Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shake a Tree and You Can See How Many Nuts Fall Out

Remaking the agnostic Saddam as a martyr, a citizen of a non-democracy decries his execution:

This is something which can’t b accepted by the world. It’s against the democracy. It’s so brutal, coz bush & his dogs choose this day for the execution. This is an action is not against Saddam but against the entire Muslims, this will divide the world again.

Sanju, Dubai, UAE
For the record, the Iraqis tried and executed Saddam Hussein, not the US, and not an “International Court.” For the millionth time, sparky: a muslim can be guilty of a crime without you hanging in around the neck of every Muslim in the world.

The Guardian defers to Saddam's lawyers:
The world will know that Saddam Hussein lived honestly, died honestly, and maintained his principles. He did not lie when he declared his trial null.
NYT “blog” commenter Martha can’t wait to see a “leaked” video that implicates America in this:
I feel a deep revulsion for this resolution, and think of the Episcopal prayer of forgiveness ‘forgive me for the evil I’ve done, and evil done on my behalf.” This is no eulogy for Saddam, but I have to think in this highly developed, global culture we could do better than hark back to lynchings of the bad guys, and this a guy who had US support for some time. This was an interminable search and court case in an interminable and misbegotten war. And it changes nothing. This, on the same day a lovely young almost 23 year old in our state was killed. The event is sickening in so many ways. Now let’s wait for the video to be “leaked” to show how in charge we are.
I’d think the feeling that hanging a tyrant is something the US would rather LIKE to be “implicated” for. Wouldn’t Martha like to be “implicated” in a plot to eliminate bush? Like Saddam’s fake displays of his faith in the past decade, the prayers of the likes of these commenters are no less contrived.

Funnier still David Corn tries to like “that 2000 election” to that “illegal war” to anything else he can convince people of in his echo chamber. A commenter, to his article has that very special euro-lefty vision that “pressure groups” can somehow alter events. The correspondent isn’t talking about the insurgency:
Achieving nothing but carnage was the US's intention. Halt this madness - where in hell is Stop The War what are they doing? The vast majority of Iraqis DON'T want us there. Why do you all think you know better?????
Indignant lefties turning on each other is always a treat.

The terribly predictable Independent dwells otherwise on the ”root causes” of Bush’s motives in Iraq, asking:
In an address to the nation just three days before the invasion, Mr Bush declared: "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

It quickly became clear that central claim was not true
Surely this could be news to the people in Halabja and many other undocumented locations, to Iranians bombarded with chemical weapons in a decade long war, and in spite of what the New York Times itself reported in an attempt to burn the White House for NOT taking Saddam’s nuke program away.

It always works both ways for the unreconstructed anarchical political zealots hiding behind their press credentials.

Another entirely predictable echo from the divine continent of Europe from an anonymous commenter who would rather believe any western liar with a nice website name like “Scholars for Truth” who agitate against anything the US is remotely involved in than to believe what the Iranians tell of their decade long ordeal with Saddam:
FAKE 100%

it was staged in hollywood like 911.
Everything in the world, you see, is staged in favor of this commenter’s emotions and complaints. It’s a direct cause of his “stance” on events and the otherwise factual.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

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