Monday, December 25, 2006

Its a difficult time of year for some. Keep an eye on your local psycho.

It looks like one of our usual crazies has been hitting the sauce especially hard during this time of areligious yet solstice-worshipping time of year.

Je veux bien lire votre bouquin mais c´est comme pour American Vertigo de BHL, je ne donne pas de $ aux sionistes alors j´attendrai de pouvoir le faire gratos.
For every Zionist book that our bilious, bulging tumor of anger doesnt read, I promise to give 25 to a Zionist and purchase it through an American online bookseller.

As if Levy was a Sioniste because his name is Levy, anyway... With some of our trolls there is no distinction of any sort. Opinions are genetic, and they seem more than ready to don their brown shirts were they only armed.

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