Saturday, April 08, 2006

Never heard of ‘im, Guv!

Odds on, the issue will be raised in the press if for no other reason that to make the present government pay a price for their attempt to introduce some social and economic realism and sustainability to the intellectual landscape.

Among (psychological) avoiders, everything is about something else as soon as it turns serious, or until the emotional blackmail starts to look useful. Case in point:
«For [Royal], the new jobs law, which would allow younger workers to be hired and fired more easily, is "a scandal" and "a form of violence" against the youth of France.»
See? Violence has just been defined downward – and it’s all about the (26 year old) children.

As for the Pasqua affair, the only thing stopping the reds and greenies from kicking with both feet is that it might infer some legitimacy to deposing Iraq's longstanding tyrant.

After all, it establishes as moral standard which may require action again elsewhere.

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