Monday, November 21, 2005

Die Fee-Geschichte und der Alptraum

Pacifists” (if you can really call them that) and “merchants of death”, “markets” over “morals”, the disconnect in Schröder’s Germany is quite obvious, and shows no sign of realignment to a consistent position under a paralyzed Grand Coalition.

When protesters demand an American troop withdrawal is spite of their role in building a pluralistic civil society in Iraq, would they ever say the same thing about Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia where they’ve been for more than a decade?

I doubt it. In the mean time the dawdling avoidance of reality goes on: art clique types (I hate to actually call them artists,) continue to play the current events circuit to raise their grim profile by doing what to others is little more that another issue in a “lifestyle thing”.

So while accusations of arrogance, imperialism, and being a big-fat-earth-warming-meanie fly westward across the Atlantic, they all fit a specific profile: they are the oldest trick in the book

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