Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Over what exactly?

Thom, a gun-toting greenie has threatened to take Tex (of Whacking Day infamy) to court for bruised feelings, or something.

The patient Tex is doing his best to help, in spite of this "friend of the earth" lollygagging around:

«Still no legal action from dickbrain. The man who promised to take my house, get me arrested for stalking, close down my website and shut down my e-mail accounts suddenly seems rather unenthusiastic about taking any action.

I offered to make it easy for him:

Thom, ss you are very stupid, I'll make it easy for you: your lawyer doesn't
need to contact me, I'll contact HIM.»
Pssht! I think what we have here isn’t just an amusing one sided pissing contest, but a legal suit over sour grapes.

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