Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paging Gwynyth Paltrow...

Are public slaughters out of place? Hell, no! Turkey fits right in to the EU if Turks are willing to debase themselves!:

A group of workers at Turkish Airlines were so happy to be rid of the last of a batch of troublesome planes that they sacrificed a camel at Istanbul airport. The national flag-carrier admitted on Wednesday that the staff had slaughtered the dromedary and that chief of the sacrifice-organizing group had been suspended pending an investigation.

The incident drew worldwide attention after Turkish newspapers carried pictures of the festooned camel before sacrifices and then the beast chopped up into meat chunks.

Top-selling daily Hurriyet reported that 700 kilos of camel meat were distributed among the airline workers.
Indeed no comment has yet to be heard from PETA or the celebrity idiots whoe try to ride their coat-tails.

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