Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moonbat roundup: throwing more biofuel on the fire

Euro-lefties are funny. Just yesterday, environmentalists dashed the hopes of the only alternative they allowed themselves to freezing to death. Since dams are bad for fish, and windmills are bad for birds, why aren’t leftist thought to be bad for humanity?

After all, the only consistent characteristic they have is being against everything productive. That is, when they aren’t for things that seem logical to them, but are actually Rube Goldberg solutions in a search for “another way”, and avoid confrontation. That is, when they aren’t in a constant state of confrontation with a straw man that they’ve made for themselves.

The left has used a caricature that they themselves drew of the US as a counterpoint. This can be dangerous when it comes home to roost. It requires an embarrassing pregnant pause while someone in the commune of single-issue movements comes up with another “big lie” theory to pitch.

Take as an example Kososvo. Kosovars see the EU as Bu$hChimpyHitlerburton running-dog lackeys. Even after wrapping themselves in the Kryptonite lamé flag of the UN, Kosovars see them as an Evil Occupation Force™©® If the euro-ganda press repeated this daily for a few years, the Bruxellian illuminati might understand the American experience. Better still, Kosovars could travel worldwide and criticize every passing European they meet, as if it's their doing. They also might find a group of people more byzantine than their own scribblers who would gin-up this fabrication.

Empathetic and caring as they are, no-one should ever call the EU stingy.
Indeed, no. Johnny on the spot would never sit by and wait too long to intervene in a natural disaster, never let anyone suffer, and certainly always make good on a pledge.

Maybe they can take those funds and with-hold them from another devastating natural event.

All well timed for the scatterbrained Indy attack on Tony “the poodle” Blair, and fuel to keep the embers of the clear-thinking nuanced pathological hatred of George Bush warm comes this flippant charge. If you actually believe Bush would make a passing comment about bombing Al-Jezeera to Blair in a teleconference, you might also believe that Downing Street would transcribe it. You might also believe that every event in the world, from a leaf falling off of a tree to an earthquake supports your view of the world. Enter the loopy new theosofists. Angry leftists who act like someone stole the lollipop out of their mouths when someone questions their assertions need to remember just who it is who started with the over-the-top accusations and blame.

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