Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Télé Racaille

Here are some homemade videos making the rounds which attest to the rising popularity of Jean Marie Le Pen's Front National among suburban French youth. The first video shows an Alain Soral character being attacked by Jewish Defense League members (wearing curlers in their hair). Soral is then thrown in jail by the police. (Soral latest obsession is creating bogus attacks against himself, committed by Jewish gangs as he so claims, in order to boost his flagging book sales).

The second installment shows Soral being sprung from the joint by French comic Dieudonné. In the last instants of the second installment, Soral and Dieudonné discuss the impending victory of "free expression". Soral notes however, that it will be difficult given the state of French media and starts naming French Jewish intellectuals who are supposedly persecuting him.

The second installment can also be viewed at Alain Soral's web site. Alain Soral is now part of the Front National braintrust in support of Jean Marie Le Pen's candidacy.

Traditional French Jew hatred, as expressed by the Front National, has found a ready and willing audience among suburban French youth who are hopped up on a second generation, Intifada fueled Jew hatred. A marriage made in French anti-Semite heaven.

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