Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Correction

Earlier this week, in a post on the press’ glossing over of threats from the Near East, I made reference to a conference which discussed the risks that an Iran which threatens violence and annihilation poses when it has functioning nuclear weapons.

Caroline Glick was kind enough to write to us with a more accurate account of how her presentation was received. The one we linked included inaccurate embellishments of the emotional state of the audience and the speaker.

I just was sent the link to your entry where you discuss the speech I gave at the Aish conference in Connecticut last month.

I did in fact discuss the Iranian nuclear threat. I did say that if the US or Israel do not act within 6 months to take action against Iran's nuclear program we will face the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran. I did not give a timeframe for when Iran would attack Israel with nuclear weapons but I did say that Iran is building nuclear weapons with the intention of using them.

I also said that we are far from helpless to deal with the situation.

I did not cry, I did not despair. I did not notice that any of the 800 people in the hall were crying. Certainly no one was wailing or visibly freaking out.
Let me extend my apologies to our readers and especially to Caroline for repeating Chaim Mechanic’s overraught and inaccurate description.

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