Monday, December 18, 2006

Justifiable Ségonoia

Imagine a nation which is already a bête noire of international relations electing another socialist that even another lefty wouldn’t want to be seen standing next to.

An unnamed advisor to Mrs Clinton told the newspaper Le Parisien that appearing next to a French Socialist who recently met an official of the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon could be construed as condoning the beliefs of the militant Shia group. The Democrats also have little in common with French Socialism, which supports massive state intervention, a huge civil service, and regularly lambasts "US world hegemony".
Garsh Pa, why would THAT be a PR problem?

It gets even better in headline-land. The confused agit-propers at the SMH whom one would imagine otherwise being generally opposed to monarchies and dynasties calls Hillary Rodham Clinton the “Queen” of the Democrats.

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