Friday, April 10, 2009

Want to Wreck your Kids’ Lives? Become a Green, Socialist, or Trotskyite

Thanks, once again to our friend the Croydonian – smiter of fools and brigands, for finding another case of political exploitation of every feature of life in that “culture of debate and discussion”.

A scarcely less credible 29% of primary school pupils are finding it all too much too, by their parents reckoning.

Alas there is no comprehensive breakdown of the figures by age cohort, but the figures jump around when measured by region or political allegiance. 36% of Green and Socialist parents judge their offspring stressed, while 19% of Gaullists do. 44% of South Westerners think their children stressed compared to 19% in the eastern Parisian basin, however that is defined.

And what is piling on the pressure? Leading responses are exams and testing - 39%, fear for the future - 31%, a system unsuited to his/her needs - 30%.
Which is to say that being alive is their problem – (the parents’, that is.)

As good little post-modern zombies, the one fact that can’t be grasped, even by the parents is that they’re kids. They only people that can really “stress them out” are their parents and the political paedophiles trying to employ them as a heart-rending data point that, heaven forfend, might be used for something.

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