Saturday, November 26, 2005

I’m mad.

Harrukmpf. Piffle.

Mad, mad, mad. I’m Fuming.

«Un "petit" Guantanamo au Kosovo ?»
«A “small” Gitmo in Kosovo?»

It’s freaking EMPTY! FILL it, dangnabbit! And it wasn’t even secret! TF1 goes on to find a story where there frankly isn't one:

«"There is no secret prison at the Bondsteel Camp. It’s publicly known that KFOR has a prison here", said the spokesman of the American troops in Kosovo, commander Michael Wunn on Saturday. "the prison is managed by soldiers of the American military police force. Currently nobody is held there ", underlined Wunn. "the prison at Bondsteel is under the command of General John Harrel, who’s brigade is attached to KFOR.»
TF1 referred to Wunn as a Commander, which is amusing since he is a civilian working as a spokesman under the Iowa Army National Guard, where the rank of “Commander” doesn’t exist anyway. It’s also unlikely that a Public Affairs Officer would be running a detention camp.

But hey, who am I to quibble about facts. Their other horror had to do with the fact that there were once some bearded men imprisoned there, some of whom would read the Koran.

Will they find their little shop of horrors? Will reporting on this thing for the next 5 years turn into a nice little meal ticket? Tune in next week...

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