Monday, April 03, 2006

Bush Is a Nincompoop, the Iraq War Is Indefensible, and Canal + Has the Images to Prove It

People who read our comments section will learn that the problem with this weblog (and the problem with most Americans) is that its webmasters (and the bulk of the American people) are not as lucid as the French are, and thus do not realize, among other things, what a doofus America's president is. Nor do they realize to what extent the Iraq war is indefensible.

And of course these critics (i.e., the greater part of the French people) can only be right, because they have the proof of Bush's foul-ups (and of the Iraq war's indefensibility and, in general, of America's sins) from French television and other media outlets. And there are so many of pieces of evidence!

The only problem with that, of course, is that if Bush comes across as a total nincompoop, it may have something to do with how the editing job is carried out.

In that respect, Arrêt sur Images shows how a White House press conference was (heavily) cut (by Canal +) in order to make Dubya look like a total nincompoop (merci à Gilbert).

Who makes America's presidents tremble? A woman … An old woman who is close to 78 [Helen Thomas] … The American president can't answer a question as simple as why he went to war in Iraq. I think he is overawed … What is he, he is like a young student who is up for his first public speech! Yeah, that's BHL's theory. [Bush] is infantilized [transformed into a child] by that old woman.
(Click on the the small gray camera next to the words "Actu de Perrine Dutreil : extraits d'une conférence de presse de George W. Bush dans la "Matinale" de Canal + et sur CNN... une affaire de montage" for the Bush sequence, which opens the 52-minute broadcast.)

Thank goodness the French have a responsible public service, thank goodness they can trust their leaders, and praise the Lord they are not subject to anything like Fox News!

Update: The YouTube version

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