Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sieben und Siebzig Luftballons...

The 40 countries at the UN which collectively pay the organization $400 000 in fees were all signatories to the Group of 77 letter which insists on slowing reform and discouraging transparency at the “world body,” effectively stupefying any possible changes to a halt.

Schade, said Newt Gingrich, since the poorest countries have the most to gain from transparency, and the most to lose by having a Human Rights Commission which is a complete joke. Get a laugh out of the pretext used back on 2001 for ousting the US from that commission which was otherwise populated by human rights violators. The former speaker of teh legislature says that though it seems ‘cost free’ to these 40 states to sign on to the devolutionary declaration, they have the most to lose by it.

While many on the left feel that “serving the poor” of the world means room service for UN representatives, the US task force on the UN thinks otherwise.

The video of a US UN-task force’s recent panel discussions of how the poor are so badly underserved by the UN is linked here via C-Span.

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