Thursday, April 06, 2006

Book browsing

I tried to find a copy of the Livre Noir du Communisme today. The FNAC aux Halles didn't have it so I went over to the FNAC Ternes. They had the Livre Noir de la Condition Féminine prominently placed, but still no Black Book of Communism. Here are some of the books that were positioned center stage:

Culture du nouveau capitalisme : "New Capitalism" written by an NYU nutcase.
Made in America, le déclin de la marque USA : the decline of America as a 'brand'

Prisonnier 325 Camp Delta : De Vénissieux à Guantanamo : Prisoner 325 Delta Camp : from Vénissieux (French shithole suburb outside of Lyon) to Gitmo (... and back, we hope)
La filière terroriste du FBI contre Cuba : The FBI's accusations of terrorist against Cuba
La Chute de la CIA (l'histoire vraie qui a inspiré le film Syriana) : The Fall of the CIA (with a bright red banner wrapped around bragging that this is the true story that inspired the film 'Syriana').

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