" and "liar" comes directly from Louis Farrakhan's playbook. To believe that Africans crossed the ocean to help the Aztecs build their pyramids is a typically deluded Farrakhan narrative. (Incidentally, that scenario also resembles those of the Scientology movement, which ought to be mentioned because Farrakhan has lavished Dianetics with praise, calling for all whites to ditch their mainstream churches for the L Ron Hubbard creed.)

Meanwhile, the quest for reparations, or  for contributions, or for a tax, from
The concealment of links to Louis
Farrakhan is hardly unheard of
unbelievers or infidels (dhimmis, regularly described by such terms as "pigs" and "devils") is not unheard of, far from it, in Islam. As for the destruction of statues, nobody can deny that that has been par for the course for Muslims since the time of Mohamed. Of course, the former Nicole Hannah may simply be an agnostic or an atheist non-follower who simply is fond of, indeed delighted about, the Reverend Farrakhan's teachings. This, incidentally, can only lead to another inescapable question: How about Black Lives Matter? How much influence or backing, if any, did Louis Farrakhan and/or the Nation of Islam have in its creation?

My third thought was, how on earth can such a sizeable part of the American population allow for such a distorted view of their country to become commonplace? Is this a takeover of American institutions — especially American education — by neo-Marxists, or by radical Islamists, or by both?

My final thought, how can the mainstream media (a media that is at once delusional and cynical, systematically using the NOI terms "racist" and "liar" about anyone who loves America and treating Republicans like unwashed kafirs, who ought to shut up, straighten up, and get up on the bandwagon) — especially the so-called newspaper of record — allow such a prominent place (directly on its staff, in the case of the the "New Woke Times") for a person (who may, or may be not, if not close to radical Islam, then heavily influenced by it) to allow her self-serving, her delusional, and her demented view of American history (as well as world history) to qualify as school material?

Equally important: Does the "college campus paper" have any knowledge of any allegiance, past or present, and however small, Nikole Hannah-Jones ever had to the Nation of Islam? If so — if for instance "Nicole Hannah" used to be a member during her college days or at least attended a service occasionally — why would a(n obviously brief) mention of that be hidden from the public in her biography?

It is one thing to say that the whites are "barbaric devils" and that Columbus is Hitler; it is another to say (this usually means you have gone off the deep end) that Africans crossed the Atlantic (with the Ashanti Navy?) before said Columbus, and that they helped the Aztecs build their pyramids…

As Tyler O'Neil puts it:
Nikole Hannah-Jones, the founder of The New York Times‘ “1619 Project,” showed her true colors in a racist letter to the editor … in 1995. …  Is it any surprise that the Notre Dame sophomore who wrote that “white America’s dream is colored America’s nightmare” would later go on to lead The New York Times in a project to redefine American history, centering the founding on the arrival of the first black slaves in 1619, rather than on the Declaration of Independence in 1776? 
While discussing the proposition that the 1619 Project is more part of a cult than anything else (certainly anything reasonable, historical, or the least intellectual), the Federalist's Mark Hemingway notes that
James Baldwin … astutely dissects the appeal of the Nation of Islam to black Americans — a topic that’s suddenly become relevant again.
Just read what Nicole Hannah wrote in 1995:
Nikole Hannah-Jones, [later] the lead essayist on New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, wrote a letter to the editor in Notre Dame’s The Observer stating that “the white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.”

Hannah-Jones claimed that the actions of European settlers and explorers such as Christopher Columbus were “acts of devils” and likens them to Hitler.
“[The whites] lasting monument was the destruction and enslavement of two races of people,” Hannah-Jones wrote.
Hannah-Jones claims Africans arrived in North America long before Europeans, but that unlike Europeans, Africans befriended and traded with the indigenous people. She claims pyramids in Mexico are a symbol of said friendship.
 … The Times did not respond to a request for comment on whether their employee maintained these beliefs.
 … This isn’t the first time the New York Times has hired and kept a writer with a history of racism and radical views. In 2018, the NYT hired Sarah Jeong despite a long string of racist tweets that littered her Twitter calling white people “goblins,” likening their smell to dogs, and asking to “#cancelallwhitepeople”.
 … Hannah-Jones’s latest piece for the New York Times Magazine calls for race-based reparations.

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