Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not a Peep From the Self-appointed “Revolutionary Humanists”

French military adventures are for adventurers, but if there is even the smallest unintended consequence takes place in Iraq, they’re all over it.

If the purple-helmeted gladiators or anyone else that the left idolizes get found out, they get a raft of excuses, if it’s even covered at all. How can L’Humanité Pravda not say anything after they’ve dispensed all their rage at Oncle Sam?
Two ethnic Tutsi women -- identified as "Witness Three" and "Witness Two" for security reasons and speaking from a hidden area at the commission -- said they had been raped by French troops after fleeing machete-wielding Hutu militia gangs.
"The French used to come to our refugee tents and take girls including myself to give us beer and cigarettes," said Witness Three. "When we became drunk, they would forcefully start to have sexual intercourse with us, many French soldiers at the same time, one after the other.

- link is thanks to reader Poppy Tesh

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