Friday, December 22, 2006

Smoke and mirrors ... and some pork

Remember that Great Zeropean Search Engine that Chiraq single handedly initiated with his hissy fit about Google monopolizing World Culture? Remember how Chiraq said that Google was imposing a US-of-A slanted world view down the gullets of those diversity loving, multicultural, multilateral, multilinguistical Europeans? Remember how Chiraq said European sophistication and refinement could never be properly fine tuned by a Nasdaq-listed stock-option-fueled American start-up? Remember how Chiraq said all of the European intelligentsia would be united in a monumental effort to showcase Continental technilogical prowess?

It was all a crock.

The European super-project was immediately scaled down to a Franco-German thing called Quaero which, as we find out now, is really just a Franco-French project that the Germans made believe they were in on so everyone could obtain barrels of pork without any squawking from the European Commission. If you want to see what kind of state-of-the-art search engine technology is developed using French public money then take a look at the joke called Gallica over at the French National Library.

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