Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Letter of the Month

…the democrats were either duped by someone all the leftist elite say is a subhuman mouth breathing knuckle dragging dolt, which don't say much for their intellect, or they are craven spineless windsocks out whoring for votes
writes 2BrixShy in a comment that could (and does) apply equally to the members of the international community's so-called "peace camp".
One question I can never seem to get answered sufficiently..... if Chimpy McDumbassOilSuckerBabyCrusher (aka Bush) was clever enough to dupe all the supergeniuses of the left [and all the wise visionaries of the international community] and LIE us into war, why didn't he complete the big Lie and plant some bogus WMDs in Baghdad somewhere? Why go to the trouble of only carrying out half the scam?

Of course, when I get the "because Bush is a big dumbass, that's why" answer, that brings us back to how could such a dumbass trick such deep thinkers, unless of course they aren't as clever as they think they are.....

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