Saturday, December 16, 2006

Home Truths of the Radical. If You Happen to Live In a Barn.

Too much (and too many subjects) is never enough says lefty, regardless of how little he understands. Although I don’t expect to hear a question worthy of a teachable moment from this guy. Ever.

Like the rest of his scattershot, he’s repeating the “rich getting richer/poor getting poorer” meme about anything and everything which is based on a simple mathematical analysis which, in order to be “socially just” in the manner he hopes where any economic stratum are not year-on-year made richer at the same rate as anyone making less than them, would require that all taxation “progressively” creep up forever, and starting at the top. The top 20% (who pay 90% of all taxes in the US by the way) would eventually end up at a 99% tax rate. Thereafter every group of people who are slowly inflating their way to greater numerical wealth will join them at 99% because they then become the new source of funds for the project of involuntary wealth redistribution. Share the goods, Comrade!, because someday there won’t be any left for anyone!

By isolating what they call “middle-class” (I suppose they mean middle income if you can forgive them their fetish for class warfare,) in a fashion that the percentage of the poor is growing in relation to them. The only way this is possible is to isolate it in just that way, and assume that one doesn’t count people who are no longer middle income by virtue of RISING income, and rising right into the upper income brackets so thoroughly detested by those living in the bowels of envy-burg.

What makes all this so funny is that having lived behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of Communism, I can actually “get the joke” in a way that sincere (and often sincerely crazy) advocates of radical leftism are unable to.

Sobeit. If 6 decades of social and economic failure under Communism isn’t proof enough for someone, what is? I’m reminded of the BBC again which is permitted to function in its’ own intellectual vacuum in a similar way.

On the Womens’ Hour programme (as if the other 23 hours of Radio 4’s day weren’t pandering as equally and thoroughly to the ever fretful and angrily determined pious pilgrims of the Left©®™) – the subject of the Ipswich streetwalker murders was discussed. A group of panelists drilled a Police detective about matters of law beyond his control, and entirely made up of stock opinion points first heard two decades ago.

First up was media people complaining about the releasing by Police of photographs of the victims as they would with any other sort of victim. This is hilarious considering that the media itself is demanding the photos.
That bit of flashback not being enough (as if a Police detective could change that), there was a resuscitation of the consciously uneven demand that soliciting a prostitute should be illegal and have steep punishments (as it does in the US,) but that prostitution itself is legal for the seller in the transaction. Again, like much of the left’s social oeuvre, our panel couldn’t tell the difference between a crack-whore and a cash-whore.

Nonetheless, outliers of the left trying to please other outliers of the left bring out just how little they are willing to reason clearly in the interest of the accuracy of their claims. Lin fact here you can finds a handy little map of progressive obsessiveness at its’ very best. The relative distance between interest in Iraq and Democracy is quite telling.

Let ‘em have at it, I say.

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