Sunday, November 20, 2005

Muzzling loose lips sink twits

France 5’s Arrêt Sur L’Image looks at the critics discussing discussions of the recent social schism with the “outside world.” “How dare they” choked the air of Libération of eminent historian Hélène Carrère d'Encausse for even pointing out social differences that make some distance themselves from their neighbors if they happen to be polygamists. The question amounts to: does an “aboriginal” have a right to feel uncomfortable with this? Or even mention this to foreigners?

The real surprise comes with the host’s standard of realism and forthrightness. Daniel Schneidermann didn’t dust LePen’s brief appearance on Al-Jazeera under the rug.

Isolationism is normally a stance of last resort to a frustrated decaying world view, and Politically Correct snuffing of speech is no different. The question really is: what’s next?

LePen’s on Al-Jazeera

”You know, in France we have a predilection to always make excuses.”

”Some of these people came directly from villages.”

”Some have 3 or 4 wifes in one apartment with them”

”Polygamy is a real tragedy.”

”We have to ask why it is that these parents are detached from their children.”

”These apartments are so populated, that they’re hardly a home.”

”That’s why these kids hang out on the streets”

That speaking to international news outlets would even raise any ire at all makes one wonder how strong a commitment there really is to free speech.

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