Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Potential Price of Having “Solidarity” with People Who Want to Kill You

The Spanish Police could have saved the announcement for January11th. It would make no difference to this huge mob of potential victims of terror.

The Spanish daily El País has reported that a group of Islamic radicals with ties to Al Qaeda issued a call in May for liberating Ceuta and Melilla, Spain's other enclave in northern Morocco, from Spanish "occupation" through terrorist attacks.

El País said that intelligence officials considered the possibility of attack in the enclaves to be among the most serious threats to Spain from Islamic terrorism since the Madrid train bombings.

The investigation into the group arrested Tuesday began in March 2005. Spanish officials said the group had ties to Britain and Morocco.

Two of the men arrested Tuesday are brothers of a former Spanish detainee at Guantánamo Bay, Hamed Abderrahaman Ahmed, freed by the Spanish Supreme Court after the United States handed him over to Spanish authorities in 2004, Interior Ministry officials said.
All the silly protest antics in the world would not stop someone like either of Hamed Abderrahaman Ahmed’s brothers from harming the Spaniards al Qaeda stared down with little more than a glance. These are the very people protestors worldwide admire for throwing out José María Alfredo Aznar López for having the timerity to deal with a close and gathering threat.

- Thank you to Ikonos for finding the item, who noted:
That leftist judges can be proud of their stupidity.

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