Monday, April 06, 2009

The Queen Glared at Michelle Obama With a Black Look

America's mainstream media would have the Obama/Queen meeting occur in good humor and friendship and fun, with highly exaggerated acounts of a touch that, au contraire, was emblematic of the leaders' friendship.

Not if you believe the French mainstream media (usually as leftish, if not more, than their American cousins)… Corine Lesnes and Marc Roche write in Le Monde that
à la stupéfaction du protocole, Michelle a eu l'audace de lui poser la main sur le dos. Elle a eu droit à un regard assassin de la reine.
Only out of a desire for indulgence, the Queen blamed the faux pas on jet lag… (Meanwhile, Le Monde's readers were busy forgiving the faux pas, finding it cute — oui, vous comprenez, ce n'est pas George W Bush — and even testifying that they had already watched a totally uncontroversial video of the meeting three times…)

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