Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Diary of a Stalker

Behind every grand projet are a bunch of little petit projets, most of which are failures hiding behind the big tree of the bigger distraction. Odd that toffish, decadent notions would then grow into the norm.

Alas, behold: Art! Why is it art? Because the artist says so, and don’t argue with the artist. Ancillary to the pedestrian building of a tram is taxpayer funded act of expressed insult toward the acdcepting and straightforward in the form of disappointment. A non-functioning telephone booth done up like a middle aged Hello Kitty fan called “art”.

This brilliant idea of a phone booth which does not make it possible to actually make phone calls cost to the taxpayer the tidy sum of €269.880.36. For the realization of this fine opus, Sophie Calle called upon her old pal the architect Franck Gehry [sic] who officiated as a subcontractor.

Sophie Calle promised to telephone “several times a week over three years”, but “in a random way”. That will make the phone call expensive… All that to hear “a a little pointed, recognizable voice between all, that of Sophie Calle”
I don't know. Maybe the shameless namedropping makes it “art”. I’m sure Mr. Gehry otherwise can’t to hear from her weekly at random times for the next three years.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

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