Friday, December 08, 2006

Leftist Math: How Many Class Struggles Will it Take to Eradicate Common Sense?

Just the kind of science scare one can expect from a Lit or Womens’ Studies Major: Digital packet data (somehow) that travels over radio waves and microwaves is somehow worse than a non-digital emanation. This is, of course horseshit – and horseshit that we’ve been over and over before. It’s hard to imagine this, but there was a time beginning more than a century ago where a significant number of people worked as radio and telephone operators, and wore headphones with large magnets in them.

They didn’t seem to exhibit this sort of behavior typical of a great many Guardianista:

As I understand it the only research taken seriously by government when looking into the safety issues of mobile phone emissions, looked at the heating effect on tissues only (nematode worms). This is something of a red herring, the human body is a dynamic system; utilising chemical and electrical systems of amazing complexity. There is no way anyone can confidently say WiFi is 'safe', or that using a mobile phone several times a day is 'safe', or that living within several hundred yards of a base station is 'safe'. Again, as I understand it, it is the pulsed nature of such radiations that make them potentially harmful, and the way in which the human brain is subject to 'entrainment', in which the natural cycle of electrical rythms within the brain can be disrupted, and slowed or speeded up, possibly resulting in at the very least, mood and sleep disorders.
Make a note that the author was largely drubbed despite the people looking for a corporate blame angle. I guess there’s no getting away with something that threatens the toys of even the most heavily invested “progressives.” I think the Electrosmog is a content based thing, not RF.

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