Monday, November 21, 2005

Are they looking out for you, or what?

Paul Belein introduces us to one Jurgen Van Acker, 27, and severely handicapped. He’s also perfectly willing to tell us more than we need to know about Jurgen.

Recently he became a television celebrity in Belgium when he asked that the welfare office pay his prostitutes.
“We reimburse masturbation equipment but we are not in a legal position to subsidise the use of prostitutes."
A prosthetic hand sounds like it’s covered, but wouldn’t toys and such fall into the category of ‘elective’ items? I mean if the family can’t afford them, and no-one is willing to improvise, couldn’t the hat be passed around the neighborhood? Maybe a porcelain figurine placed at the end of the bar? Hey, why not?!? The RSPCA does it!
"Sometimes nurses help patients"
I truly don't want to know this, but I believe that might also be called statutory rape.

In the U.S., we believe that the wonders of the agora are more efficient at providing those services. State intervention would only manipulate the market price, and spawn a dreaded class of middlemen.

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