Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sank ‘eaven for leetle gölls

A storefront Imam in France marries a 15 year old girl.

The story goes back to last November 18th. Mohamed Hanou, a 22 year old male born in Graulhet, and currently the Imam of Gaillac, married a 15 year old schoolgirl from the college Ducos-du-Hauron in the Agen mosque. The ceremony was celebrated in front of some 300 people. Last summer, the couple unsuccessfully tried to list their marriage civilly at the Agen town hall.
They were refused under the terms of article 144 of the civil code, recently modified by the law of April 4, 2006. This article stipulates that “the man and the woman cannot contract marriage before the age of eighteen.”
All this in spite of the idiotic and undemocratic headscarf law which was supposed to make M. et Mme. Dupont not notice the social change in their midst. Instead of encouraging society to grow less prone to violence because there is a durable and understandable social contract/consensus of agreement because there are individual freedoms and limits based on universal social values, they see the emergence of a nation which is willing to be intolerant to religion and its’ practices, but refuses to enforce the rules relative to universal values.
At the Ducos-du-Hauron school, the girl follows her courses by respecting the provisions of the law on the visible religious symbols by not wearing a veil. However outside of school she wears a burqa, a garment which covers the entirely body from head to toe, only through a lacework over the eyes is it not possible for the wearer to see without being seen.
According to our sources the girl has applied for a passport. Authorities have put the request on hold fore the moment to give them time to gage the risk that there would be to grant the girl, a minor, a passport which would make it possible for her husband to taker her away to Syria, with or without her consent.
Realistically though, who is any European to lecture them anyway?

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