Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If it doesn’t move, tax it – also if it moves too

From our bulging “new tax of the day” file:

Note: the photo is of a fine American product.
A thing of chilling coolness, if you will.

There are a great many people in Europe who live in caravans, either as a matter of lifestyle choice, or as we have seen elsewhere, because of the grimly high cost of living in an apartment which is not much larger than a caravan. There is also the matter of (more or less) being able to choose your neighbors. Today’s new tax is on those people. Before you go off on me about how gypsies use public services and squat on people’s property, bear in mind that if it weren’t for squatter having rights, this wouldn’t happen.

Farmers also wouldn’t have to dig ditches around their properties either. (Call it a Zioni$tNaziApartheidBerlinWall, if you will.) They could do the sound-minded thing and scare people off of their property with a shotgun as they always have.

What’s worse is that charging such a tax and paying it will give travelers an sense of entitlement over other people’s property, regardless of whether or not they’re compensated for NaziZioni$tNeoconOccupation of the ButterflyWarmPuppyPeacefulSovereignHomeland.

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