Friday, April 07, 2006

When is Election Called a Coup?

We finally start to see the US MSM doing what the western Euro-lefty media have been pissing their pants over: lefty revolutionaries acting out the feelings of well-to-do lefties in the developed world, and are otherwise pleased by ANYTHING they think will upset the US. Today Peru, tomorrow the world, but not for them. They still need the capitalism that props up what's left of the first world economies, I guess.

Then again, the White House seems like it couldn't care less, as long as an election is representative and free. The fact is that the ones who have shown themselves to be really fearful of free elections are the ones who seem to find themselves unable to live with their outcomes.

«Then came Bolivia, where President Evo Morales, a socialist and former coca grower, won a landslide victory in December. Morales has been in office just two months, and although he hasn't instituted any major economic reforms yet, a picture of Che Guevara already hangs in the presidential palace.»
The want to call it a shoe-in another step in an October revolution. My Peruvian sources say it’s more like a toss up as the Buenos Aires Herald is reporting.

So much for an unbiased media that takes care to not influence public opinion, attitudes, and the zeitgeist. In the even of a victory for the candidate of the right, the word ‘coup’ is sure to pop up somewhere.

How would these same scribblers act if someone suggested to them that they should make their last vote count?

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