Thursday, April 06, 2006

« Leaders d'opinion sur la toile »

But it depends on your opinion, of course...

In a desperate attempt to seem modern, tuned in, 'n all that, Al-Jazeera sur Seine covers bloggeurs, et les internauts. Boasting big ooh-la-la numbers, one of them gets less traffic than ¡No Pasarán! does on a Sunday, (our slowest day of the week,) one that gets a tenth of our monthly visitorship, and one with “most trafficked days” roughly one 8th of ours’.

The one blog doing better that our dear little innisfree of advertising free blogginess (which we do for fun) was the editor of a literary magazine who appears on TV yackity-yack programming endemic in a media-space where public figures talk about themselves for fun and profit. We spread the love for less...

But did they call us? Noooooooooo! What are we, chopped liver?!? Just for that, I’m cribbing their bloggy artwork!

So there. Besides, where do they get off ignoring those who entertain their readers and manage to be transatlantic to boot?

Pfft! We gauge what we do by the quality of our hate-mail anyway. The less intelligible it is the more amusing we find it.

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