Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who needs Goebbels when they have the BBC?

Normally pretending to be high-minded, culturally tuned-in and generally "gesellig" BBC Radio 4 is so desperate to kick any Jew they can find that they invited former Klansman an all-around anti-American dirtbag David Duke on the radio to discuss “questioning” the Holocaust.

On the BBC Radio 4 PM news programme at 5:00pm this evening, through its coverage of the Iranian conference to "examine whether the Holocaust actually happened", a lengthy and indulgent platform was given to David Duke, who is to be one of the presenters at the conference.
Adloyada points out one little problem with their exposition:
The Wikipedia entry for Duke also shows that in 2000 he published a book called Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question. The book purports to "examine and document elements of ethnic supremacism that have existed in the Jewish community from historical to modern times".

Nowhere in the programme was this information shared with the listeners.
The left have gone from detesting David Duke because they though they could associate him with Conservatives, to ignoring his hateful ideas because he’s willingly pander to their view of the world.

Any way you shake it, it says a lot about the left's abscent morality.

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