Monday, December 11, 2006

They Manage your Temperament. Be Thankful.

The AP, as usual, is covering up the embarrassments of those who engage in their preferred ideology. Ségolène Royal’s moronic gaffes in Beirut (as if anyone there could vote for her) as a part of her attempt to appear to have some international affairs gravitas gets soft pedaled even as nations fear abandonment to nuclear annihilation by Iranians driven by nothing other than their ideology. John Rosenthal evaluates the AP glossing over of lightweight running for high office:

The occassion was a meeting of Royal with the Foreign Affairs committee of the Lebanese parliament on Friday, December 1 in Beirut. The French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bernard Emié, was also present. According to the reports of French journalists present at the meeting, Ali Ammar launched into a long tirade, denouncing what he called "the unlimited dementia of the American administration" and repeatedly referring to Israel as the "Zionist entity." In an apparent gesture of good will toward the parliament's French guests, Ammar compared Hezbollah's "resistance" vis-à-vis said "entity" to the French resistance to the German occupation during the Second World War. "Even our experience of resistance is inspired by your experience," he said, and he continued: "The Nazism that spills our blood and that has usurped our independence and our sovereignty is no less bad than the Nazism that occupied France."
In the interest of their own political agenda, AP spun it this way:
Lebanon: French presidential candidate Segolene Royal, visiting the Middle East on Saturday, condemned comments by a Lebanese Hezbollah legislator who compared Israel's former occupation of south Lebanon to the Nazi occupation of France.

The Socialist former family minister is touring the Middle East to show voters back home that she can represent France in the international arena. Her trip began Thursday in Lebanon, and it continues through the weekend with visits to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Never mind the fact that the Israeli are not occupying southern Lebanon, and that the Shabaa Farms dispute was ginned up to keep the hatred alive. The area in question was previously disputed by Lebanon and Syria – a pissing contest trumped by the Syrian loss of the Golan heights when Syria attacked Israel.

Caroline Glick speaks to the obvious outcome of events on the other end of the missiles’ trajectory:
Last Thursday night, Malcolm Hoenlein and Caroline Glick spoke to 800 people at the Aish Hatotah Conference. It was the most disturbing and frightening experience I have ever had. In a nutshell, they said, with overwhelming evidence, that there is no question that Iran will nuke Israel within the next 6-24 months. At some point people started to freak out and many many people were crying, some sobbing out loud. At that point, Caroline Glick, who is not frum at all, began to also cry, said she is sorry, but this is the reality. They both said that America will not attack Iran and that Olmert doesn't have what it takes to do it either. They said that the only one who can maybe do the job is Netanyahu, but he won't be in power in time.
What will Europe’s leftist do? Will they weep over an irradiated Tel Aviv, and the radioactive fallout that will rain over the (politically) “holy city” of Ramallah and over Amman as they have for the past three decades about Hiroshima?

The Baker report doesn’t just advocate abandoning all of the goals of bringing down Saddam Hussein, but tacitly accepts that Arab societies and Iran are irredeemably violent as it is with other Arab states and its’ populations?

“Whatever” the Euro-ponces say. The bigger problem afoot is the making of a demon. In this case belittling the US with the unproven implication that the CIA wasted manpower spying on their precious Princess Diana. The though is the height of self-importance concidering that the implication in the absesnce if dates and names is that George Bush did it even though it was during the Clinton time in office. Knowing how Clinton gutted the CIA, I imagine that the only way it’s possible was to make a play at preserving their capability by indulging the Clintonian obsession with media and entertainment.
Among extraordinary details due to emerge in the report by former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens is the revelation that the US security service was bugging her calls in the hours before she was killed in a car crash in Paris.
No matter: Bush Spied, Diana died! goes the smear of the day.

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