Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How Green is thy Envy?, Part LXVII

The left wing idiots at Marianne, in a desperate bid to define everything foreign in the same way the worst of French society always have (instead of letting others define themselves) has their moment of cynicism after the O-gasm. Except for the fact that they’re at heart a bunch of ignorant and insensitive boors pretending that their hyperventilating somehow hakes them look smart.

The comments about the cartoon are even more amusing. The readers take the various moments of anti-social destruction and marauding in France as some sort of natural outcome of the US election, or more to the point, the fact that they though about the subject. Among the delusional as well as the likes of the readers of Marianne2, thinking about a subject give rise to events in meatspace, I suppose.

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