Friday, April 07, 2006

BBC nose-candy advertised as straight dope

The BBC’s very own “Mr. Breathless” is at it again, this time with (surprise, surprise) what blogress Adloyada calls sympathy for the terrorists.

I though they hit bottom last night when they kept on gushing all over Valerie Plame – hype, patrimony, political setup, and treason notwithstanding, and unmentioned since the facts of story don't fit the world view they have.

They really need to cut it out with their usual “concerned-lefty” political schtick when it comes to wondering why the rest of the world doesn’t think like them. At least Justin Webb has a grasp of it – Biased-BBC profiles a comment he had on America’s favorite crypto-commie news elf which strikes me to just as funny as it is telling about the American left's ongoing campaign to appear somewhat normal.

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