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The Real Reason Why Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and the Land O'Lakes Maid Must Vanish

Do you know the true reason that Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth have to be purged, along with the likes of Uncle Remus and Uncle Tom?

Because they are smiling and displaying happy faces and clearly happy.

For the left, the only good "Negro" is the "Negro" who is enraged, who is on edge, and (last but not least) who votes for the Democratic Party. They must hate their country for all the injustices, real or alleged, that they (or that their ancestors) have suffered, and be in the legions working for the Social Justice Warriors' "fundamental transformation of the United States of America." Seething with rage and resentment, the only good "Negro" is the "Negro" who is part of the SJWs' Permanent Outrage Machine.

As Walter Williams wrote in The Jackson Sun,
The news media people and their liberal allies know the facts, but they need to promote the appearance of injustice to keep black people in a state of grievance.
This is why Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas are absent from the 1619 Project. Not only did they see America as fundamentally good, they acted in a pretty reasonable manner most of the time and they were more than willing to work with white people. Meanwhile, Tim Scott, the epitome of a black man who rose from poverty to prominence, did not even receive an invitation to participate in the 50th anniversary commemorations of MLK's Lincoln Memorial speech. (Incidentally — not really — all three happen(ed) also to be Republicans.)
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So what is wrong about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben and Uncle Remus and the Land O'Lakes maid isn't that they are caricatures — or that their “history and storyline are steeped in extremely problematic and stereotypical racist tropes from” the 1940s, the 1930s, the 1900s, or earlier — but that they are blacks who aren't in a state of grievance and outrage.

As Dennis Prager writes repeatedly, the trademark of the Left is the absence of even the minutest sign of gratitude in their lives. Uncle Ben, Uncle Tom, and Uncle Remus display signs of gratitude as well as of happiness and, indeed, basic human goodness, and, for the left, that is a no-no (in fact, t'is an outrage).

Certainly, nobody is advocating that anybody, black or white, ignore the injustices against themselves or others, past or present. But in their depictions, Ben and Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth are not appearing in public. Is it impossible to imagine that, no matter how they behaved in public during the day and no matter how many injustices they may have encountered (and perhaps protested against), in the privacy of their homes, Ben and Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth let down their masks, cool down, smile, and relax as they prepare dinner for their families with rice and pancakes?

The Hill's Marty Johnson:

Mars and Conagra announced that they would be changing the logos of Uncle Ben's rice and Mrs. Butterworth's syrup, respectively."The Mrs. Butterworth's brand, including its syrup packaging, is intended to evoke the images of a loving grandmother. We stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown communities and we can see that our packaging may be interpreted in a way that is wholly inconsistent with our values."
What does all this really say? It says that minorities must be treated like children (presumably, because they are like children) and coddled.

The movement turns out to more a white thing more than anything.

When Native Americans were asked about changing the name of the Redskins football team, fewer than 10 % felt offended by the term. (And why should they? Why, indeed, should they feel anything but pride? When one names a sports team of pride, one chooses a name that respect. For instance, no place anywhere would anybody call their sports team the  N•••ers (the N-word), or, conversely, the Crackers; but they might call them the Zulus, or the Ashantis, or the Persians (conversely, the Spartans or the Vikings or the Saxons), to depict a warrior people, or a warrior tribe, which has shown, and is celebrated for, its warrior skills.)

In a short online video from Prager University, a white student walks through a California campus dressed in traditional Chinese attire and gets excoriated and yelled at again and again for being (dressed like) a racist. In the second half of the video, he walks up to Asians (and Asian-Americans?) in the street and, finally, through Chinatown. There, he meets nothing but merriment. At worst, he gets a "You should watch out because it might be interpreted as racist", i.e., others, that is to say whites, might call it racist.

As for the families of Lillian Richard (who served as a model for the Aunt Jemima character), they are opposed to the rebranding move. This led the Babylon Bee to run a tongue-in-cheek article entitled Activists Fight Racism By Driving All People Of Color Out Of Pop Culture.

In the case of the
black chef on the boxes of Cream Of Wheat [his] is an image of a real person, too. The late Frank L. White was a chef in Chicago. In 1900, his picture replaced the breakfast cereal's previous mascot — "Rastus," a racial slur for a black man.
So, in other words, the company reacted to racial stereotypes back 120 years ago, and reacted, appropriately, one could say, by — can you believe it?! — replacing a stereotype with a real person.

Indeed, all these characters turn out to be not stereotypes at all but real people. With regards to the Land O'Lakes maiden, Mia was never a stereotype, affirms the Native American (!) son of the Ojibwe artist who drew her originally.

Likewise the slave invited by Honest Abe to shed his chains and rise in the Emancipation Memorial, criticized for being a stereotype, happens to also be based upon a real person, as described by Ken Masugi at the American Greatness website in his article Lincoln's New Assassins:
Now the mob takes the role of John Wilkes Booth in removing perhaps the greatest of all Lincoln sculptures, the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, located in northeast Washington, D.C. The preeminent Lincoln scholar of our or any other time, Harry V. Jaffa, said many times that this sculpture, originally referred to as the Freedman’s Memorial, rivaled Daniel French’s Lincoln Memorial creation. The statue was dedicated to honor Lincoln on the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Yet the furious mob blindly objects that the statue shows a kneeling slave before a standing Lincoln. The mob is even more blinkered in its art appreciation than it is in its historical understanding, as I will show in close-up views of the muscular freedman—no longer a slave!—and other details.

 … the Commission charged with coming up with an appropriate memorial and raising funds from freed slaves—yes, the mob would be desecrating the memories, labor, and donations of enslaved Americans [!]
If an Italian, a Frenchman, a Cambodian, or a Nigerian were to dress up as, say, a Viking, why should I feel offended? Why should I care?

But you don't understand, I am told that the SJW actions are frightfully important because they "help play an important role in eliminating racial bias."

Except, the truth is, as we have seen, few minorities actually give much of a spit.

When René Goscinny was criticized for his depictions of blacks in the Asterix and Lucky Luke comics, the man who lost half his family in the ovens of Auschwitz reacted with anger at being called a racist.
And the whites in my comics?! Have you taken a look at them, the whites in my comics?!
How about the happy Fenians, who saunter through the Irish countryside for the benefit of a soap brand? ("Tip o' the mornin', lassie!") Should they vanish too? Who are we supposed to replace all these people with? On edge gangster types from the Hood, from the Indian reservation, and from Dublin's slums — growling and gnarling, with a scowl on their face? (I suppose they could, they should, all be saying, something  to the effect of "Buy my maple syrup, you dirty cracker, or you're a goddamned racist!")

I have often summarized the Left's positions thus: it's all about private lives (race, sex, etc), not public policy, and demonstrating that you are better than your neighbor.

In an unbelievable moment with Donald Trump's press secretary, a (white) journalist asked whether, for the benefit of blacks, the president shouldn't push for Juneteenth to be made a federal holiday.

What's wrong with Martin Luther King day? We need another federal holiday, based on a freeing of slaves which took place in only one of the 13 or so slave states (Texas)?

More importantly: Don't Americans today know that Juneteenth would never have been possible if not for the likes of Abraham Lincoln. Ulysses Simpson Grant, and Colonel Hans Christian Heg?

Well, all over America the statues of those Americans have been defaced and torn down.  Perhaps, before you make more for more plans for another holiday, you should refrain from acting like a spoiled brat (whatever the color of your skin) and tearing down the statues of those who took up arms, put their lives at risk, and lost said lives against the slave power and secession.

The SJW movement is right about one thing, though. There is not much of anything that I want to to do for blacks. Do you know why? Because I think that blacks are grown-up citizens who are able to get by — and to thrive — without help from me.

So who is the true racist here? The conservative who does not want to help (or not to help excessively) because he considers blacks as equals who? Or the person or the leftist (whatever the color of his skin) who goes "Awwww, poor l'il black people. It's so outrageous, it's so sad… Poor N•groes who cannot get by without help from the government and from leftists like me…"?

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