Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The ignorant “Internationale”

In the wonderful world of leftist racism, I wonder if they can understand why the “natives” don’t want to play along with their idea of revolution:

« The anarchists of the extreme-left obviously succeeded in irritating the Arab inhabitants of Hebron which they had come to “help". The majority of the Palestinian residents of this city are practicing Muslim very practise and shocked by the depraved conduct of these militants.

The local population blame these anarchists, the majority of which originating in Europe, to hooking their children on drugs. An inhabitant of Hebron, interviewed by the left-wing Jerusalem daily newspaper "Kol Ha' ir"
[a twice-weekly magazine, actually], bitterly criticized the attitude of European activists: "In the beginning, we greeted them with open arms because they support our cause. Unfortunately we realized that these people destroyed the education of our children in a matter of minutes".»
What a way to make friends – by forcing bad, destructive ideas on them. And to think these are the people who repeat the notion that the Arab world can’t accept democracy.

No respect, no tolerance, no cultural empathy, no ‘understanding’ of cultures other than their own – what else is it that they accuse everyone to their right of having?

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