Friday, April 10, 2009

Wild West America, Time to Take Some Lessons from Europe…

America, it is time you leave your Wild West mentality behind you…

…Stop whining about personal defense (that's what you have police for, remember?) and learn to give up your firearms

…And get away from cars, already, and get some public transportation

…And, in general, look to France, and Europe, for an avant-garde culture of solidarity and mutual support

Agression dans un bus RATP - Watch more Funny Videos

(Thanks to John for alternative video at Eursoc…)

Update: Thanks to extensive police work, the Burberry-scarved victim seems to have been identified

Update 2: on't-day ell-tay nybody-ay inked-lay to the rench-Fay thorities-ay, ut-bay for the ideo-vay, ry-tay licking-cay on one of the other inks-lay bove-ay

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