Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Control makes you free

No doubt readers of this blog are aware of the never-sated thirst of governmentalists and statists to control evermore the choices and decisions of the individual. Fortunately there sometimes (note, sometimes) are gems to report:

The local pub in Groningen has moved its bar and serving staff to a small storeroom, designating what was its main bar area as the smoking zone.

Following other countries in Europe that had banned smoking in bars and restaurants, last summer the government prohibited smoking in such establishment, citing the protection of employees from the dangers of passive smoking as one of the main motives. Cafes are allowed to create a sealed of smoking area, as long it is seperated from the bar, and staff works in a smoke free area.

Cafe De Balk has taken the anti-smoking law literally, seperating the staff from the smokers rather than the other way around. Klink said there is nothing in the law to prevent this.
That really is the problem for the controlling-class of governmentalists and statists. No matter how hard they work to help the masses there is always some horrid individual out there who sticks it back up them.

How dare they!

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