Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wipe Frequently

What I love it is that every attempt to adore him reveals the emptiness of the neo-com world view, and the empty headedness of the people who love it. In the mean time we can look forward to 9 October 2007 – the 40th anniversary of the day Ché was killed. I think street parties, fireworks, and the simplest form of celebration of everything Ché wasn’t: just thinking freely in societies that tolerate disagreement in a civilized manner, and enjoy the individual freedom that he wanted to eradicate with a reign of terror because it was a threat to Castro’s personal power.

Elsewhere they cling to other murderers and maintain a similar fiction about the mythical decency of their heroes. Here’s the trick: pretend to be some kind of radical, and leftist zombies living comfortable lives studying or teaching at Universities will follow you.

All the better that this cult of theirs' take them right over the edge.

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