Sunday, April 02, 2006

Villepin reaps the bitter harvest of apeasement

Nidra Poller gives us the definitive word on French Leftists, anarchists, racaille and other assorted casseurs. Thanks to E-nough.

"EHESS, the elite center of postgraduate sociology, citadel of the ideology that drives the students who protest the evil CPE, was invaded last Monday. Taking advantage of an open-door policy for all who wished to discuss the nefarious precarious work contract, a crowd of anarchists, underdogs and assorted outlaws slipped in and kicked everyone else out. Those abstract victims of ultraliberalism that EHESS loves to study materialized, and expropriated the expropriators. Dismayed professors carrying trendy Apple computers rushed out of the elegant premises. When the police finally evacuated the squatters five days later, they found the building sacked, defiled, covered with filth and graffiti: Death to Democracy, F -- You, and the inevitable Jewish star."

For those who missed it, check out the essay that Poller wrote about the French pacifist Left when Bertrand Cantat, French rocker, repeatedly left hooked his movie star limousine leftist girlfriend into her own permanent utopia.

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